Friday, 15 April 2016

Review: Drumcorps - 'Falling Forward'

'Falling Forward' 


After nine years of wait, endless touring across the globe and a DJing junket that would make any EDM tosspot wince, the second album from  Drumcorps (Aaron Spectre) is finally here. 'Falling Forward' is a true labour of love for Spectre, and it's no wonder it took so long to come out seen as he is well known for being a perfectionist. Although many tracks on the album are under the three-minute mark, these little bursts of anger, frustration and melancholy are a worthwhile glimpse into the insanity that lies within Drumcorps mind. Mixing the usual suspects of metal, industrial, breakcore, dub and more 'Falling Forward' is a massive step forward since the début release 'Grist' and is more of a journey than an all out warzone.
Mixing rough with the smooth, tracks like 'Blacklist Whitelist' contrast brilliantly from the noize/breakcore roots to atmospheric numbers like 'We Turned At A Dozen Places, For Love Is A Duel'.

Stand out track is clearly 'Cradle To Grave', a roller-coaster ride of industrial bliss with catchy vocals and a schizophrenic beat that is incredibly addictive. Songs like 'Open Arms' and 'Choose Again' are proof that this is the intended direction for metal and with some of the instrumentals it's a wonder how Spectre hasn't been asked to work in movie or game soundtracks.

Where 'Grist' was a harsh anger-fest bent on provoking raw emotions and tinnitus 'Falling Forward' is a more balanced piece of work, offering listeners a rest-bite from the harsher songs and is far more focused than it's predecessor. 

Also check out Drumcorps mixes from Rob Zombie's remix album 'Mondo Sex Head'.

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