IVM's Top 40 Releases of 2017

With 2017 a now a fading memory of political turmoil, social upheaval and high-profile perverts, we can at least look back at the year's musical output and say that it was a great one. As is the custom, we've put together a list of 40 notable releases from the previous twelve months that we think are worthy of praise.

Blood Pack Vol. 5 Released!

To download it all you have to do is go to our bandcamp page here: https://intravenousmagazine.bandcamp.com/album/blood-pack-vol-5

Interview: Angelspit

“I get the feeling we are moving through a period of despair. Perhaps this is due to the state of the environment, politics, or dealing with being "social" in the electronic age. We are so frustrated, so exhausted...we don't have the energy or money to plan for the future.I wanted to write lyrics that people can related to, and music that would energize that to forge ahead.”

Review: Psy'Aviah – 'Lightflare'


Review: Caustic – 'American Carrion';


Thursday, 19 April 2018


Founding myths have a very useful purpose. Whether it is that of Romulus and Remus' bitter feud that led to the founding of Rome, or the discovery of Hungary from the pursuit of a magical stag, or even King Arthur and his ideas of honour and chivalry, these myths act as a kind of signature watermark of the societies they are linked to and tell us how they view themselves. Societies born in struggle, nations founded on wandering and travel, cities created in industry and competition – these are the mirror-images that reflect how we wish to see ourselves. And they don't have to be dramatic, or spectacular – even the absence of an event can lead cultures and people to believe that they created themselves by pluck and effort alone (after all, every time someone refers to themselves as a 'self-made man' this is always a pure giveaway that they have created their own myth of virtue and 'grit'). But most of all they are the beginning of a narrative, because without an origin and without events, you don't have anything at all.

Rock music, being based as it is on arcane energy and ritual, also has a founding myth: it is the myth that roots rock music in the Delta, and the moment when Robert Johnson met the devil at the crossroads. At this midnight rendezvous a deal was reportedly struck between the unknown, young blues guitarist and the fallen angel whereby the former sold his soul in exchange for ungodly talent and fame. As a result Johnson went on a blistering creative run, creating a repertoire of tracks that would form the basis for the modern blues and rock; it also cursed him to a tragic, and early, death.

As with other founding myths this is a story that conflates truth and fallacy. Yes, there was a Robert Johnson in the Delta at that time (and we have the recordings to prove it), and there is a metaphorical or symbolic devil in popular culture and in our personal imaginations, but there was no meeting at the crossroads and there was no deal with the devil. Johnson himself did not gain any particular success or notoriety during his lifetime and to some extent remains as obscure and disregarded in the blues' homelands in the south as he is revered elsewhere, to the extent that when writer Elijah Wald went to the Delta to research his own book on the man he was surprised to find that none of the blues-loving inhabitants had heard of him. What was important about this myth is not what it did for Johnson himself (in reality, very little) but what it implanted in the consciousness of rock culture and its view of itself – that there was an element of darkness, an edge of devilry, at the heart of it.

This sense of insurgency is what subsequently defined rock music at its best, just as much as its absence defined rock at its worse; and it also provided a method by which members of the general masses could gain fame and notoriety beyond anything that was previously possible. Rock music created a route for anyone to gain international fame on an unprecedented scale. These are the trace elements that the deal at the crossroads left in the collective unconsciousness of popular culture.

But there is something else essentially liberating about the myth – for the crossroads is a place of choice, opportunity, and possibility. At the centre of the crossroads your position is purely neutral; you are free at that moment to go in any direction. The roads are clear, straight, and pure. These roads are the pathways of our own creativity; they represent the opening of our own internal horizons. And it is this neutrality that represents a calm centre, the eye of our own personal storm.

So, how do we get back to the crossroads? To that moment of clarity and possibility? The answer is simple – close your eyes, imagine the sun on your back and the sky empty blue above you, and you're already there.

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Review: ESA – 'That Beast'

'That Beast'

Jamie Blacker's project ESA (Electronic Substance Abuse) may have taken a bit of a backseat to his duties with iVardensphere recently but the wait has definitely been worthwhile. With full-length offering number 6, 'That Beast', Blacker has kicked his songwriting into overdrive for a deliciously heavy and sumptuously produced album.

