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Intravenous Magazine (IVM) was a not-for-profit web-based dark music / culture publication whose aim was to provide you with your daily dose of darkness...

We aimed to cover a broad spectrum of subjects including music, as well as literature, movies and art with a dark twist.

We were not a dogmatic or insular publication and we are not bias towards style or genre conventions. We want to celebrate the darker side of life in all its forms.

Thanks for six years of Intravenous Magazine.

""Your daily dose of darkness." This slick, professional magazine just launched in early 2013. It's dedicated to covering dark music and dark culture. The magazine reviews music, literature, movies and art "with a dark twist." Currently they're reviewing Al Jourgensen's new book about Ministry and interviewing lots of bands. I'm impressed, and I'll be back daily.” - See more at: http://www.darklinks.com/  


  • I'm from a PR company and would like to submit some music, but am fearful of rejection, do you have a guide what musical genres do you generally cover?
We do not like to pigeon-hole ourselves unduly but you can expect to find bands from genres such as Gothic Rock, Industrial, Black Metal, Doom Metal, Death Metal, Punk, New Wave, Neofolk, Avant Garde etc.

  • What kind of books and films do you generally cover?
Anything with a dark twist, these could be Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Psychological, Weird Fiction, Post-modern, Surreal etc.

  • I'm an independent artist, will you cover my work?
Yes we will. It doesn't mater if you don't have an agent, PR company, or Label, so long as your work fits in with our remit. Please use the contact form which can be reached via the 'Contact' tab at the top of this page. If you do not receive a reply from us within one month, please try again as your submission may have been missed.

If you are a new band and have a demo of some variety, you can now take part in out "IVM Introducing..." series. To take part simply download the questionnaire and return the relevant information to us.

*Please remember to give detailed answers to the questions. See the following links for good examples: The Walking Wounded, nTTx, The Sweetest Condition.
  • Will you sponsor my event?
If we believe your event will be of interest to our readers and fits the remit of IVM, we'd be delighted to offer free advertising space on our website and a preview article as well as regular plugs on our social media feeds (Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter). In exchange for our logo and/or a link back to the site be placed on all advertising materials for the event. As a UK-based 'zine we will naturally favour UK events, but are quite happy to discuss working with international events if they are of interest to our readers.

  • Can I advertise on your website?
We have a small, unobtrusive section for banners/adverts under the 'Quick Links' tab in the side bar and generally will favour assigning these spaces to mutual affiliates. As of April 2014 we will be charging a small fee to cover the costs of running the website, however we will give priority to events we sponsor and partners who fit our remit. Please see the section below for more details.

  • What am I most likely not to see on this website?
We do not approve of Nazis, prejudice material or Simon Cowell.

  • How can I get involved with IVM?
Please see the 'Writing For IVM' tab in the top, right-hand corner of the screen for more information.

  • How do I myself/my band get on the next 'Blood Pack' compilation album?

We will be inviting artists to contribute to the next compilation album this Summer. Any unfilled places in the track list will then be offered up for open submissions which will be announced in an Editorial blog.


As of April 2014 we will be charging a small fee to publish adverts in our side bar in order to cover the incidental running costs of the website, we still aim to be an independent, not-for-profit organisation and will still not be accepting "sponsored content" from third parties. Also events that we sponsor as well as charity links etc. will continue to receive banner placements free of charge.

In 2013, Intravenous Magazine achieved a total of 71,476 page views for the calendar year. This breaks down as an average of 5,956 page views per calendar month.

If you want your advert to be seen by these readers please contact us via the 'Contact' tab at the top of this page.

All adverts must be 290 pixels wide or shall be resized as such.

'Banner' style advert (rectangular) = £2.50 p/m
'CD Cover' style advert (square) = £3.00 p/m
'Column' style advert (no more than 700 pixels high) = £5.00 p/m

All content © Intravenous Magazine unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved.
The content of this website provided by contributing writers is opinion based.

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