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It's that time of the year once again! A new year and a new compilation album celebrating our 6th birthday as a webzine.

Review: Various Artists – 'We're In This Together: A Tribute To Nine Inch Nails'

VARIOUS ARTISTS 'We're In This Together: A Tribute To Nine Inch Nails' TRIBULATIONS

Review: Various Artists – 'We Reject: A Tribute To Bile'


Review: Ritual Aesthetic – 'Wound Garden'


Review: Axegrinder – 'Satori'


Tuesday 30 April 2013

Review: EMME YA - 'Chthonic Transmission (Abysmi Vel Daath)'

'Chthonic Transmission (Abysmi Vel Daath)' 

Both inhuman and very much human in its cavernous ritual space, the tracks on 'Chthonic Transmission (Abysmi Vel Daath)' are highly charged audio sigils. We are witness to the process and magickal practice of Edgar Kerval, the Colombian artist behind the mysterious Emme Ya who has been active in many corners of subterranean culture for a long time. What is brought forth can reasonably be called dark ambient, though this is rather a territory of initiation than doom. The sounds vividly define a space and then the walls of the cavern thus evoked dissolve like clouds, revealing the space beyond. Then the stars themselves dissolve and there is nothing but the Abyss. The only way out is through.

'Chthonic Transmission (Abysmi Vel Daath)' opens up the realm of the 11th sephiroth, where no movement is possible. Impossible questions leave no peace, language has gone weird, there is no more sense in sense. The initiate is prepared for the journey ahead.

The titles of the tracks on 'Chthonic Transmissio...'n are integral elements of the art. 'The Light That Is Not (Consecration Rite)', the Lux Interna, the inner and outer prepared and purified. 'Reversed Kundalini (Transmutation Rite)', the ecstasy of flesh and soul. 'Descending To Astral Void (Solve Et Coagula)', dissolution, death and rebirth. 'Emerging From The Grey Egg (Encircled In A Thousand Lanterns)', emergence into a higher state, the eye of Brahma opened anew.

This is ritual ambient with rare purpose and depth that takes many listens to sink in and keeps unfolding its visions more each time. The cryptic voices embedded in the soundscape lie just beneath the structure-imposition tendency of the ego, releasing language from voice, and the spirit from its societal shackles.

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Review: Blank - 'Dark Retreat'

'Dark Retreat' 

Italian duo Blank have had a few years break since their last release (five if the truth be told) so their latest album will have a lot of promises to keep. Before it even starts 'Dark Retreat' boasts some big names. Chris Peterson (Front Line Assembly) and Sebastian Komor (Icon Of Coil) are their production team for starters.

The band have taken a darker tack with this album, less dancefloor focused and more introverted. Although there are obviously upbeat, danceable tracks the overall feel is a sombre, and sometimes frustrated, one. Opening track 'Subliminal Man' is dark, broken electro pop, an intelligent and well put together piece, after which 'DioChemicals' picks up the pace and shows more of the band's ebm roots. After this though, the next stand out track is 'Lost Symmetry' featuring Elena Alice Fosssi from Kirlian Camera. The songs in between are a little flat and her sailing voice, and change of beat, make a refreshing change from the distorted almost monotone lead vocals throughout the rest of the album.

'Dusk Devil' is an instrumental, the second on 'Dark Retreat', which works well after Fossi's appearances, almost a palate cleanser. It builds into an interesting and well-layered stand alone piece. Again it is the guest's song that attracts attention next. Elenor Rayner from The Crystalline Effect takes over vocals for 'Dead Roads', a fast paced, melodic dance track with a running rhythm. After this the duo take the reins again and the album returns to it's dark, introspective nature.

Some will find this album a welcome break from the constant beat of the electro and ebm genre, something to chill out to and get lost in, others may want for more direction and variety.

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Monday 29 April 2013

Noblesse Oblige release 'Runaway' and announce 'Affair Of The Heart'

Berlin's Noblesse Oblige have released a new single 'Runaway' from their forthcoming album 'Affair Of The Heart', due 24th May 2013 on Repo Records.

The single features remixes from the likes of Electrosexual and Velvet Condom, and is accompanied by a music video directed by Chris Corner of IAMX.

Track List:

1. Runaway (Original)
2. Runaway (Velvet Condom Remix)
3. Runaway (Electrosexual Remix)
4. Runaway (Lars Moston Remix)
5. Runaway (Midnight Mix)

The single is available to buy now from all good retailers. For more information on Noblesse Oblige, please visit their official website.

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Dive to release 'Compiled'

Electronic music pioneer Dirk Ivens has indelibly etched his name into the genre with acts such as The Klinik, Absolute Body Control and Sonar. After the success of the limited edition eight-CD box set of the complete works of Dive, Out Of Line records has announced a new ' best of' compilation  'Compiled' will be released on May 17th.

The compilation will span two CDs with 36 tracks including club hits such as 'Dead Or Alive', as well as influential works like 'Behind The Sun'.

Track List:

CD 1 :
1. Snakedressed
2. Dark Room
3. Machinegun Baby
4. Bloodmoney
5. Lies In Your Eyes
6. Nobody Else featuring Ms. Poly-Ester
7. Two Faced Man
8. Be Yourself
9. Final Report
10. There's No Hope
11. Dead Or Alive
12. Flesh' Extreme Leap
13. Take Your Dreams Away
14. Broken Meat
15. Power Of Passion
16. Obsession featuring Kirlian Camera
17. Lost Inside You
18. Frozen

CD2 :
1. The Infinite Shades Of Disgust
2. Sidewalk Sinner
3. Dreamhunter
4. Vicious Bitch
5. No Pain No Game
6. Mercy
7. Growing Deep Inside
8. Where Wwere You?
9. Welcome To Hell IV
10. Slippin' Away
11. Small Paper Man
12. Are You Real?
13. Give It To Me
14. Weeping In The Dark
15. Man In The Mirror
16. Sickness
17. Behind The Sun
18. Deadman

'Compiled' is available to pre-order now from the Out Of Line webshop. To keep up to date with Ivens projects please visit his official website. You can also catch Dive live on the following dates:

11 May 2013: Das Bunker / Complex LA, Los Angeles, USA
14 June 2013: Bitstream Festival / Kulttempel, Oberhausen, Germany
22 June 2013: Festival De La Musique Electro-Industrielle / La Fleche D'Or, Paris, France
03 August 2013: Schlagstrom! Festival / Betriebsbahnhof Schöneweide, Berlin, Germany
23 August 2013: Infest / University Campus, Bradford, UK
28-30 March 2014: 3. Out Of Line Weekender / Astra Kulturhaus, Berlin, Germany

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Friday 26 April 2013

The weekly compendium 26/04/2013

If you haven’t seen the news, we currently have another competition running. This time the nice people at Juggernaut Services have given us three copies of their double-CD compilation album 'Foundations' to give away! So if you haven’t entered the competition yet, GO HERE and do so!
In other news we've had reviews of the new albums from The Eden House and Spectral Heresy. Plus news from Haujobb and Wave Gottik Trefan.

Over on the facebook page we played up St. Georges day with some tongue-in-cheek videos from Professor Elemental, Laibach and comedian Bill Bailey. While we've seen a new single from Visage, the preview of the new Kinetik Festival compilation. We've also seen an invitation to a David Bowie flash mob at the V&A, plus tour dates from Front Line Assembley. But best of all was the news that WestMercia Police is now following the example of Manchester and treating attacks on members of alternative subcultures as hate crimes.

So it's finally Friday and it's time to put my feat up, light up my pipe and watch the new Rob Zombie film. This week I'll leave you with the new music video for 'Fight Like A Girl' by Emilie Autumn.

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Thursday 25 April 2013

New acts announced for WGT festival

The newest additions to the Wave Gotik Treffan roster have been announced bringing the number of performers at the Leipzig-based festival up to 120.
Ulver, Korpliklaani, Negura Bunget, Serpentyne, The Vision Bleak, Din Brad, Duncan Evans, Ensiferum, Decoded Feedback, Esben And The Witch, Actus, Contrastate, Das Moon, Prurient, Die Selektion, Vatican Shadow.
The latest additions join the likes of Noisuf-X, The Cassandra Complex, Abney Park, IAMX, KMFDM and Lacrimosa on what is fast shaping up to be a very memorable line-up.

The festival will take place this year from 17th May until 20th May. For more information please visit the official Wave Gotik Treffen website.

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Haujobb to make vinyl début

German electronic act Haujobb will make their début on vinyl with the re-release of their 2011 album 'A New Day' on 31st May via Artoffact Records.

The vinyl will be available in two editions: a limited to 50 copies translucent version and a standard black vinyl in 250 copies. The limited version will also come with an exclusive cassette that includes the EP 'Dead Market', which was also released on CD in 2011.

The vinyl is currently available to pre-order at the Storming The Base webshop. For more information on Haujobb, including forthcoming tour dates, please visit their official website.

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Wednesday 24 April 2013

Review: Revenant Cult - 'Spectral Heresy'

'Spectral Heresy'

The first thing that hits you about the début EP/single from the Australian-based sibling duo is just how big it sounds. With influences gleaned from the likes of VNV Nation, BlutEngel, The Crüxshadows and Epica, Revenant Cult have certainly got their eyes set on filling dance floors across the world.

'Spectral Heresy' sees the band making a strong first impression with a style that falls somewhere between darkwave and ebm with strong operatic vocals dominating the mix. It does, at times, feel a little bit “Eurovision” in terms of some of the synthesizer sounds, but despite being seven-minutes long it does a very good job at holding the listeners attention. Also, for a relatively new project the production is quite professional and really is only let down in a few places where the mix gets particularly swamped by the various electronics vying for attention.

What is a shame is the fact there is no B-side to speak of, which seems to be an increasing trend these days. Instead we get four distinct remixes from Blast Radius, Assemblage 23, Studio-X and Aeon which all compliment the dance orientated underbelly of the song. Individually each remix is very strong and will no doubt find willing homes in many DJ sets. But when presented on a single in this way it all feels a little bit repetitive. Which is unfortunate considering it is a pretty good song.

Revenant Cult declare their intentions with zeal on 'Spectral Heresy', crafting a track that will work very well both as a floor filler as well as a part of a live performance. It would have been nice to have a little more variety presented though with perhaps another song or even an instrumental included, instead of just tacking on remixes for what seems like the sake of it. But what should be acknowledged is that there is a hell of a lot of potential presented here.

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Tuesday 23 April 2013

Review: The Eden House - 'Half Life'

'Half Life' 

The mega-collective mind that is The Eden House returns with the long-awaited sophomore album 'Half Life', the follow up to 2009's impressive début long-player 'Smoke And Mirrors'. The band blends a diverse palette of styles and influences that encompass gothic, progressive, trip-hop and roots music into dark psychedelic rock which has set The Eden House apart from the crowd very quickly. And with a range of well-received albums and EPs to the band's name already, the bar is already set very high for their second album.

Once again the core of the band, comprised of Stephen Carey, Tony Pettitt and Andy Jackson is joined by a variety of vocalists including Lee Douglas (Anathema) and Monica Richards (Faith And The Muse) as well as guest musicians, such as Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music) and Simon Hinkler (The Mission). All of who give the band a uniquely wide-ranging appeal and talents to really push the boundaries of what rock music can be.

The album opens with the lead single Bad Men’, a trip-hop heavy mixture of driving guitars, grooving bass and subtly hypnotic feminine vocals which shows the band at their commercial best. Across songs such as 'Indifference', 'The Empty Space', 'City Of Goodbyes' and 'First Light' the band bring together the mystical elements of The Fields Of The Nephilim, the introspection of Pink Floyd and the avant garde bleakness of Portishead into a strangely uplifting formula. While the likes of 'Wasted On Me' and 'The Tempest' give the album a rawer edge with their focuses on strong rhythms. 
Though it would be nice if the band delved more into the ambient electronics of the the B-side of the lead single, 'Survival Instinct' to add a little more experimentalism to the track list.

As you would expect from a band with a pedigree such as this, the production and mix are absolutely faultless. There instruments and vocals ebb and flow into each other with such ease and grace that the whole album feels as though it has been painted rather than performed.

The Eden House's body of work is fast becoming the mark by which to measure gothic rock. The collective's scope and ambition is high and they have more than enough talent with which to realise it. The band do feel somewhat comfortable on 'Half Life' and the album's formula doesn't really deviate into any truly experimental directions, which is a shame as they are more than capable. But having said that, the band's penchant for creating simply sublime music is beyond reproach.

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Monday 22 April 2013

Win A Copy Of 'Foundations' By Juggernaut Services

The kind people at Juggernaut Services have given Intravenous Magazine three exclusive copies of their excellent double CD compilation 'Foundations'.

These CDs are selling out fast and will soon be highly collectable!

So if you want to win a copy for yourself, all you have to do is follow these simple steps.

  1. Go like our Facebook page (not actually essential but we will be announcing the winners on there as well... plus it's always nice to see some social network love!)

  2. Send us an email to with your name and the subject 'Competition' before midnight on the 13th of May 2013.

  3. Watch the Intravenous Magazine Facebook page for the winners, who will be picked at random on the 20th May 2013.

That's it folks.

In the meantime go over and check out the Juggernaut Services roster on their website and discover some great up-and-coming industrial talent!

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Friday 19 April 2013

The weekly compendium 19/04/2013

We're at the end of another week, and a pretty full one at that with lots of news from Out Of Line artists such as Solitary Experiments, Forgotten Sunrise, and Kirlian Camera as well as Vein Collector and Garden Of Delight. Best get saving your cash from pay day next week!

We've also had some pretty strong music to review this week with the LONG-awaited début proper from The March Violets, the sophomore album from Plastic Noose and the third EP from System:FX all reinforcing our faith.

Over on the social media front we've passed 300 likes on Facebook which means on Monday WE'LL HAVE OURSELVES A COMPETITION courtesy of Juggernaut Services who are providing us with the prizes. If you want to stand a chance of winning you'll have to keep an eye out on Monday for details on how to enter!

In other news Caustic has released some freebies and put a rough demo up for your listening... pleasure. There have also been an album trailer from Defeat and a previews from both the forthcoming second album from A Pale HorseNamed Death and the Garden Of Delight remasters. Everyones favourite electro-creeps AlterRed have also made their first two albums available for free download.

Is there any more? Probably, but it is TFI Friday time so we'll be off until next week. To hold you over here is Iggy pop lamenting both major and indie record labels.


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Thursday 18 April 2013

Review: System:FX - 'Twentyfirst Century'

'Twentyfirst Century'

'Twentyfirst Century', the third EP from industrial rock duo System:FX, picks-up where their previous offering 'Overdrive' left off. On paper the band don't have a complex sonic formula with a blend of industrial rock heavily influenced by the likes of Cubanate, The Prodigy and Ministry. But it is very effective. Hard dance beats, grinding guitars, infectious electronics and shout-a-long lyrics combine once more for a fast-paced and compelling twenty minutes run time.

Opening with the Cubanate-esque 'Vengence' the band strike hard and fast with an uncompromising electro-punk anthem that will no doubt be well received on the dance floor. 'Fire' lacks a little of the "oomph" of the opening song, but it's strong electronics coupled with the savage guitar performance give this track an energy that will translate very well to live performances. The title track, 'Twentyfirst Century', makes very good use of the siren sample's potential to compliment the synth melodies while the drums create an irresistible invitation to move your body to. The final song on the EP, 'Stay In Your Homes', is simply a raucous cacophony of attention-grabbing samples and pure industrial attitude that come together to create one of the strongest songs in the System:FX arsenal.

In terms of song-writing skills the band are going from strength-to-strength and, when coupled with a clean and crisp production job such as this, it shows just how far they have come. With an EP of the quality of 'Twentyfirst Century' in their pocket, plus live duties in Be My Enemy as well as numerous high-profile support slots to their name recently, it's easy to see why System:FX are hotly tipped to be one of the UK's break-out industrial rock acts.

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Kirlian Camera to release 'Black Summer Choirs'

Cult Italian electro duo Kirlian Camera have announced the release of the newest release of the thirty-year career of the band. 'Black Summer Choirs' will be released on 17th May 2013 via Out Of Line records in both standard CD and limited edition box set releases.

Track list:

1. Silencing the world
2. Black August
3. Final Interview 1
4. Heavens
5. The Fountain Of Clouds
6. Final Interview 2
7.مادة مظلمة (Materia Oscura – official version)
8. Final Interview 3
9. Farewell Road
10. My Kids Kill
11. Words
12. Final Interview 4
13. Barren Cornfields
14. Stranger In The Abadoned Station

Bonus Disc 1. New Veterans In The Mist
2. Lumen
3. Words (Black Summer version)
4. Losing The Way Home

In addition to the new album, Out Of Line will also be re-releasing the band's long-deleted 1988 album 'Eclipse' as a new new double CD version on 17th May 2013. The album has been completely remastered and the second disc includes the 'Eclipse 2' EP plus four extra bonus tracks.

Track list:

Disc 1

1. Intro: Lux
2. Eclipse
3. River Of No Return
4. The Christ
5. Celephais
6. Austria
7. Tor Zwei
8. Aura
9. Epitaph

Disc 2

1. (introduction)
2. Eclipse (1994 Total Re-make)
3. One Grey Morning
4. Dresden T
5. Neden (Eclipse 22005)
6. The Third Lake
7. ECLIPSE – Anniversary (2008)
8. AUSTRIA – Full Metal Version (1988)
9. ECLIPSE v4 (1998)
10. ECLIPSE - :Wumpscut: remix (2000)

Both 'Black Summer Choirs' and 'Eclipse' are available to pre-order via the Out Of Line webshop. For more information on the band please visit their official website.

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Wednesday 17 April 2013

Review: Plastic Noose - 'Fractured Despondency'

'Fractured Despondency'

The début album, 'Zu Allen', from Scottish one-man misanthropic industrial project Plastic Noose was a very pleasant surprise. The brainchild of Snow King, the album took industrial metal and stripped it right back to its bare essentials. The result piqued a lot of attention, though the album as a whole was criticised for being a little repetitive. Fast-forward and Snow King's sophomore effort, Fractured Despondency' aims to up the game.

What is immediately noticeable on pressing play is the variety included in this album. Yes, it is essentially still stripped back and bleak, but there are many more ideas at work here. The songs don't rely simply on skeletal rhythms and hanging guitar notes to drive the songs as much as they did, instead favouring more complex arrangements. But best of all there is much more variation in the pace of the songs, which gives the album a much more assertive sense of presence.

Snow King has definitely been honing his ideas with songs like 'Going Down', 'Let All Mankind Burn', and 'Doomladen' building on the dance floor potential of songs on 'Zu Allen', such as 'Road To Perdition' and 'Slutcentric'. But the new results feel a lot more self-assured and complex than their predecessors.
Where Plastic Noose really flourishes though is in more ambitious songs like the hauntingly ambient 'Strontian' and the stunning 'Suicidal Crisis', which channels his Celtic Frost/Triptykon influences into a sixteen-minute-long doomy gem to round off the album.

With a more ambitious approach to his song writing has come the necessity for a more complex production style which has given the songs a nice spit and polish, but without losing its grungy charm. The mix tends to keep the vocals relatively low compared to the guitars and electronics, but with such a sinister style as Snow King's, this happens to work very well. However there are still a couple of points where the songs don't quite get the kick that is anticipated though, and sometimes the guitars sound a little flat, but this doesn't hold them back too much considering the catchy nature of the material.

The repetitiveness of the début has completely disappeared and the true scope of Snow King's ambitions are realised. 'Fractured Despondency' is a big step in the right direction in terms of quality for Plastic Noose that should easily bring a lot more attention.  

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Review: The March Violets - 'Made Glorious'

'Made Glorious' 

The product of a successful crowd-sourcing campaign and a tantalising thirty years in the making comes The March Violets first proper album in the form of 'Made Glorious'. 2011's 'Love Will Kill You' EP provided the first glimpse of a focussed and reinvigorated Violets that a foot firmly in their classic post-punk meets goth sound with a distinctly progressive twenty-first century sheen. But will 'Made Glorious' provide the fans with the closure they have craved for so long?

The album distils the essence of the band's early singles like 'Snake Dance' and 'Walk Into The Sun' into a refined, dreamy, almost psychedelic style to songs like 'A Room With No View', 'Of Roses', 'Dandelion King' and '2024' that feels fresh and shows off the full extent of the band's song writing talent. The strong bass lines and driving drum machine give the album a solid groove throughout songs such as 'Made Glorious', 'We Are All Gods III', 'Little Punk Thing', and 'My Demons' which show they still have plenty of dance floor appeal. But the band aren't afraid to get a little playful as songs like 'Tokyo Flow', 'Discoboy Must Die' and 'Ramming Speed' inject both some humour and pure punk attitude into the record.
As with the EP before it, the band are at their strongest when they delve into the more sublime end of their song writing. But there is still something undeniably compelling about their tried and tested sound, even after all these years.

The time taken over the production side of the album is evident from the opening bars. It has a recognisably analogue vibe to it, but loses the 80's roughness of their earlier recordings in favour of a more dynamic and richer sound. The bass and drums tend to dominate the mix with the dual vocals, guitars and a variety of other instrumentals often fading in and out of songs giving them a more ethereal atmosphere.

It's been along time coming, but The March Violets have delivered on that album they always promised to make. The high quality of the song writing, performance and production is the product of a long journey, but it was well worth the wait.

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Tuesday 16 April 2013

Vein Collector and Prognosis sign with Beyond Therapy Records

Up-and-coming industrial metal act Vein Collector, the new project from Dan Guenther originally of Blind Faith & Envy, has announced a new deal with Beyond Therapy Records, the label owned by Ben V of Ludovico Technique fame. Beyond Therapy Records will digitally re-release the band's first two albums, 'Prophet' and 'Prophecy' as a single album under the name 'Prophet'.

Beyond Therapy have also signed Atlantan industrialists Prognosis to release the bands as yet untitled new album.

The bands will join the roster which currently includes Frontal Boundary, My Parasite, and Finite Automata.

To keep up with the latest releases from Beyond Therapy Records please visit the official website. For more information on Vein Collector and Prognosis, please visit their respective sites.

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Forgotten Sunrise to release 'Cretinism'

Estonian death metalers turned industrial rockers Forgotten Sunrise have announced their sixth studio album 'Cretinism' will be released on 17th May 2013 via Out Of Line records.

The album will also feature guest vocals from Marko "Holocausto" Laiho [Beherit] on the track '…dots' alongside the band's main vocalists Anders Melts and Gerty Villo.

Track list:

1. Meaning Of Blood
2. The Moments When God Was Wrong
3. Samewonder
4. Escape I
5. All Ctrl
6. Sisters, Brothers & Other Hellborn Creatures
7. Escape II
8. Tankover Trinity
9. …dots
10. Escape III
11. Numb-erAte
12. Our Õun
13. Niit
14. Bo:gie
15. Escape IV

'Cretinism' is available to pre-order now from the Out Of Line webshop. For more information on the band, please visit their official website.

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New Garden Of Delight Re-releases

Continuing their “r e d i s c o v e r e d” series of remastered Garden OfDelight albums, Solar Lodge records have announced the re-release of of both 'Enki's Temple' (originally released in 1991) and 'Faithful And Fallen' (originally released in 2003) as six-panel digipaks on the 24th May 2013.

The current re-mastered version exhibits the original studio album in a new sound! By applying the most up-date studio technology alongside the original sound equipment the primary focus remained firmly on the best possible re-creation of the original analogue recordings and thus resulting in the most authentic match for the sound quality which has distinguished this music since its inception and original publication in the year 1991.”

Track Lists:

Enki's Temple ( r e d i s c o v e r e d 2013 )

Faithful And Fallen ( r e d i s c o v e r e d 2013 )

bonus track: THE WATCHERS

Both 'Enki's Temple' and 'Faithful And Fallen' are currently available to pre-order via the Solar Lodge webshop, while 'Necromanteion IV' and 'Dawn' are available to buy now.

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Monday 15 April 2013

Electrostorm Vol. 4 & 3rd Out Of Line Weekender announced

The fourth volume in Out Of Line's popular compilation series 'Electrostorm', will be released on May 17th 2013.

The disc features seventeen new, unreleased and rare cuts from both scene stalwarts as well as emerging talent, for the price of a CD single. The compilation includes veteran noisemakers such as Hocico, Combichrist, Suicide Commando, Meleotron, Pankow, and Blutengel as well as the new breed of acts like Formalin, Auto-Auto and The Juggernauts.

Track List:1. Suicide Commando 'Unterwelt'
2. Hocico 'Polarity'
3. Combichrist 'Gimme Deathrace'
4. Funker Vogt 'Hard Way'
5. Agonoize 'Dafür'
6. Solitary Experiments 'Trial And Error (Splitter RMX)'
7. Blutengel 'When I Feel You'
8. Melotron 'Stuck in the mirror'
9. Auto-Auto 'Weekender'
10. Too Dead To Die 'The War Will Never End'
11. The Klinik 'Mindswitch'
12. The Juggernauts 'Infected'
13. Formalin 'This Isn’t Love (2013 Rework)'
14. Pankow 'Crash and Burn'
15. Aesthetic Perfection 'A Nice Place To Visit (Formalin Remix)'
16. Amduscia 'Filofobia'
17. Rummelsnuff 'Daddy Cool'

Also hot on the heels after this year's second annual Out Of Line weekender, the details of next year's festivities have been revealed. The festival will take place on the weekend of March 28th-30th 2014, at Astra Kulturhaus in the heart of Berlin.

The weekend will see at total of 18 bands over the course of the three days with Blutengel, Staubkind, Suicide Commando, Lord Of The Lost, DIVE, Ashbury Heights, Rabia Sorda, Signal Aout 42 and Meinhard already announced.

Both 'Electrostorm Vol. 4' and Weekender tickets are available to pre-order now from the Out Of Line webshop.

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Solitary Experiments to release 'Trial And Error' single

Berlin-based synth quartet Solitary Experiments return with a news single in the form of the limited edition 'Trial And Error', which will be released via Out Of Line on May 17th 2013.

The single is in anticipation of their forthcoming album 'Phenomena' which is scheduled for release this August. Featuring new songs and remixes from the likes of Rotersand and iVardensphere among others, each of the 1000 copies of the digipak single boast an impressive total of eleven tracks.

Track list:1.Trial And Error
2. Trial And Error (Cellmod RMX)
3. Eye Of A Storm
4. Trial And Error (Ivo Draganac RMX)
5. Trial And Error (Extended Cut)
6. Delight (Dominatrix RMX)
7. Trial And Error (Zebaoth RMX by Heimataerde)
8. Eye Of A Storm (iVardensphere RMX)
9. Déjà Vu (People Theatre's Neverending RMX)
10. Trial And Error (Splitter RMX)
11. Trial And Error (Rotersand Rework)

The single is available to pre-order now via the Out Of Line webshop.

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Friday 12 April 2013

The weekly compendium 12/04/2013

What better way to kick off the week than with reminiscing about another fantastic Resistanz festival? The three-year-old Sheffield event has fast become one of the hottest dates on the industrial calendar. And from the reportage of Kev as well as the musings of our new columnist Matthew it certainly lived up to the hype. (I also dropped a quick editorial column in as well but most of you don't care about that so I'll shut up).

We also had news about the forthcoming Midlands Goth Festival in Birmingham from another newbie, Lydia, as well as another update on the roster for this years Wave Gotik Treffan. In reviews we got our hands on a cracking double disc compilation from hot PR company Juggernaut Services as well as some promising sounds from a new project called Lacy Rose.

Speaking of newbies we've also added Jacob Ovington and Giles Moorhouse to the roster. If you'd like to join them either as a columnist or reviewer/interviewer (for music, films or books) please check out the section marked 'Writing For IVM'.

Over on the social networks we've seen plenty of tour announcements from the likes of Depeche Mode, Unter Null, AlterRed and the line up for TritonFestival shaping up.

There has also been a groovy new video from Rob Zombie and some awesome looking footage from How To Destroy Angels.

That's pretty much it for this week but keep an eye out on our news feed on Monday as we'll have an brand new EXCLUSIVE COMPETITION for our faithful readers!

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Thursday 11 April 2013

Review: Lacy Rose - 'Ghost Music'

'Ghost Music' 

The trend for 'new cabaret' shows no signs of abating. Burlesque clubs, fascinators and spooky ditties sung on creaky pianos are seemingly everywhere. Few do it well and even fewer manage to make it their own. Lacy Rose is one of the latter, an act who sounds like a genuine artist rather than a pastiche of the genre she is so very talented in.

Hailing from Texas (but sounding anything but) her debut five-track ep 'Ghost Music' is inspired by the past. Keys and strings carry vocals Kate Bush would be proud of, while subtle brass add body to her spectral stories. Tracks take suitably gothic subjects - tragic romance, blinded saints, love lost across the sea and vampiric fantasies - all presented with ethereal, but very genuine, vintage melancholy.

The mood Lacy Rose creates is one of being transported back in time, swept away in a bleak Shelly-esque romance. With songs like 'The Ballad Of Polly Peachum' and 'Creature Of The Night' she faultlessly, and almost effortlessly, captures the beautifully macabre sound so many are trying to reproduce. 'Ghost Music' is just that. Haunting.

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Wednesday 10 April 2013

Review: Various Artists - 'Foundations'


The re-packaged and re-released first compilations from Juggernaut Services are well worth a look if you are on the look out for emerging electro talent that have a growing reputation of delivering both on dance floor and live. Gathering a range of new ebm, industrial and experimental acts from across the globe the double CD 'Foundations' proves to be a great gateway to some very interesting music currently on the periphery of wider exposure.

CD one, 'Calming Cyclones', collects together the poppier end of the electro spectrum with young acts such as Biomenchanimal, United And Identified, FutureFrentic, Plastic Noose and Controlled Collapse. The disc focusses heavily on strong beats and memorable melodies but manages to still present a rich and diverse palette of sounds with the various bands incorporating coldwave, dubstep, ebm and dark electro elements.

CD two, 'Moving Mountains', moves into slightly dirtier waters with acts such as Garten Der Asche, Kommand + Kontrol, System FX, Tapewyrm, Eschaton Hive and Tactical Module bringing aggrotech, rhythmic noise and gritty industrial rock to the fore. The sound may have shifted its emphasis somewhat, but again there is a crop of talent here making some very strong music that will appeal to those who are ready to be challenged.

As with all compilations of this type the production values vary song-to-song depending on each individual bands' budget. However this isn't too much of a problem as the compilation has been well mastered to soften the rougher edges of some songs and present them at their strongest.

'Foundations' is a strong picture of not only the artists on their roster, but also of the current crop of international talent to be watching over the next few years. Best of all the compilation has been crafted with attention and skill to really pique the interest of the casual listeners.

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More acts announced for WGT

The newest additions to the Wave Gotik Treffan roster have been announced bringing the number of performers at the Leipzig-based festival up to 104.
The 69 Eyes, Terminal Gods, The spook , Scarlet Soho, The Breath Of Life, X-In June, Theatres Des Vampires and Koffin Kats
The latest additions join the likes of Noisuf-X, The Cassandra Complex, Abney Park, IAMX, KMFDM and Lacrimosa on what is fast shaping up to be a very memorable line-up.

The festival will take place this year from 17th May until 20th May. For more information please visit the official Wave Gotik Treffen website.

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Tuesday 9 April 2013

Editorial: April 2013

Whew, no rest for the wicked! (this is what late nights editing a webzine will do to a person!)

If you haven’t already seen we've had reports from the annual Resistanz Industrial Music Festival. The first from our Kev who has given us an in-depth and illustrated account of the festivities while our new guest columnist, Biomechanimal's Matthew Simpson gave us a more philosophical slant to the weekend in his début column, which I heartily recommend you check out.

Speaking of new blood we have a couple of new writers also joining Matthew in the form of Jacob Ovington, Giles Moorhouse and Lydia Deetz who we would like to give a big welcome to as well.

It feels like the year has truly kicked off now that Resistanz is over and Whitby Goth Weekend is on the horizon again meaning that festival season is well and truly under-way. If that's not all there are a lot of great albums due for release shortly, including one from the March Violets which has been decades in the making. Will it live up to the hype? You'll have to check out our review this month. But in the meantime here is a new video from Rob Zombie from his forthcoming album.

As ever the reach of Intravenous Magazine is slowly growing and gaining some standing within the dark recesses of the webzine community. But if you like what we do, please help us spread the word further by following us on our social networking profiles and letting other people know of our existence.

Finally, if you are interested in writing for IVM please direct your attention to the tab at the top of the site marked 'Writing For IVM'. We are currently looking for a couple of guest columnists to write about whatever the hell they want each month, as well as writers and reviewers specialising in music, books and films to join the talent pool.

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Midlands Goth Festival Announce 2013 Line-Up

After the success of their first event last year The Midlands Goth Festival is back for 2013. The three day line-up has just been announced featuring gothabilly, industrial and trad bands on the 24th, 25th and 26th May.

This year the independently run fest spans three smaller venues, a different one each day, keeping the vibe intimate. Held in central Birmingham bands will be playing the live music pub The Hare And Hounds, vintage venue The Old Library (part of the The Custard Factory complex) and alternative club venue Eddies.

Friday sees Venom and the Terrortones and Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons play sets before Vince Ripper and his infamous Rodent Show take over the evening. Saturday features Method Cell , (Re)Noized and Deviant UK. Sunday rounds off the live music event with some old school groups Waterglass, Last July and Skeletal Family.

Buy tickets here

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Monday 8 April 2013

Matthew Simpson- Musings on a Scene

So, I’ve just returned from the UK-based Resistanz Industrial festival, and thought I’d share some musings on some eye-opening moments I experienced up in the frozen wastes of Sheffield. Firstly, I must say that everything I write is my own opinion; I speak freely and uninfluenced (something of a blessing in this scene, or so I’m led to believe).

There were two shows that people talked about the most this weekend. The first was iVardensphere, a ‘tribal industrial’ band I’d heard of, but never listened to. Their show was an absolutely primal experience, speaking to the crowd on a level that music is truly meant to do. There wasn’t so much fist pumping as there was shining eyes and deep expressions.

The second was the popular artist, Celldweller. I don’t really need to write much about Klayton and his work, as it’s widely listened to. What is of most interest to me, and hopefully my reader, is that that, to me, these two acts were the least ‘industrial’ of the weekend. This got me thinking; what are we looking for in a scene when an idea from outside the scene is seemingly more popular? Why do we go to the same clubs and the same shows if what we are looking for is lying outside of these places?

It’s a bit of an odd question, really. On the one hand, I’d say because it’s where we are all most comfortable; all the people we know like to hang out in the same clubs, like similar bands, and so it’s easier. Conversely, I get the feeling that many feel that they are not especially welcome outside of our little stompy bubble, and this leads me to share another experience I had in Sheffield. On the Friday night, the venue holds a mainstream night, with slight alt influences. Speaking to some of the regulars, many of whom had never heard of industrial, they all agreed that we added a real atmosphere, and that ‘this was the best night they’d had there’. This got me thinking; are we really unwelcome at all? No, I don’t think we are. I think we’re strange and quirky, but ultimately we do all have a lot of fun and we know how to enjoy ourselves. I think that if our little bubble (to use my past analogy) opened up a bit, or we dared to go outside of it for a while, we’d find that both us and the people we’d never normally get a chance to meet would find it an enjoyable experience. It’d do leaps and bounds for our closed-up stereotype, and give us a chance to experience what we crave but cannot have inside the scene.

So next time you want to go out, maybe try a different club with your friends. Roll the dice. Go and watch that band you want to see, regardless of what ‘scene’ they’re a part of. Roll the dice. Wear those clothes, regardless of if they’re ‘gothy’ or not. Roll the dice.

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