Blending elements of aggrotech, rhythmic industrial and power noise Blacker's sound has always been gritty but dance-friendly with poly-rhythms powering a tribal frenetic energy before drawing you in with deeper textures. 'That Beast' is true to this vision but ups the power and makes great use of hooks and melodies to further its infectious agenda.

Songs such as 'I have Clarity', 'Carry The Noose', 'Bad Blood Will Out', 'Like Meat (Spoiled)', and 'I Want It Now' are prime examples of this, hard, nasty distorted rhythms, aggrotech style progressions, and subtle melodies to give the album a strong backbone. While the likes of 'The Follow Me', 'Passing Over', and 'Take All Of This' get more playful with the elements either putting melodies or textures first to great effect.

Production-wise this is the strongest ESA album yet. There is grit and distortion throughout, but blacker has made the mix clear and gives all the elements plenty of room to manoeuvre so that the rhythms don't swamp the other elements. The end result is a dance-friendly and accessible take on the heavier end of the industrial spectrum.

'That Beast' is a brilliant album. ESA has always been more of a “critics band”, but there is a hell of a lot on here that is begging for the dancefloor, if in a more vicious manner than most club selections. 'That Beast' is... well... a beast of an album and one that should hopefully elevate the project higher. It's clear Blacker has given this album his all and it definitely pays off.

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Introducing... Key To The Mint

Name of band: Key to the Mint
Members: 4
Year formed: 2015
Location: Cleveland, OH, USA

“We try to capture the same anxiety and austerity that the post-punk groups of the 80s had.”

Key to the Mint formed in early 2015, out of the defunct Cleveland shoegaze/noise band Privacy//Policy. Starting with P//P’s final single “Observation,” Rich Kundracik and John Alexander began taking their previous band’s post-punk leanings in a more melodic, accessible direction, making greater use of synthesizer and keyboard textures. A lineup for this new group solidified with the additions of vocalist Joel Anger and guitarist Justin Romanak.

Key to the Mint released their first record, Polynesian Dreams, in September 2015 as they began playing local shows. After a tumultuous 2016 and the departure of Romanak, Key to the Mint regrouped to begin their second album A Godless Line. Released on December 1st 2017, A Godless Line brings a harder edged sound that captures the post-industrial anxiety and malaise of the 80s underground. With guitarist Connor Simpson from Cleveland post-rock act ITEM, Key to the Mint plans to tour the US in the spring and summer.

Intravenous Magazine: Who are you and how did the band/project come to be formed?

We are Key to the Mint, darkwave from Cleveland, Ohio. JA and I (Rich) were previously in a noise rock group that shifted to darkwave. We found a perfect front man, Joel Anger on craigslist to complete the lineup.

Intravenous Magazine: How would you describe your sound/style, and how did you arrive at it?

We try to capture the same anxiety and austerity that the post-punk groups of the 80s had. Especially British groups. Joel came to our studio to demo some songs and things clicked right away. We’ve formed the rest of the group around that sound. I think it fits well with the general attitudes in a post-industrial city like Cleveland in these uncertain times.

Intravenous Magazine: Who and what are your primary influences both musical and non-musical?

Musically speaking - Depeche Mode, The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, The Smiths, New Order, etc. Non-musically, I’m an engineer. So I think there is a certain “tightness” and mechanical nature to our songs that comes from my personality.

Intravenous Magazine: Do you perform live and if so where can we see you perform in the near future?

We perform all over our home town. We are playing Chicago at the end of April and hope to tour the East cost of the US this summer.

Intravenous Magazine: What is your current release and where is it available from?

A Godless Line came out in December. It’s everywhere: Bandcamp, Spotify, Youtube, itunes, CD baby.

Intravenous Magazine: What have been the highlights of your career so far?

We played Brite Winter Fest in February, our biggest show yet. Also, being played on Part Time Punks radio show out of LA is really cool.

Intravenous Magazine: What are your plans fro the future?

We are already working on our next record. We hope to tour all around the US and eventually the UK.

Intravenous Magazine: Finally, is there anything that you would like to add?

I found your site on a group page. I always appreciate sites that promote new music. It’s hard to be a musician in the age of the internet. So if you introduce us to your followers, special thanks to you.


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Saturday, 14 April 2018

Wave Gotik Treffen - The Preview June 2018

The gathering of 2018s Wave Gotik Treffen, is approaching fast.

111 artists are already confirmed. The main acts sweep from the synthpop of De/Vison to the depth of The Beauty of Gemina. From North Americas new synth of Mr Kitty, to Imperium Dekadenz,

The strength of WGT stretches into its 27th year, where May shall see over 20,000 dark patrons from all corners the globe, come together in communion over Leipzig. Making Wave-Gotik-Treffen the international dark gathering over Whitsun.

Apart from famous artists of the scene, new discoveries from the edges of the Gothic universe participate. The festival is for typical headliners, however encompassing the complete trinity of the Gothic subculture is the purpose of WGT. As well not just for music, but the whole subculture.

Throughout the city, there will be more than 200 bands, projects and single artists covering the whole range of Gothic music: from EBM to Neofolk, from medieval to cold wave. For the real-time updates, click here to the WGT forum!

To discover the wide range of genres this year, explore the 
attached playlist.

2018 Discoveries

Some fascinating new appearances to watch out for. Definitely for this year, there is a strong pull towards minimal and cold wave comers:

Black Line
Electro, IDM, Experimental | United Kingdom / USA
A new project from the US producer cyrusrex, who has worked with Skinny Puppy and Depeche Mode. Collaborates with Douglas McCarthy, Bon Harris (Nitzer Ebb) and many others. the first work "Treason, Sedition and Subversive Activities" is creation of electronic excitement for noise makers. Live this year not only as support of the current Depeche Mode Tour, but also at the WGT in Leipzig!
Techno, EBM | Iran
After "Konkurs" was unable appear at the WGT last year, due to personal reasons Their side project ‘A Blush Response’ entertained as a solo show. Lovers of sombre and New Beat influenced by Techno, get another chance this year to suffer some evil leg spasms from dancing.

Silent Runners
Postpunk, Synth Wave |
You can see it clearly – the genre is booming like no other, and all over the globe new bands pop up nearly every week. This is also reflected in the WGT lineup. Arriving on the scene at the end of 2017 in neighboring Holland, they’ve been very convincing from the first notes of their debut "The Directory".

Postpunk, Coldwave | USA
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAWcbUxH-fo Their eponymous debut album on "Manic Depression" was one of the best records of the last year and brings fans of the early Cocteau Twins, Banshees or Chameleons to tears of joy. Live as powerful as recorded. Do not miss!

Death Industrial | Sweeden
Not brand new, and they’ve played WGT before. Nevertheless, recommended again for those who mourn the ritual machine sounds of Cold Meat bands like Brighter Death Now, Memorandum or Mental Destruction.

Synth Wave, Techno | Australia
Linea Aspera or Keluar are previous projects from Zoe Zanias. The mentioning of these two projects, should entice you to a memorable performance as one of the highlights this year. Where she will play not only current material but work from all her projects! Cold electro noises in harmony with hypnotic vocals.

Mr. Kitty
Self-Destructive Synthpop | USA
Definitely not needing an introduction. After support shows for VNV Nation in the US and under numerous aliases i.e. Forrest Avery Carne, the Austin based project will certainly be putting on a great show!

The WGT Basics //2018 

The Ticket

The ticket covers all events within WGT, at 120€. Your fine coin covers you for the Thursday to Monday and free public transport throughout the festival in Leipzig, from May 18th to 22nd
The cheapest way to get four walls and a hot shower is through the WGT Forum. Leipzig residents with a free room or whole apartment advertise their free space and have a wide range of sizes and prices, overall very affordable.

Camping- Obsorgekarte

Want to be the party animal in a tent who is all terrain experienced with makeup, mud, sweat and met. Well this is the ticket for you! (aka tent site ticket). It not only acts as your pitch in the black earth, but also as a grand shortcut from the Agra to the Heidnisches Dorf, it also includes the annual Pfingftbote book of the annual engagement. A genuinely nice memory. Cost 25€ from the 18th to 22nd of May.

For car parking at the Treffen-area you have to purchase a parking vignette for 15 € (including advance sale charges). Parking at the Treffen-area (agra-Messepark) is not possible without a parking vignette.

If you are as disorganised as a bat in the sunlight, then start praying to this beautiful piece of coded architecture, it could save you from an A4 paper disaster, as the dear old paper may be your enemy.

The Website
The WGT Forum, will be your one stop shop for everything, however for 1st time English travellers, checking out Sad Goth, is worth your while for some additional tips. Additionally, the official WGT Facebook page for updates.

Thus finally, for inspirational ideas to feed your appetite and to gander at the beautiful symbols of chapters gone by. Check out the WGT gallery.

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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

New from Echozone

Nox Interna - A Minor Road

After a very long period of concerts and festival, Nox Interna will release their EP "A Minor Road" in May 2018 as the forerunner for their upcoming fourth studio album due in 2019.

"A Minor Road" is a 3 track EP featuring two original Nox Interna songs “A Minor Road” and “Doomed Generation” and a cover version of “Entre Dos Tierras” from the Spanish band Heroes del Silencio.

The songs on this EP are very emotional and reflect what happened to Nox Interna mastermind Richy Nox during the last years. "Doomed Generation" is a song about the disconnection of humanity being blind and separated from one another by technologies - not only on a social level, but also on a personal level - and the corresponding, negative effects.

"A Minor Road" deals with the confusion of every human being about their life's journey, how they are forced to forget in order to simply keep on living, and the continuous uncertainty that puts pessure on us day by day being expressed by the lyrics as well as the sound on "A Minor Road".

The cover version "Entre Dos Tierras" has been repeatedly played by Nox Interna in their shows and is very much loved by the audience asking again and again for a recorded version of the song. The result presents a sound and atmosphere perfectly adapted for Nox Interna, but still maintaining the purity of the original song.

Peter Geltat and Ramy Ali supported the recording of the EP as great friends and musicians. Lutz Demmler (ASP) mixed, mastered and produced the songs in his Twilight Sound Studios in Karlsruhe.

An Erotic End Of Times - One second after

In one second only a world can change, a life can change. One second can bring life, one second can bring death. One second after, it could be the end of times. The beginning of a new era.

Dan Terminus, one of the finest French synth wave artists among Pertubator and Carpenter Brut, brings us an electro wave version of this ode to life and death. The French industrial rock band Heartlay, led by Dimitri Sadrin who previously remixed the song "Love Is The End", continues the collaboration and presents an outstanding and energetic version of the song to us.

Cardillac Complex - Something Will Remain

Cardillac Complex stand for dark melodic rock somewhere between gothic and metal, alternative and pop. For songs full of melodic radiance, heart-pounding melancholy and energetic low-jerk, in short: Dark Melodic Rock! Five years after "Forgotten Reasons", the quintet from Münster is going to release their debut album "Something Will Remain" on Echozone in May 2018.

Since the foundation in 2010, Cardillac Complex (pronounced: cardiac complex) have gathered a loyal fan base in their hometown of Münster (Germany). They also played as support for German industrial metal heroes Stahlmann and did well reaching the final rounds of several local band competitions.

"Forgotten Reasons", their debut EP, got good reviews in many print and online magazines in the gothic scene and beyond. The 'Gothic Magazine' (#85) was "eager for more", the renowned 'Metal Hammer' (09/13) highly praised the work for its stylistic variety and 'Gitarre & Bass' (08/13) wrote that Cardillac Complex were "newcomers that you should be aware of". The sleaze rock-style "Shadowplay" was a minor hit being played on the evening programme of the main regional radio station WDR.

With "Something Will Remain" Cardillac Complex continue their chosen musical path. They still plunder the collection of rock and metal history adding (more or less obviously) embellishments from pop, progressive rock or folk music and so creating their very own original sound which reveals again and again new details throughout the 12 album tracks. The opening track "Life Won" combines harsh guitar riffs with subtle electronics and contrasting stormy rock beats combined with delicate piano melodies, "Belief" rolls in with folksy 6/8 grooves, acoustic guitars and polyphonic vocals, "Legacy" grabs you with its ethereal atmosphere, and "All The Monsters" is the perfect rock ballad on the album. In addition, Cardillac Complex tend towards prog and post rock structures on "Something Will Remain" including repetitive sound walls and intricate 5/8 and 6/8 beats - all the while keeping a catchy pop tune within reach.

Stylistic variety as a principle - the musical dozen is wrapped within a dark and thoughtful atmosphere. However, Cardillac Complex are certainly not in any way depressive. Having a strong penchant for a touch of melancholy, songs like "Yesterday's Burden" convey in no uncertain terms to leave everything negative behind you despite all the hardships of life. To all critics who dismiss the stylistic diversity on "Something Will Remain" as insecurity, the band calmly contradicts: Life is not black or white but consists of many different colors and moods. Why should Cardillac Complex limit themselves to just one?

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Dark Electronic Music Festival Terminus Announces Lineup

April 9th 2018 Calgary,AB Canada-Annual Dark Electronic festival Terminus announces the lineup for this year's Shockwave edition. In it's seventh year, Terminus, will take place July 27th-29th in Calgary,AB at the Dickens. Terminus features some of the top Dark/Alternative Electronic artists around the world. Headlining the festival this year will be TR/ST (Canada), Mesh (UK) and LEÆTHER STRIP (Belgium).

TR/ST: After bursting onto the Electropop scene in 2010, Robert Alfons aka TR/ST has shown that he has quickly become a dominant and influential force. His self titled album and most recent release Joyland have received critical acclaim worldwide.

MESH: Over their 27 year career, UK Electropop/Rock artists Mesh have released 8 studio albums and 2 EPs and show no signs of stopping. They have played countless shows and festivals through out Europe and North America.

LEÆTHER STRIP: Known as the godfather of EBM, LEÆTHER STRIP is the solo-project of Danish electronic industrial artist Claus Larsen. First signed by the German Electro Label Zoth Ommog in 1989, LEAETHER STRIP quickly built a buzz as one of the most exciting emerging acts in Europe in the early 90's. Leæther Strip has been and still is a big inspiration to many of todays younger acts and is still one of the most productive and most busy live acts in the scene. Leæther Strip concerts are always highly energeic and aggresive.

Other highlights include the first North America show of UK Electropop artists Empathy Test. Post-Punk upstarts Actors, who are playing music festivals throughout North America, UK, and Europe this summer. A rare North America show from Swedish Noise artist Trepaneringsritualen.

Full Lineup:

TR/ST | Mesh | LEÆTHER STRIP | Ivardensphere | FGFC820 | Unternull | Android Lust | Author & Punisher | Empathy Test | Orphx | DSTR | Boy Harsher | Trepaneringsritualen | Actors | Shiv-r | ESA | Statiqbloom | Street Sects | Kontravoid | HIDE | FIRES | Rhythm of Cruelty | Sigsaly | Die Scum Inc

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...And We All Die Announce 'Modern Day Privateers' Remix EP

San Antonio,TX-Industrial artists …And We All Die announce the release of their remix EP 'Modern Day Privateers'.

…And We All Die returns with ten remixes of their debut single 'Modern Day Privateers'. Remix artists include Daniel Ash (Bauhaus, Love & Records, Poptone), Assemblage 23, Rodney Anonymous (Dead Milkmen), Ben Weinman (Dillinger Escape Plan, Giraffe Tongue Orchestra), Ego Likeness, Mindless Faith, The Gothsicles, The Rain Within, Gost, and Knifight.

“We chose to celebrate this song with remixes by some of our favorite artists as it appeals to audiences across genres and means different things to each listener. Selfishly, we wanted a diverse set of remixers to interpret the song in their styles, as it inspires us to examine our sound and explore new approaches to song writing. As fans of electronic music and synthwave, in particular, this remix by Gost exemplifies the shared intensity and similarities between our post-punk and Gost’s synthwave sounds.” - Raymond Estes, Vocalist/Composer

'Modern Day Privateers' Remix EP will be released on March 23rd. The lyric video for the GOST remix is premiering on Pure Grain Audio and can be seen below: 

1.Modern Day Privateers (Daniel Ash Remix II)
2.Modern Day Privateers (Assemblage 23 Remix)
3.Modern Day Privateers (Rodney Anonymous Remix)
4.Modern Day Privateers (Ben Weinman Remix)
5.Modern Day Privateers (Ego Likeness Remix)
6.Modern Day Privateers (Mindless Faith Remix)
7.Modern Day Privateers (The Gothsicles Remix)
8.Modern Day Privateers (The Rain Within Remix)
9.Modern Day Privateers (Gost Remix II)
10.Modern Day Privateers (Knifight Remix)
11.Modern Day Privateers (Gost Remix III)
12.Modern Day Privateers (Ben Weinman Remix II)
13.Modern Day Privateers (The Gothsicles Remix II)

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The Antichrist Imperium announce 'Volume II Every Tongue Shall Praise Satan '

Avant-garde death metal outfit The Antichrist Imperium have announced their sophomore album which is entitled ‘Volume II Every Tongue Shall Praise Satan’.

The follow up to their critically praised 2015 self titled debut, ‘Volume II Every Tongue Shall Praise Satan’ is set for release on 29th June 2018 via Apocalyptic Witchcraft Recordings.

The Antichrist Imperium's 2nd album presents the quartet with a sound that is unique and well established away from any of the groups other projects, all the while bringing musical composition to this album aiding it to be as diverse as it is unrelenting.

Once again, embalmer of the dead, Matt Wilcock (Abramelin, ex-Akercocke, ex-The Berzerker) brings the hyper-thrash death shreds that can only be contained by David Gray's (Akercocke, Voices, ex-The Berzerker) masterful blasts and Sam Bean's (The Senseless, ex-The Berzerker) cutting death metal barks that nail the coffins shut. Lastly but not least, Samuel Loynes (Akercocke, Shrines, Voices) ties the sound together with vocals atypical to that of the context of the music, delivering the melodic and the emotive to this sonic funeral service.

Vocalist Sam Loynes comments:
“Still finding our feet with the first album compositionally, I believe with ‘Volume II Every Tongue Shall Praise Satan’ we have now arrived in a place of confidence and deep understanding of each others expectations and desires for this band. The trio laid the ground work for me to come in and tie the pieces together. The finishing parts of the puzzle that ultimately complete the expansive sound of this record.”

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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

New from Echozone

Inner Core - Snowstorm (Official Video)

With their first official video for the song 'Snowstorm' the german female fronted symphonic rock band INNER CORE set the mark for the upcoming album 'Soultaker', which will be released on April, 6th.

The video was partly shot on a snowy mountain top location as well as in the live club Café Verkehrt.

It all starts in the core - this is what the ambitious symphonic metal / hard rock band INNER CORE from Lörrach (Germany) has been spreading through their music to the outside world since 2013. This core is surrounded, sustained and embodied by the five musicians Anna Rogg (vocals), Massimo Giardiello (guitar), Artur Schall (keys & vocals), Ricardo Echeverria (bass) and Stefan Zimmerling (drums).

Ten songs were produced in the Spacelab Studios by Christian "Moschus" Moos and mastered by well known producer / musician EROC - the birth of the first studio album "Soultaker".

Self-composed and written songs set a fire of melodious keyboard sounds, catchy guitar solos and fevered rhythms to the core. Anna's powerful voice gives every single song a distinctive touch and soul.

Born out of a fresh joy of playing, the charismatic voice of Anna and an excellent production, a variety of different songs will captivate the listener and make them look forward to the band's live shows.

INNER CORE - an impressive mixture of classic, rock and metal elements.

The Cascades – Behind The Curtain (Official Video)

The new THE CASCADES video for the song 'Behind The Curtain' was shot in Union Service Cinema, Elsdorf. Video and song present the classic gothic rock band as epic and charismatic fans have hoped for.

After the release of their Best Of album "Diamonds & Rust" in autumn 2017 which included songs from their first five albums as well as the new german title "Wenn der Regen kommt", the gothic rockers The Cascades are back on track working on a brand new longplayer which is due for release in autumn this year.

The first new single from the upcoming album is called "Behind The Curtain" and has been released along with a b-side of "Phase 4", which was only available as a demo on the Best Of Album and now been finished in production. More singles and also videos will be released within the next couple of months.


Mills – New World (Official Video)

The current video for the song "New World" has now been released on the ECHOZONE Label channel. The visual presentation emphasizes the band's capabilities of creating complex and deeply emotional songs which they prove on the highly rated last album "monochrome".

Since their founding in 1994, Mills have worked their way through various stages of development and line-up changes. Today, the line-up consists of the founding members Alexander Steiner (guitar, keys) and Walter Glatz (vocals, keys) who also perform as a duo live on stage.

The current sound of Mills features a mix of synth pop, dark pop, gothic and partly dark electro. Their music is an exciting combination of various styles of the 80s, 90s and present day. The fusion of synth pop and slightly harder guitar riffs is reminiscent of the days of Depeche Mode's "Songs of Faith and Devotion", though without getting too close to this special style.

Strongly characterized by Walter Glatz' melancholy voice and instrumentally concentrated on the essentials, the eight songs of the new album "monochrome" proverbially float and take the listener into a dark and dreamy world full of audio-visual shades of grey. With every repeated listening, the album reveals new facets of emotional depths which boils the duo's musical goal down to an essence.

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Whispers In The Shadow release new video and single

“One thing’s for certain, if we like it or not we are all sailing the same boat here, and it is upon every individual if you, like the person on the front cover, are drowning in the sea of propagandistic fear or not. If we can make just one person think twice, this album has fulfilled its purpose.” - Ashley Dayour, January 2018

Vienna-based gothic rockers Whispers In The Shadow have unveiled their new video and single of the title track from their upcoming album 'The Urgency Of Now'. The video can be seen below:

'The Urgency Of Now' will be available from Solar Lodge on 13th April 2018. For more information on the band, including tour dates and releases, please visit their official website.

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Desertfest London stage times released

The UK's premier independent Stoner Rock, Doom, Psych & Sludge festival, lands in Camden Town once again for its 7th edition on 4th - 6th May 2018.

Featuring a stellar lineup across three days and six legendary venues along Camden High Street, this year's festival includes acts such as Jex Thoth, Napalm Death, Graveyard, Monster Magnet, High On Fire, EyeHateGod, Akercoke, Hawkwind, Weedeater, The Obsessed and many more.

The stage times have been released in a handy lineup poster (above), and if that isn't enough you can also consult the 'Clash Finder' HERE to make sure you plan your festival and don't miss any of your favourite bands.

For more information including acts, tickets and other updates, please visit the official Desertfest London website.

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Monday, 26 March 2018

The Anix signs with FiXT and announces new single

Electronic-rock project The Anix, from composer / producer Brandon Smith, has signed a multi-album deal with Detroit based independent record label FiXT. With 5 full-length albums under his belt over the last 14 years, The Anix begins a new journey in 2018, alongside FiXT’s multi-genre artist roster, which includes Celldweller, Blue Stahli, Circle of Dust, I Will Never Be The Same, The Qemists, Scandroid, Sunset Neon and Voicians.

Brandon Smith (The Anix) also joins FiXT's boutique management roster alongside fellow artist/composer/producers Klayton (Celldweller, Scandroid, Circle of Dust), Bret Autrey (Blue Stahli, Sunset Neon) and Daniel Voicians (Voicians).

Following The Anix’s 5th studio album Ephemeral (2017) on Cleopatra Records, the project is set to release new music each month throughout the rest of 2018. The Anix's debut single on FiXT, 'Fight The Future', will release on April 6th.

Crafted around pulsing synths and melancholic verses while contrasted with anthemic vocals over powerful rock choruses, 'Fight The Future' combines influences from all of The Anix's previous works and pushes far into the future.

Pre-Order The Anix's 'Fight The Future' t-shirt from the official Anix online store and get the single for free when it releases on all digital stores on April 6th.

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Canter release music video and soundtrack album for 'Through The Wide Gate'

Chicago post-punk group Canter have released the soundtrack album to the short horror film 'Through The Wide Gate'. The soundtrack features and original score by the band as well as two brand new songs in the forms of 'The Tangible' and 'Thoughts & Prayers'.

Track List:

2.The Entrance
3.God Is In Control
4.She Devours
5.Thoughts & