Interview: Die Krupps

"Berlin was cool when the wall was up, it had a special flare, I really liked the atmosphere, it was like whoever did not want to get the draft went to Berlin, and so it was very artistic. Nowadays it is just a big city without a centre."

Interview: Quasimodo

“The funny thing is that although in objective terms the 'scene' is in a worse state than ever, personally speaking I'm actually having more fun with it now than I had before. The scene will survive and we do what we can either as band or as individuals to facilitate that.”

Interview: Sean von Helvete (Ritual Aesthetic)

“I spent a long time trying to capture that of what we see in films and music videos that depict cinematic horrific, religious and downright weird "ceremonies" that human beings partake in. That in itself is something very odd and fascinating alone.”

Review: Three Winters – 'Chroma'


Review: Blush Response – 'Desire Machines'


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Review: Cryptic Dawn – 'Old Blood'

'Old Blood'

US-based solo aggrotech project Cryptic Dawn, AKA Matt Havens is rooted in in the themes and lessons of cult TV show Breaking Bad. A strange gimmick, but not not an unusual one with the likes of Finnish doomsters Swallow The Sun's obsession with Twin Peaks coming to mind. Gimmick or not though, the most important thing is that it works. Cryptic Dawn may have a darkly humorous slant to its formula, but that doesn't detract from the fact that this free, five-track EP is rather good.

Kicking off with the title track, Havens gets straight down to business with hard dance beats, Suicide Commando style synth melodies, and heavily distorted vocals. Although this doesn't exactly add anything new to the rule book it does deliver exactly what aggrotech fans will want. 'Guns Up' follows on with a slightly more restrained offering that pulls the melodies in favour of a throbbing bass line that, while nice and groovy, does get lost in the vocals a bit. 'Awake The Demons', which features Imminent Violence, returns the the more bombastic style of the opening track for a nice fist-in-the-air experience. 'El Llamado De la Destruccion' features another guest appearance, this time courtesy of Paranoia Bio Project and again feels a little more restrained, but this time it works better with a more even balance between the music and the vocals. The EP is then rounded off in style with the slow and ambient strains of 'Left To Die', which makes a nice departure from the more blatantly dance orientated structures of its predecessors.

The production is for the most part quite strong, with a nice straightforward style the gives each layer room to move in the mix. The only major criticism is the heavily distorted vocals. They doe have a tendency to hit the ear wrong on faster tracks, and on quieter tracks they are far to strong in the mix.

Yet as a label début, 'Old Blood' is a rough diamond. Musically it's very catchy with some great leads and compelling beats. It just needs a few tweaks here and there to really show off all its features at their best. But for fans of harsh ebm and aggrotech this is definitely a safe bet, and for a free download what more could you ask for?

Broken Links release new single 'I'll Run Away'

Southampton-based industrial/post-punk trio Broken Links have announced the release on their latest single from the band's forthcoming sophomore album, 'Divide/Restore' due out in early 2015 via Devil Theory Records.

The single is currently available to download via the band's official bandcamp page. For more information on the band please visit their official website

The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing to celebrate kicking cancer's arse!

London-based neo-Victorian anarchists, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing, have announced they will be palying their only headline show of the year at London’s Relentless Garage on November 14th and will be their first appearance as a four-piece since vocalist Andy Heintz throat cancer diagnosis in April.

Billed as a chance to join the steampunkers in celebrating kicking cancers arse’, the band will also debut material from the forthcoming third album, due for release in Spring/Summer 2015.

Joining The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing on the night will be support acts, The Caesarians and Nu, Pogodi.

For tickets please visit Ticketweb. For more information on the band, including details on forthcoming live dates and releases, please visit their official website

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Review: Threes And Will & Huerequeque – 'Blue Thirteen'

'Blue Thirteen'

Avant garde is the name of the game as Estonian artists Threes And Will & Huerequeque come together to collaborate on their first EP on UK label Blue Tapes. The release features three collaborations and two solo tracks that bridge psychedelia, noise rock and good ol' fashioned disregarded for genre conventions.

Kicking things off is the first of the two solo tracks, this one courtesy of Huerequeque who presents 'Homöopaatiline epopöa' a dissonant blend of rhythm, distortion, a western-influenced guitar line that wouldn't sound out of place in a Tarantino film, and disorientating samples.

The three collaborative tracks 'Amudarja (Ver 1), 'Ikh Khüree', and 'Hullumeelsuse Mägedes' all sing from similar him sheets with a leaning towards southern / stoner rock instrumentation and the occasional psychedelic use of samples aimed to distort and twist into its own melody. The interesting thing is that they all sound some what incomplete. Almost like they were recorded in a jam session while waiting for other band members to turn up. It's minimalistic in places, but it works.

The second of the solo tracks sees Threes And Will unleash the monolithic 'Sea Fourth Pt II', which is a dominating track at ten minutes in length with its simple repetition and drone-doom flirtations.

This is a strong EP release. It's dirty, noisy and intense with plenty of distortion and bass frequencies cutting through the speaker. Hopefully both artists will be quick to capitalise on this with follow-up solo releases to show off what they can do separately in more depth, while keeping the door open for a further collaboration.

Review: Ca†hedra / Mois† - 'Split EP'

'Split EP' 

Mexico's Ca†hedra and the US based Mois† get together to release quite a fine split EP here. Featuring separate tracks plus a couple of collaborative efforts the EP gives a little more than your usual split release would. With four original tracks each and two quite frankly sublime co-operations the EP is a fine platform for both acts to show off what they are capable of.

Both acts are steeped in the witch-house / drag / down-tempo rave style with Ca†hedra exploring more ambient atmosphere, while Mois† opts for a more minimalist form.

Ca†hedra's contributions are wonderfully dark and psychedelic with songs like 'King' and 'Graveyard' forcing the rave beats to the surface while the seductive 'Suicide', featuring vocals from Shine Brida, is half sing-a-long and half incantation in its delivery. And the opener 'Incantation' is an unsettling and unnerving blend of magikal lecture and atmospheric drones.

Mois† favours more of a recognisable blend of down-tempo rave electronics and industrialised hip-hop beats across tracks such as 'BonePlay', 'Suger', and 'T00thFairy'. While 'Reality' breaks out the heavily distorted vocals and more experimental songstructure.

However the two collaborations 'I Prey' and 'Pain' are perhaps this EPs biggest selling points. The hanging drones and delicate pianos combined with simple but effective beats and melodic synths make this a great chill-out track. While 'Pain' is a more stripped-back and beat-heavy track with a simple and memorable synth lead.

The production isn't amazing, but it does compliment the music. It is rough around the edges but on the whole it is well mixed and doesn't detract from the songs themselves.

This is a very enjoyable EP that shows off some great material from both acts. But it is the points where they crossover that is perhaps the most interesting. I'm sure both acts will build on this strong platform individually. But based on 'I Prey' and 'Pain', it would be a shame if a side-project, or at the very least another split release wasn't on the cards for the future. 

Monday, 15 September 2014

Review: Z'EV – 'A Handful Of Elements'

'A Handful Of Elements'


Armed with decades of sonic material created in the course of his long career Z'EV comes with a meditation on the elements of ancient Greek philosophy and alchemy. This concept in some hands may require the listener to connect sounds and elements, but Z'EV can be expected to take a more esoterically learned approach to this alchemical concept. The elements map the states of matter and spirit, and each of the elements of matter take up precisely the same space – twelve-minutes, two seconds and the fifth ('Spiritus, the quintessence'), twelve-minutes exactly.

'Terra', the centre, the seismic basis moves like the aeonic shifts of the ground beneath the feet of the seeker. In its mutability one finds the eternal essence. 'Aqua', covering, the essence of dissolving, of submersion. This piece is at once evocative of oceanic movement and invokes the esoteric qualities of the element of water. One can feel the presence of the elemental spirits and the life that dwells therein. Sylphs encircle the listener as 'Aer' weaves its disquieting spell. Their voices may be heard from within the track, or it may be the airy spirits whispering, having been summoned by the vibrations. Fire beats and crackles as 'Ignis' takes hold. The atmosphere carries the character of gross matter being consumed and the purity of the flames at the same time. It seems the order of the elements may be intentional, charting the journey of consciousness up the middle pillar from Malkuth to Kether, dust to spirit, each step containing the spirit of all the others. 'Spiritus' rests at the end of the journey, flowing gently in its eternal light.

This is a meditative release, but it inspires a meditation that awakens and occasionally jolts, instead of lulling the listener into a dream-state. 'A Handful Of Elements' is the work of a master that rewards exponentially more for every listen. Ambient music created for concentrated attention.

Friday, 12 September 2014

The weekly compendium 12/09/2014

That's the end of another week here at Intravenous Magazine. And about damn time too! Hopefully you'll all have something fun lined up for the weekend, but if you do get half an hour to yourself, then why not sit down and give this week's articles a read.

We had an interview with Leeds gothic super trio Quasimodo. An editorial column from myself rolling my eyes at the latest Jack The Ripper “Theory”, while Joel used his column to talk about hunting Nazis. We had a little news courtesy of Swans, and reviews of the latest releases from Scarlet Soho, Ventenner, Nightmares And 808s, and Twilight Fauna.

Over on Facebook we saw new music from The Gifted, Brainclaw, and Alterred. While Alter Der Ruin have decided to give their album, 'I told You Not To ListenTonight Didn't I?', away for free. Atari Teenage Riot have a new musicvideo. Psy'Aviah have released a preview of their forthcoming album. And David Bowie announced a new compilation featuring new material!

Right, that was the week that was. I need a cup of tea and a dark chocolate hob nob, so I'll leave you with this.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Review: Twilight Fauna - 'Hymns Of A Forgotten Homeland'

'Hymns Of A Forgotten Homeland'

Appalachian one-man-band Twilight Fauna is a hard act to define. Sitting somewhere between neofolk and post-depressive black metal. Its a combination that is dark and abrasive yet strangely hypnotic. It will certainly prove to be an acquired taste, even amongst black metal fans, but it is a rewarding listen recalling a range of avant garde black metal acts such as Ulver and Caina in their more primitive forms.

The juxtaposition of the haunting and unmistakably US folk influenced acoustic guitars and the harsh vocals and guitars works well on songs such as 'Coming Home (A Wilted Harvest)', 'Baying In The Hills', and 'Roots Stained By Time' with their sparse use of percussion and long track lengths adding to the atmosphere. While the more melodic and overtly neofolk leaning 'An Autumn Longing' shows off an unobstructed view of Ravenwod's song writing skills.

However the two songs that really get the formula right have to be the final two 'The Wind Chimes Through The Trees' and 'Of River Willows' with both displaying a more succinct and well rounded style.

The production is rough. Very rough. In typical underground black metal style the guitars and scathing and the vocals sounded like they've been recorded on a Dictaphone in a forest. It has the right effect on the songs but at the cost of the overall accessibility of them, which is a shame, because a more spit and polish approach, as on the great sounding acoustic elements, would make all the difference.

'Hymns Of A Forgotten Homeland' is an interesting album that will probably pass a lot of people by. In part because of the obscure style, but also down to the overly raw production. Ravenwood has a good formula on his hands and his lyrics and writing style are very effective. It's certainly one to explore if you are a fan of black metal and neofolk, though perhaps to raw for the casual listener.

Swans announce biggest UK show to date

US experimental rockers Swans have announced they will be returning to the UK for their biggest headline performance to date. The band currently comprised of Michael Gira, Norman Westberg, Christophj Hahn, Phil Puleo, Chris Pravdica, and Thor Harris will perform at London’s legendary Roundhouse, on 21st May 2015. Tickets for the show go on sale on Friday 12th Sept from, special guests will be announced shortly.

The band will also return to Europe this month, and a recently announced Swans / Michael Gira will curate the Mouth To Mouth festival, part of Le Guess Who? in Utrecht, which will see three days of music (20th-23rd November) culminating in a Swans performance.

If that isn't enough the band will be re-releasing a remastered edition of their 1983 début studio album, ‘Filth’, out vinyl, CD and digitally on 27th October 2014.

Tour Dates:
25 September - Brussels, AB club, Belgium
26 September - Amsterdam, Paradiso Music Hall, Holland
27 September - Paris, LA MAROQUINERIE, France – second night added due to demand
28 September - Paris, LA MAROQUINERIE, France
30 September - La Rochelle, La Sirene, France
1 October - Barcelona, Sala Apolo, Spain
2 October - Madrid, Shoko, Spain
3 October - Durango, PLATERUENA, Spain
4 October - Porto, AmpliFest, Portugal
7 October - Fribourg, FRI-Son, Switzerland
8 October - St. Gallen, Grabenhalle, Switzerland
9 October - Torino, Hiroshima Club, Italy
10 October - Bologna, Estragon Club, Italy
11 October - Roma, Circolo Degli Artisti, Italy
12 October - Milan, Alcatraz Milano, Italy
14 October - Zagreb, Pogon Jedinstvo, Croatia
15 October - Budapest, A38 Ship, Hungary
16 October - Ljubljana, Kino Kiska Centre for Urban Culture, Slovenia
17 October - Vienna, Arena Big Hall, Austria
18 October - Krakow, Unsound Festival, Poland
20 October - Prague, Lucenra Music Bar, Czech Republic
21 October - Berlin, Berghain, Germany
22 October - Berlin, Berghain, Germany – second night added due to demand
23 October - Leipzig, Schauspiel Leipzig, Germany
24 October - Cologne, Gebaeude 9, Germany
25 October - Hanover, MusikZentrum, Germany
27 October - Hamburg, Kampnagel, Germany
29 October - Dresden, Beatpol, Germany
30 October - Wiesbaden, Schlachtho, Germany
31 October - Karlsruhe, Jubez, Germany
1 November - Munich, Feierwerk, Germany
22 November - Utrecht, Mouth To Mouth at Le Guess Who? festival curated by Swans
23 November - Copenhagen, Vega Main Hall, Denmark
24 November - Oslo, Rockefeller, Norway
25 November - Stockholm, Slakthuset, Sweden
26 November - Helsinki, Tavastia, Finland
28 November - St Petersburg, Kosmonavt, Russia
29 November - Moscow, VOLTA, Russia
5 December - Athens, Votanikos, Greece
6 December - Thessaloniki, Bloc 33, Greece

21 May 2015 – London, Roundhouse

Free download of 'A Little God In My Hands' here.
Listen to 'Oxygen' here.

For more information on the band, please visit their official website.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Review: Various Artists - 'N¡gh†m∆res ∆nd 8Ø8s Presents: Suicide Serenade'

'N¡gh†m∆res ∆nd 8Ø8s Presents: Suicide Serenade'

The cult of witch-house / drag / dark trap / vapourwave etc. continues to grow with more and more interesting and avant garde bands creeping out of the shadows with their take on the electronic genre. Helping to popularise this growing cult is the YouTube station N¡gh†m∆res ∆nd 8Ø8s with their visualisations added to the music they plug they have carved a niche for the styles they promote with their channel fast approaching 3,000 subscribers.

The first free compilation from the channel 'Suicide Serenade', released via label Nigh† †errors sees thirteen artists come together spanning multiple genre to create a great introduction to the new wave of dark electronics.

Featuring the likes of King Plague, Okkvlt Kʌtt, Fraunhoffer Diffraction, Bleak Amethyst, Stigma, and Strange Powers the compilation encompasses a good cross-section of artists and style from hip hop and trip hop influences, to dark ambient atmospheres and post-industrial grit. The varied styles of the artists should mean that there is something for everyone here, no matter what preference for electronic music they are approaching this from. However the compilation's stand-out track has to be the darkly minimal cover of Nivana's 'Something In The Way' by Strange Powers which rounds-off the album very nicely.

The production is fairly uniform for a compilation with very little noticeable differences in the recording qualities of the songs which helps the flow of the album as much as the smart arrangement of the songs.

If you're new to witch-house and its related sub-genres, '… Suicide Serenade' is a pretty good starting point. It is a compilation that has been curated with care and attention that should provide new and established fans with a few gems to get stuck in to. Hopefully this will be the first of many such compilation albums from N¡gh†m∆res ∆nd 8Ø8s in the future.

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