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It's that time of the year once again! A new year and a new compilation album celebrating our 6th birthday as a webzine.

Review: Various Artists – 'We're In This Together: A Tribute To Nine Inch Nails'

VARIOUS ARTISTS 'We're In This Together: A Tribute To Nine Inch Nails' TRIBULATIONS

Review: Various Artists – 'We Reject: A Tribute To Bile'


Review: Ritual Aesthetic – 'Wound Garden'


Review: Axegrinder – 'Satori'


Friday 31 January 2014

The weekly compendium 31/01/2014

Well that's the end of another month! The new year has been and gone, and things are back to normal here at Intravenous Magazine.

I'd like to thank everyone that has downloaded the compilation so far – please continue to do so and support the contributing bands. I'd also like to congratulate the winners of our 2013 Reader's Choice poll and thank everyone who voted.

We had a fair few articles to get through this week and we kicked off with another great column from Joel Heyes as well as a run-down of what made DJ LX-E's turntable happy in 2013. We had news from Nine Inch Nails and Blutengel. As wells as reviews of the new releases from Faderhead, Aesthetic Perfection and Killing Joke, before rounding the week off with another great column courtesy of END: The DJ.

It was a bit quiet on Facebook this week as I spent the first half of the week getting to grips with a new phone. But we did have a brand new music video from IIOIOIOII to groove along to.

Speaking of grooving. I'm still in a dub mood thanks to Killing Joke... so here is a preview from their facebook page.

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Thursday 30 January 2014

Review: Killing Joke – 'In Dub'

'In Dub' 

The long-awaited three-disc dub remix project spearheaded by bassist / producer Martin “Youth” Glover is finally here. Killing Joke are no strangers to experimenting with a huge variety of styles and genres, but this is the first time they have put out an album with a purely dub manifesto. The band collect tracks from across their back catalogue and give them the drum and bass heavy mixdown in favour of a purer “riddim” and turn up the echo, delay and reverb across the board.

If you don't like dub (and why the hell wouldn't you?!), then this is going to be one to avoid, but with tracks such as 'Money Is Not Our God', 'Love Like Blood', 'Eighties', 'Pandemonium', 'European Superstate' 'Requiem', and 'Democracy' getting major makeovers, 'In Dub' has a lot of appeal even outside the realms of Killing Joke's immediate fanbase.

The mixes aren't radically different from each other across the board. The classic dub format takes precedence above all things particularly on the first disc. However the continuity of atmosphere makes this a radically different prospect for the band. Killing Joke, even in their new wave days were always somewhat abrasive and against the grain, if not sonically then visually, so three discs of relatively groove-heavy but laid back listening that will work just as well in a club as in a garden on a sunny afternoon. The formula works its best though when tracks such as 'Money Is Not Our God (Babylon Dub)' and 'A Sixth Sun (Prophecy Fulfilled Dub)' get overlaid with new vocals which gives then a more original and less remixed emphasis.

The second and third discs are opened up more and feature collaborations with the likes of Cult Of Youth, Urban Primitive, The Orb, and Nine Inch Nails contributing different takes on the dub genre, with some opting to emphasise the industrial elements, some bring more of the rock flavour out and others delve into more ambient waters. But they all work exceedingly well.

Killing Joke have thrown a curve-ball, but it is an incredibly well executed one that is full of passion. It will be interesting to see how the tracks work in a live DJ set – there's certainly enough variety to make for an interesting hour or two. Fans of the band will eat this up, but it shouldn't be a fan-only release. This is a fresh and engaging take on the modern remix album that should ensure the band a lot of club play and expose them beyond their usual crowd.

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END: the DJ's Top Music Picks- January 2014

END: the DJ’s Top New Music Picks January 2014

There’s been some fantastic club tracks in a variety of electronic music styles that’s coming up on the horizon to kick off a fantastic new year of music. Let’s take a look:

Cristian Myt - 'Kurte Tu Fantasy' - Login Records
Each time I hear this ‘True to Nature’ EP, my favourite track changes, it’s THAT much of a solid piece of work- so ask me if this track is the best tomorrow, I might name you one of the other four. The low beats are haunting yet heavy, the melody is clubby yet melodic. It is straight up dark techno with hardcore elements. Login Records has hit us with the first awesome release of the year!

Dimensional Explosion - 'Phonophobia' - [unsigned]
This would be the best track of the month overall if it wasn’t new to me and to those who follow Andre W. aka E.I.D (his former project). Andre has been cultivating Dimensional Explosion this past year and it’s time everyone finally get to hear what he’s been up to- and as always, I’m champion his work; a ‘crunchy’ yet melodic noise sound at its experimental finest. It’s INSANE that this project is unsigned. This should change very soon!

Claes Rosen - 'Starlight' (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix) - Green Mono Music
When the newly released compilation from the Green Mono label was sent to me, I was honestly a tad bit skeptical. Though I appreciate all styles of club music, as a personal listener I had become very weary of some of the direction variations of progressive & other more lighter styles music had gone some years ago. Much of it became a bit too pop-formulated for my taste. More hooks, less depth; yet here was some new music presented to me, I had to check it out…and am very satisfied with what was thumping out of my speakers. This track has the kind of depth & substance I’ve missed out of these more rhythmic styles of EDM. Thanks for bringing me back, G.M.M.!

Blak Opz - 'Long Live the New Flesh' - DWA
This track hits you in the fkn face. Love this. It’s a progression of the harsh EBM sound: I wasn’t sure if the style had any more methods to throw at us and then Blak Opz shows us the way. Throw this on a dance floor and watch everyone go crazy.

Dan’iel - 'The Music' - Conzoom Records
Great synth pop track, the melody and vocals are very moving and textured. All of the tracks from “The Book” album should be heard.

Orquesm - 'Dikke Pret' - Login Records
The Login label charts again in the top picks with this track off the new Stampot EP from Orquesm. Certain tracks can hit the clubs like a sonic wave and roll over you- this one doesn’t disappoint!

Doc Trashz - 'Brainwashing' - Trashz Recordz
Known for some of the best new dirty and glitchy Electro sound, Trashz Recordz has been a steady source of music to break ya neck to for a little while now. Doc Trashz, the label’s founder, releases his own monster of a track and it is beat driven! Not meant for tiny speakers or ear buds or you miss some of the intricate work that went into this one.

Ben'Yala - 'From Citta To Neapolis' - ETT Recordings
ETT Recordings storms out the gate this new year with this driving massive track. You’ll love the way this builds towards the break and then holds you to the club floor. Loving this one.

[product] - 'The Blind' (iVardensphere Remix) - Vendetta Music
Somehow iVardensphere found the time while creating his new album to put his signature stamp on a new track from [product]’s new album. I would say iVS has to sleep sometime, yet you wouldn’t know it from the great production work on this remix. Compliments [product]’s sound nicely!

Flatline - 'Your Love' - Compactonez Records
Flatline’s new album hit in late December and this standout track has garnered its own official video (now up on YouTube) which helps even more to spotlight on the great work on this track. A very driven track and great vocals & lyrics. Great new EBM mover!

That’s not all. Check out these other noteworthy releases to move to:

Novikoff - 'Addictive' (DJ Generous Remix) - Green Mono Music
Another track from G.M.M.’s recently released compilation. The flow on this track is addictive, I couldn’t stop moving even while trying to sit still. Great remix on this one.

Mark Bester feat. Love Dimension - 'Love Is Good' - ETT Recordings
ETT continues its label dominance by releasing another awesome track to the masses. The label seems to know the talent they seem to have in Love Dimension’s vocals, which wrap smoothly around the production work of this track by Mark Bester. Yet another high quality ETT club track!

Groovetonic - 'Boom Chacka' (Leon Blaq Remix) - Supermarket Records
This is a driving floor filler from the Supermarket. Love the build up!

Prismism - 'Numbers' - Trashz Recordz
One of the dirtiest, robotic electro tracks I’ve heard in a while! The beats on this seriously kick.

Essonita feat. Love Dimension - 'All We Need' (Denis Sender Remix) - ETM Recordings
ETM, sister label of ETT, takes the talented vocals of Love Dimension to more heights with this deeply moving track.

Keep those bodies moving, check out these great new tracks and we'll touch base again soon!  ;)

END: the DJ is a U.S. based DJ and artist with releases on Infacted Recordings, Nilaihah Records and CircuitHeads Digital. END tours internationally, supporting many dark electronic artists and labels plus has live mixes on U.S. and UK radio, Industrial Club Sessions. Check out END's official website for more music, tour dates and more!

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Wednesday 29 January 2014

Review: Aesthetic Perfection – 'Til Death'

'Til Death'

You probably don't need to have been following things too closely to have noticed the rise of Aesthetic Perfection up the ranks.  They've always had great albums, but 'Til Death' is the product of releasing the chains and giving full artistic freedom to go and make the album they want to make. There are are a massive mixture of influences going in there, 80s Pop, 90s metal, 21st century electronics... and it all comes out into a sublime blend. Daniel Graves is an excellent and proven songwriter and this is a diving conception.

The creepily eerie 'Happily Ever After' sets up the perfect build up to the album - a chiming bell and hollowed echoing vocals - each bar crashes down and you're just waiting for something to kick in... then suddenly 'Antibody', the intro sends the neck nerves tingling and it boots into an addictive pop song.
Of course, 'Antibody' was one of three build up singles. These were tracks that divided opinions with some hailing these as being amongst their best ever stuff - and others dismissing as being horrible pop tracks.  The truth is, like many tracks on the album, they're addictive. You can dismiss all you like - you'll be humming or singing the tracks for hours later.

'Turn the Lights On (Ready to Go)' is another great example from the 'new' tracks, the sharp synths will be a nice ear worm for you. Twisted melodies, like Lady Gaga being impaled on a chainsaw. 'Showtime' is a ballroom dance for the dead while 'The New Black' is a snarling attack on the music industry. 'Lovesick' wraps up the album with an almost perfect bitter-sweet ending  and the whole thing is gelled with tracks each strong in their own right.

It's probably going to give a headache working out which tracks to play live on the forthcoming tour, but it's a good headache to have. Whilst it's important to focus on the album in hand, it does also pose the headache on how they're going to top this on the next album  but it's sure going to be exciting finding out.

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Review: Faderhead – 'Atoms & Emptiness'


'Atoms & Emptiness' 

All of the Faderhead albums are good.  If you're a fan of the band, they're always something to look forward to.  Sure, you know what to expect - a couple of club tracks (some more favoured by DJs than others) and some deep ballads.  Overall, you always get a collection of new Faderhead songs. That is, well, good. Isn't it?

But good isn't always enough.  When you know what to expect, even if what you're expecting will be enjoyable, there becomes less urgency.

'Atoms & Emptiness' is beyond a doubt a collection of the best new material Faderhead have written. Take that as some urgency.  It is darker and more melancholic as a lot of the tracks come from a low personal point in Sami's life, "Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my shit friends" are amongst the lyrics that ooze appreciation and revenge for those who've been there and those that have not.

For club fans, 'When the Freaks Come Out' is a cheeky little industrial number, but 'Stand Up' is probably the best track they've ever written : anthemic sing and stomp along moments guaranteed to get you jumping, or moshing or whatever it is you do to throw yourself into the music.

There's even moments for a touch future pop with 'Someone Else's Dream' and 'Every Hour Kills'.
Sure, the music of Faderhead is too commercial for some, but don't deny yourself some deep, killing tracks - floorfillers, future-pop and emotional ballads - not 'just' a good album.

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Tuesday 28 January 2014

The 2013 Reader's Choice Awards – The Results!

Last year was a great year for music, with a string of excellent releases in the worlds of Gothic, Industrial and related genres. So late last year we decided to put the power in your hands. We've let you know our thoughts and opinions all year long. But what did you the readers think were the bands, artist and most importantly the music that we should be honouring?

Well the results are now in, so we can reveal the winners of each of the ten categories. The poll showed a real spread of old and new, big and small, but each of which have made a mark on the past twelve months.

Category 1: Best Band Of 2013

Winner: Nine Inch Nails

Trent Reznor's shock return with a new Nine Inch Nails album last year was enough to sway the most readers that NIN are still at the top of their game. Seeing off the likes of Combichrist, Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly Nine Inch Nails comfortably took the top spot.

Category 2: Best Album Of 2013

Winner: The Eden House – 'Half Life'

The progressive gothic rock collective that is The Eden House narrowly took the lead in a very diverse category that saw a big selection of different artists representing different genres. The band nipped ahead of the likes of Combichrist, Nine Inch Nails, XP8 and Rhombus to scoop the best album of 2013 award.

Category 3: Best Single Of 2013

Winner: XP8 – 'Information'

It was a battle of guitars and keyboards out of which Italian electro duo XP8 prevailed. Their single 'Information' from the album 'Adrenochrome' emerged victorious from yet another very diverse selection of nominations that included Nine Inch Nails, Aesthetic Perfection, Rammstein and The Eden House.

Category 4: Best Live Act Of 2013

Winner: Nine Inch Nails

There were once again a lot of nominations to wade through... including the likes of Robbie Williams, Linda Rondstadt and U2 – Each to their own I guess. But it was Nine Inch Nails that once again took the tops spot, no doubt due to last year's one off show in London. Although young guns Cease2xist gave Reznor and co. a run for their money in the votes.

Category 5: Best Festival Of 2013

Winner: Resistanz

Most of the big-name festivals featured impressive votes but Sheffield's own international industrial festival, Resistanz was the clear winner leaving the likes of Wave Gotik Treffan and Whitby Goth Weekend in the dust. In three short years the festival has gone from strength-to-strength, and 2014 is shaping up to be another great year.

Category 6: Best Record Label Of 2013

Winner: Metropolis Records

Well established names sat beside new start up labels in one of the most hotly contested categories, however it was US label Metropolis Records that won the award this time around. Out Of Line, Undustrial, Juggernaut Media Group, Static Distortion Records, DWA and Echozone amongst others put up a strong fight, but Metropolis ruled in 2013.

Category 7: Best Newcomer Of 2013

Winner: Comaduster

Best newcomer was the closest vote of the of the year with the winner, Canada's Comaduster, taking the prize thanks to one vote. While the immediate runners up IIOIOIOII and The .Invalid tied for second place. Honourable mention has to go to Beauty Queen Autopsy, who despite their first release coming out in December, still enjoyed an impressive surge of votes.

Category 8: Best Vocalist Of 2013

Winner: Andy LaPlegua (Combichrist)

Combichrist mainman Andy LaPlegua went for raw, undistorted vocals on last year's 'No Redemption' album. Combined with more prominent guitars it signified a more metal orientated sound for the band which has appeared to play well to our readers. LaPlegua narrowly beat competition from Daniel Graves, Trent Reznor and his wife Mariqueen Maandig to take the best vocalist prize.

Category 9: Best Male Of 2013

Winner: Gary Numan

There were several names that repeatedly cropped up for the best male of 2013: David Bowie, Trent Reznor, Nick Cave, Andy LaPlegua and Daniel Graves all took a number of votes, but it was Gary Numan, on the back of his new album 'Splinter' that scooped the title of Best Male Of 2013.

Category 10: Best Female Of 2013

Winner: Shkihee (Android Lust)
Releasing one hell of an ambitious album in the form of 'Crater Vol. 1' off the back of a very successful Kickstarter campaign, Android Lust's Shikhee D'iordna saw of fierce competition from Julianne Regan, Monica Richards, Mya Lloyd and Mariqueen Maandig to take the top spot.

Well that's it for 2013. If you didn't see the bands / artists / releases on the winners board that you wanted... tough! You should have voted more than once!

Well done to the winners Nine Inch Nails, The Eden House, XP8, Resistanz Festival, Metropolis Records, Comaduster, Andy LaPlegua, Gary Numan and Shikhee D'iordna.

Voting for the 2014 reader's poll will open on the 1st December 2014 and run until the end of January 2015 – you have been warned!

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Blutengel to release 'Black Symphonies An Orchestral Journey'

Blutengel continue to pursue blending their vampiric synthpop with classical instrumentation. Continuing from the acclaimed performance at the first Gothic Meets Klassik festival, Chris Pohl and co. have struck out on an extended tour to promote their new found passion for the symphonic. Now the band return with a full-orchestral studio album featuring symphonic versions of tracks such as 'Reich Mir Die Hand', 'You Walk Away' and 'Monument' as well as live footage from the band's performance at Neues Gewandhaus, Leipzig.

The album is available as a deluxe CD / DVD release as well as a limited edition wooden box set featuring the 'Krieger' CD single, t-shirt, candle and certificate of ownership.

Track List:

1. Legend / Nachtbringer (Symphonic Version)
2. Krieger (Symphonic Version)
3. Soultaker (Symphonic Version)
4. Über den Horizont (Symphonic Version)
5. Deine Welt (Symphonic Version)
6. Behind The Mirror (Symphonic Version)
7. Kinder dieser Stadt (Symphonic Version)
8. Reich mir die Hand (Symphonic Version)
9. Die Zeit (Symphonic Version)
10. Seelenschmerz (Symphonic Version)
11. You Walk Away (Symphonic Version)
12. Monument (Symphonic Version)

DVD: (Box Set and Deluxe Version)
Live from "Neues Gewandhaus Leipzig"
1. Soultaker
2. Ein Augenblick
3. Die With You
4. Reich mir die Hand

'Krieger' CDS: (Box Set only)
1. Krieger
2. Krieger Lord Of The Lost Version feat. Chris Harms
3. Grey City

'Black Symphonies...' is available to pre-order via the Out Of Line webshop now. For more information on the band, please visit their official website.

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Nine Inch Nails release 'Seed Eight' EP through Beats Music

Nine Inch Nails have announced the release of a companion remix EP to 2013's 'Hesitation Marks'. The 'Seed Eight' EP has been released exclusively through Beats Music and features four new remixes by Hot Chip, Simian Mobile Disco, Cold Cave, and Autolux.

Beats Music subscribers can listen to and download the new EP HERE, and can follow both NineInch Nails and Trent Reznor on the site.

For more information on Nine Inch Nails. please visit their official website.

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Monday 27 January 2014

DJ LX-E's Songs of 2013

Waiting arduously for death; it would be quicker than loading iTunes, as now one must peer deep into the dark depths of 2013 and pull out the sounds and wails of the year.

There were a few rebirths, disappointments, gothic/industrial related disputes, bad female vocals and I believe that the stronger feel for 2013 was that alternative music in realms of electronica has only become more mainstream.

The Best Albums
Ghost & Writer – 'Red Flags'
THYX – 'Below The City'
Die Krupps – 'The Machinist Of Joy'
Solitary Experiments – 'Phonemena'
.Com/Kill – '.Com/Kill'
Blume – 'Autumn Ruins'
VNV Nation – 'Transnational'
Chain Reactor – 'The Silence & The Noise'
Syrian – 'Death of A Sun'
Aesthetische – 'Nachtbrenner'

Frank Spinath let drop Ghost & Writer, a new project that gave a dark red cloak to 2013, with low bass and light keys that wrote their own velvet vice for dreams.

Adrian Hates released the début tracks of his new project .Com/kill. The project was a more electronic tone beat enlaced composition in comparison to Diary of Dreams, though Hates’ patented Melancholic rage and energy can’t be removed from any work.

The summer was opened with ‘Below the City’ by THYX. The second album of Stefan Poiss was more organised and thought through with structure and sound. Combine that with dream weaving tracks and we have something of worthy credit up to the main project of psychology.

The reawakening of Solitary Experiments was seen in ‘Trial and Error’. I rank the EP higher than the Phenomena due to its importance in the bands progression and timing being perfect. Not only this but the combinations within Trial and Error’s track list, gave a savouring urge for the upcoming album.

‘Transnational’ summarised the beginning of the new age, and in some shape was a greater feet of achievement than the previous album of VNV Nation ‘Automatic’. The album had its grasp over autumn, and combined with their touring kept its ground on the DAC.

A trip back to the 80s was made with Syrian, a great blast of guitars and foreplay of light electronic keys. Definately a nice uplift to the memorable era, of big hair, cigarette engulfed dance floors and make-up.

Die Krupps took the title as best album combination, as the rhythm felt so new and clean for a veteran of EBM. Though the good combination of drums and guitars brought in, gave view that the Jurgen Engler resisted the synths a bit!

Best Introductions (Tied)
VNV Nation – 'Genarator'
Massiv in Mensch – 'The Effect'

New Generation
Accessory blasted these thoughts away with their ‘Resurrection’. A cast of new type dubstep electro that can create cringe though is whipped back on the right channel as heavy bass thunder, with clean white shirts. 

Studio-X marked a real milestone, taking more of a full course from remixes to now an EP release with Simon Carter. They also are the image of the post 2010 era. Parts of the scene are really diverging into the era of electronic dance much more than before.

Architect took a much unexpected turn into the realms of modern decade’s electronica with ‘Mine’. Maybe the greatest loss as Daniel Myer’s project had been known for its sinister dark electronica that hid in the corners of city streets and the shadows in subway stations.

Pride and Fall emerged from their frozen Norwegian barrels of industrial to bring about Hollow core. ‘Of Lust and Desire’ still holds black tones of epiphany, but it needs to still break through its own border. 

Highlight Tracks 2013
Freak Angel – 'The Book Of Violence' (Aesthetische remix)
Faderhead – 'Pornstar Dead'
THYX– 'Network Of Light' (Cutoff Remix)
Solitary Experiments – 'No Salvation'
Ghost & Writer – 'Hurricane' (Splitter Remix)
Zynic – 'Dead End'
Wumpscut – 'Tod Essen Leben Auf' (Reactor7x Remix)
Kirlian Camera – 'Black August'
Lights Of Euphoria Vs Soman – 'Stripped To The Bone'
STUDIO-X & Simon Carter – 'Gone Together Again'
Rome – 'Hate Us See If We Mind'
Hope Estheim vs. XP8 – 'Heartless Disaster' (Studio – X)
Diskonnekted – 'Yesteryears' (Radio Existence)

A black 2014 to all!

Reviewed by Dominic Lynch aka DJ LX-E

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Finding the Witchfnder

British horror doesn't have too many gems in its war chest to rival 'Witchfinder General' for either genuine shocks or bleak intensity. Looked at from any angle it just feels different compared to other classics of the genre. This could be down to the shockingly graphic violence (for the time), the eerily understated star turn from Vincent Price, or the gritty, raw horror of the subject matter. However, it is much more than the sum of its quality, bloodstained parts.

The first relatively unique aspect to 'Witchfinder' is that it has its roots in documented fact. It is based on a biography of the real Matthew Hopkins, an actual persecutor of witches during the English civil war; so although the events in the film are themselves fictional the roots of the story are in the soil of historical reality. In any event, Hopkins did execute women for alleged witchcraft on a scale that was practically unheard of even at the time, and in a particularly brutal manner. So part of the horror we see in the film is that of recognition - that the rural English village idyll that we recognise was a scene of appalling brutality and cruelty.

The second facet of the film is that it is not about the persecution of actual witches. This film is really about the persecution of women that are accused of being actual witches. We would be doing the film a disservice if we saw it in terms of a battle between Christianity and Paganism (specifically the persecution of the latter by the former), although there is of course an element of truth in that. The definition of witchcraft used by Hopkins was wide enough to cover not just the actual practice of witchcraft (which had some following at the time but not at the level Hopkins suspected) but also Catholics, dissidents, in fact any woman or man who got a bit lippy and stepped out of line.

When we look with 21st-century eyes upon the events in the film we can also see that the perceived reality of witchcraft was fundamentally false; yes, there were witches, but the black magic they were accused of spreading did not exist, and never has. So the central truth of the film is that a semi-legal framework of persecution can be invented, with a remit and methodology that is also invented, to serve a purpose that is constantly stretching to meet the perceived needs of the persecutors – and all in the name of an 'absolute truth'.

This is a very modern sentiment for us from our viewpoint in 2014 – that after the Holocaust, the gulag, the Cultural Revolution, McCarthyism, Year Zero, Srbenica and countless other examples we can recognise that every absolute political certainty is essentially invented, relative, and a tool for the abuse and exercise of absolute power.

Which leads to the third element of the film – the backdrop of the civil war. In 'Witchfinder' the source of political legitimacy depends on who is controlling a particular territory – a field, farmhouse, village or river. Who rules these areas – is it Cromwell, Hopkins, or the King? And as the belligerents move, so does the source of authority.

In a way, none of these three have any inherent legitimacy - Cromwell has created an army by himself, claims to represent parliament, but is in a sense his own invention; Hopkins is a self-appointed judge on behalf of a typically silent God, and even Charles I loses his legitimacy if he loses the support of the people. Essentially all of these forces derive their authority from their military or political power and their current position in a constantly shifting conflict. Their power is entirely arbitrary – so the villagers and soldiers in the film find themselves at the mercy of competing, contradictory and arbitrary sources of absolute power. And without being guided by anything other than abstract certainties these powers cannot help but commit atrocities. And in England, at that!

All of which represents a refreshingly contemporary scenario for the viewer, albeit one which as recent developments in South Sudan, the Central African Republic and the Ukraine demonstrate, shows no sign of ceasing to repeat itself in history.

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Friday 24 January 2014

The weekly compendium 24/01/2014

It's been a short week here at Intravenous Magazine. Normal service has resumed after your faithful Editron's week-long holiday (a much deserved one I'm told). We've had news from Alt-Fest, Mr. Kitty, Faderhead and Crematory, as well as reviews of the new albums from Public Domain Resource and In Death It Ends.

Facebook has been rather quiet, with only really a mention of Laibach's forthcoming seminar 'Frameworks and Short Circuits'.

Yes it's been a sparse week as we've all been catching up with the post-December work that built up during the break. However next week we've already got a lot in store for you!

There's still time to enter your votes for who we should honour in our end of year reader'sawards, and while you're at it, feel free to download our FREE compilation album 'Bloodpack Vol. 1'.

But until Monday, here's a little something to keep you going.

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Thursday 23 January 2014

Review: In Death It Ends – 'Ghosts'


Porl King's post Miserylab project, the witch house flirting In Death It Ends has maintained a pretty impressive release schedule since its inception. In addition to physical formats releases on CD, vinyl and audio cassette releases there have also been plenty of free downloads, the latest of which is 'Ghosts'.

A two-track single, 'Ghosts', picks up where the last album 'Analog Witch' left off. The first track, 'Ghosts I' is driven with an incredibly catchy bass groove that recalls the likes of Killing Joke's mid-80's sound dragged through minimalistic droning, and grating synths underpinned by a steady beat. It's new-wave meats a minimalistic take on early 90s industrial.

The second track, 'Ghosts II' goes in a more cold wave direction with a more melodic synth sound and distant, repeating vocals. It harks back to a dark but dance friendly post-punk sound reminiscent of the proto-gothic scene.

In Death It Ends may be by nature a lo-fi project, but it doesn't sound cheap or rushed. The songs are well constructed and mixed down with great attention to detail, so as to retain a melodic hook, while maintaining an eerie pervasive atmosphere.

In Death It Ends continues to be an interesting and unexpectedly fruitful project for King, and it will be interesting to see what he has in store for the rest of 2014.

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Wednesday 22 January 2014

Review: Public Domain Resource – 'Dead Surface'

'Dead Surface' 

Italian electro duo Public Domain Resource are a new name in the scene, but with their début full-length release 'Dead Surface' they're intent on making sure that you won't forget them in a hurry. Blending 80s synthpop with 90s ebm, the band is very dance orientated, but with a good grasp of sing-a-long lyrics that make sure their tracks have live performance potential.

Songs like 'Ideal', 'Red Lines', 'Fiat Lux', 'Nemesis – The Third Day', 'Mishima San' and 'Your Blood Is Mine' aren't your typical dance tracks though. They have a much more complex flavour to them which is reflected in the rhythms and vocal deliveries that PDR choose to employ. It's a style that harks back to the wonderfully experimental spiritual beginnings of synthpop.

However there are some pretty straight-forward dance tracks to be found, such as in 'Always Prey For Them – The Reich's Station', 'The Hang' and 'The Second Day'. This isn't a bad thing though, as these are the kinds of tracks which will certainly bring the attention of the masses the band's way.

Throw in a few remixes from the likes of TourdeForce and Retrogramme, who respectively bring out the band's Kraftwerk influences and experimental aspects to the fore, and you have a diverse and pleasing range of electronic music on offer here.

The production is pretty steady throughout, with a nice clean and modern style prevailing throughout. However there are a few times when the vocoded vocals get lost in the mix and just sound a little two low. However the sometimes jarring beats mixed with the highly addictive melodies that is central to the band's sound more than make up for any minor indiscretions.

This is a promising début offering from the Italians, which displays a well-rounded and polished sound as well as fundamentally solid song-writing skills. There isn't particularly one big standout track that will make a huge impact on the club scene as a single. However those of discerning tastes will find more than enough to get their teeth into throughout the track list. Expect to hear a lot more from Public Domain Resource in the future.

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Tuesday 21 January 2014

Crematory return with 'Antiserum'

Gothic Metallers Crematory announce their long-awaited follow-up to 2004's 'Revolution'. 'Antiserum' sees the quintet's eleventh outing and will be released as a standard CD, deluxe CD and vinyl editions through Steamhammer / SPV on 24th February 2014.

Drummer Markus Jüllich states:
“Our fans can look forward to ‘Antiserum’, on which we have gone one step further than we did on our comeback album ‘Revolution’ in terms of our electronic influences. In collaboration with Elmar Schmidt of Hamburg EBM act Centhron, we have come up with a haunting mix of metal riffs and EBM keyboards. That’s why I’d refer to ‘Antiserum’s musical direction as ‘EBM metal’.”

Track List:

Standard CD:
1.    Apocalyptic Vision
2.    Until the end
3.    Shadowmaker
4.    If you believe
5.    Inside your eyes
6.    Kommt näher
7.    Irony of fate
8.    Virus
9.    Back from the dead
10.  Welcome
11.  Antiserum

Deluxe CD:
1.    Apocalyptic Vision
2.    Until the end
3.    Shadowmaker
4.    If you believe
5.    Inside your eyes
6.    Kommt näher
7.    Irony of fate
8.    Virus
9.    Back from the dead
10.  Welcome
11.  Antiserum
12.  Shadowmaker – Elektro Mix (bonus track)
13.  Shadowmaker – Centhron Mix (bonus track)


LP1 Side 1
1. Apocalyptic Vision
2. Until the end
3. Shadowmaker
4. If you believe
LP 1 Side 2
1. Inside your eyes
2. Kommt näher
3. Irony of fate
LP 2 Side 1
1. Virus
2. Back from the dead
3. Welcome
LP 2 Side 2
1. Antiserum
2. Shadowmaker – Elektro Mix (bonus track)
3. Shadowmaker – Centhron Mix (bonus track)

The band will also be on tour on the following dates:

22.02. D - Forst - Manitu
01.03. D - Karlsruhe - Substage
04.04. D - Siegburg - Kubana
16.05. D - Glauchau - Alte Spinnerei
05.07. D - Mühlheim - Castle Rock
02.08. D - Wacken - Wacken Open Air
25.10. D - Alsfeld - Feuer & Eis Festival

For more information on Crematory, please visit their official website.

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Monday 20 January 2014

Faderhead to release 'Atoms & Emptiness'

Only eleven months after the release of 'FH-4', Faderhead is set to return with arguably the project's darkest offering to date. The album boasts the Faderhead trademark of diverse club tracks, pop songs and ballads, however 'Atoms & Emptiness' chronicles a period of time in the private life of the German producer where almost everything went wrong which has provided a more intense and melancholic palette to choose from.

Tour Dates:

with special guests: TERROLOKAUST

14.02.2014 Antwerp (B), Kavka
15.02.2014 Sheffield (UK), Corporation
16.02.2014 Glasgow (UK), Classic Grand
17.02.2014 Newcastle (UK), Cluny
19.02.2014 Cardiff (UK), The Globe
20.02.2014 London (UK), Camden Underworld
21.02.2014 Utrecht (NL), Tivoli Oudegracht (Winter Darkness Festival)
22.02.2014 Oberhausen (GER), Turbinenhalle (E-Tropolis Festival)
25.02.2014 Munich (GER), Backstage
26.02.2014 Zurich (CH), X-Tra Limmathaus
28.02.2014 Glauchau (GER), Alte Spinnerei
02.03.2014 Frankfurt (GER), Das Bett
04.03.2014 Hanover (GER), Engel 07
05.03.2014 Berlin (GER), Magnet Club
07.03.2014 Malmö (S), Inkonst

08.03.2014 Hamburg (GER), Markthalle

The album, 'Atoms & Emptiness' will be available from L-Tracks Records on 7th February 2014. For more information on Faderhead, please visit the official website.

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Mr. Kitty re-releases 'Life' on CD

Texan electro project Mr. Kitty has announced that the critically acclaimed 2013 album 'Life', will receive a CD re-release through UK label Juggernaut Music Group as a deluxe edition featuring two new tracks.

The CD will be available as a four-panel digipak and feature one new original track 'Hurt', as well as a remix of 'Insects' courtesy of US synthpop act IIOIOIOII.

The album is available to pre-order now via the Juggernaut Music Group Bandcamp page, and will be released on 28th March 2013.

Mr. Kitty has also raising funds through crowd-sourcing platform IndieGoGo in order to issue a limited edition of 200 7” vinyl release of 'Insects'. The campaign ended on Saturday just short of its $2,000 target. Speaking on Facebook, Forest Carney had this to say:

“I'd just like to start by saying "thank you" to each and every person that has contributed to this campaign. It has been my dream to have something of mine released on a vinyl record. With all of your help and generous contributions, it is finally happening!
As soon as all of the funds are transferred to me, the production of all of the perks will begin. If everything goes according to plan, everything should be complete by late February or early March.”

For more information on Mr. Kitty, please visit the official website.

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Updates from Alt-Fest

August's Alt-Fest is shaping up to be one hell of an event with big names such as the self-proclaimed 'God of Fuck' Marilyn Manson confirmed as the headline act for Saturday 16th August 2014 (which will also be the band's only UK festival appearance in 2014).

Organiser d.Void commented:
"We are ecstatic to have booked Marilyn Manson to headline for our 1st year; this means a lot to us and particularly all the Alt-Fest supporters. At Alt-Fest we like to be ground breaking (even controversial) and promised our supporters a massive Christmas day present in the form of a BIG announcement and you cannot get much bigger than announcing the God of Fuck on Christmas day!"
Other acts announced recently include The Cult and Gary Numan, who join the likes of: VNV Nation, Fields Of The Nephilim, Arch Enemy, Killing Joke, Peter Hook And The Light, Dope Stars Inc., Eisbrecher, Blutengel, Cradle Of Filth, My Ruin, Front 242, Suicide Commando, Covenant, Alien Sex Fiend, The Eden House and many, MANY more!

Early bird tickets are still available from the Alt-Fest website.

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Friday 10 January 2014

The weekly compendium 10/01/2014

Well that's another week done here at Intravenous Magazine. I hope you're all slowly emerging from the Christmas/New Year hangovers and getting back into the swing of things... I know we are. However, with that being said, I – Your faithful "EDITRON” – will be on my holidays next week, so it will unfortunately be a quiet week.

But never mind all of that, here's what we had for you this week...

We kicked off with End: The DJ's top releases of 2013, plus news from Machinista, Avskydd, and Laibach. We also had reviews of the new offerings from Fun Every Friday, Tapewyrm, and Controlled Collapse. Finally there was the obligatory monthly Editorial column where I briefly reflected on the previous year and plugged our free compilation album 'Blood Pack Vol.1' (Seriously though, download it if you haven't already!).

Ahem... over on Facebook we had some treats as well, including a free track from Be My Enemy. There was tour news from the likes of The Eden House, Fields Of The Nephilim, and Cold Cave. As well as more musical gifts from XP8, Cease2xist and a new music video from Voicecoil.

Right, I need to go pack my bags, so I'm going to leave you in the hands of the dearly departed Peter Steele, who would have been 52 this past weekend.

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Thursday 9 January 2014

Review: Controlled Collapse – 'Ruins After Babel'

'Ruins After Babel' 

Poland's Controlled Collapse released a forceful album in the form of 2013's 'Babel'. An album which melded the band's decade of experimentalism with a clear and focussed dance floor agenda that blended techno, rhythmic industrial darkwave. It was a compelling listen, but will the new remix EP 'Ruins After Babel' bring anything new out of a varied and well executed album?

Kicking off with the old school ebm orientated techno of 'Ruins (Mental)' the album takes a brave step opening with an infectious instrumental rather than a full-blown dance mix, however it works through the sheer power of its grooving synths and toe-tapping beats. Die Braut's take on 'Change The World' by comparison feels fresh and and suitably epic blending big future-pop synths with slow industrial beats. The Paralyzed by H.EXE mix of 'Numb' wanders into recent Gary Numan territory albeit with a purer syth-based execution for a great dance track.

'Fragment Of Time' featuring Aleksandra Burska on vocals was an undoubted highlight of the original album, but the remix featured here just doesn't do the original justice and by comparison sounds flat and uninspired. Volt 9000's take on 'Dzień Sądu' on the other hand is a dark and stripped back affair that loses none of the menace of the original and brings out the band's more experimental flourishes nicely. 'Change The World' contributed by remix contest winner Nick James is a pretty straight-forward minimal and ambient mix that focusses heavily on the rhythms and slowly breaks out the old school synth sounds before throwing some dubstep embellishments. Absured Monkey Project continue from the previous mix nicely with a more frantic pace and more overt dubstep elements filling the track. Finally 'Phoenix' rounds things off nicely with a nice blend of ebm and slow groaning bass for a subtle but catchy finale.

Although 'Babel' was a strong album, Controlled Collapse and their partners in crime have still managed to wring some new and interesting takes on the original songs. The variety of the remixes means that even on it's own this feels like a continuation of the main album rather than a mere appendage. This should ensure some continued club play, but it's one that casual listeners with certainly enjoy as well.

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Editorial: January 2014

Well we made it. One year on and we're still here. It's been a good year for us as we've essentially gone from nothing to a voice that seems to carry some clout!

Over the past year we've had over 500 posts on the website and over 75,000 hits – which has vastly exceeded my expectations. So I'd like to thank the promoters, labels, bands, pr people and the IVM writers for making this past year worth it.

As you will have undoubtedly seen we have a compilation available to download for free featuring 20 great tracks. This was something I always tried to put forward at the publication that I was writing for prior to starting this, and it never rely went anywhere, so I’m rather pleased that I've ticked that box this year. So please make sure you get a copy from our bandcamp page (see the interactive section of the menu or click the album art in the side bar). Despite the fact the album is totally free I've heard that it's already up on other download websites, please do make sure you download it from us and get it in your choice of MP3 or lossless formats – why settle for anything less?

I won't lie... all in all this past year has been a tough one with having to balance my day job, personal life and the responsibility of running IVM. But I think I've hit a good ratio now and things don't seem too daunting now. But as always it's down to the support of all the readers and the industry people who take stock of us and have continued to invest their time and effort in us as an outlet.

So where do we go from here? Well that would be telling. You can rest assured there will be another compilation album this time next year. We will also try to get more live photos and video pieces up for you this year. And we will continue with sporadic features such as the Arts Of Darkness interviews, as well as some new ones. But for now I have a holiday booked so this month may be a little quieter than usual, but be patient as we have another great year lined up!

Finally, if you are interested in writing for IVM please direct your attention to the tab at the top of the site marked 'Writing For IVM'. Especially if you are a film buff.

Once again, make sure you have these links in your favourites:

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Laibach announce album and tour details

Slovenian avant garde troupe Laibach have announced further details of the forthcoming album 'Spectre' due to be released on 3rd March 2014 via Mute records.

The album will be released in CD, Vinyl and Digital Download formats with the Deluxe edition of the CD containing a Partybook: a laminated linen bound party membership book with a manifesto and an invite to register your allegiance to its thesis.

The band have also announced they will be playing as part of their Spring tour schedule, a show at London's KOKO on 12th March.

Track List:
The Whistleblowers 
No History
Eat Liver! 
We Are Millions And Millions Are One 
Walk With Me 
Resistance Is Futile 

6 March - Luzern, Schüür, CH
7 March - Weinheim, Café Central, DE
8 March - Paris, Trabendo FR
10 March - Leuven, Het Depot, BE
12 March - London, KOKO, UK
13 March - Amsterdam, Melkweg, NL
14 March - Cologne, Stollwerk, DE
15 March - Schorndorf (nr Stuttgart), Manufaktur, DE 
16 March - Munich, Technikum, DE
22 March - Hong Kong - The Vine Center, CN
2 April - Rome, Orion Club, IT
3 April - Trezzo (Milan), Live Club, IT
4 April - Frankfurt am Main – Mousontrum, DE
5 April - Dresden – Reithalle, DE
7 April - Berlin, Volksbühne, DE
8 April - Hamburg, Uebel & Gefrährlich, DE
10 April - Malmö, Babel, SE
12 April - Poznan, C.K. Zamek, PL
13 April - Gdansk, B90, PL
15 April - Wien, Arena, AT
16 April - Budapest, A38, HU
18 April - Praha, Archa Theatre, CZ
9 May - Zagreb, Tvornica Kulture, HR
16 May - Ljubljana, Krizanke, SI

'Spectre' is available to pre-order now via the band's official website.

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Wednesday 8 January 2014

Review: Tapewyrm – 'House Of Cards'

'House Of Cards' 

Hot on the heels of his début album 'Misanthropic Noize' comes Michael Drayven's follow-up EP 'House Of Cards'. The UK noise merchant has developed well since the release of his first two demo EPs, and 'House Of Cards' shows a continued development in his writing and production abilities.

The infectiously rhythmic title track opens the EP with layers of noise and semi-audible samples throughout the guest vocals of Tiffanie Wells are hard to hear and as a result are the equivilent of subliminal messages within the din. 'Chasing Ghosts' is a bigger and almost more cinematic track in its scope. It's central droning mournful chords and trudging pace make this short song a highlight in the Tapewyrm back catalogue. This is quickly followed by 'Careless', which can only really be compared to the infectious rhythms of Michael Jackson's 'They Don't Care About Us' if they'd been de-constructed and reformed by Trent Reznor and Richard James.

Ruinizer's remix of 'Save Yourself' shows that given the right emphasis and sounds, Drayven has the basis for a good club track underneath all the noise. Dirty K's remix of 'Rebirth' though, ups the noize for the sheer hell of it for an eardrum rupturing four minutes.

'House Of Cards' shows a nice range across the tracks, which highlight Drayven's ongoing development as a songwriter. By adding pleasing rhythms and hints of melodies, he draws the listener in before beating them about the head with distortion. If the next full-length album develops these ideas, it's going to put Drayven on the noise map.

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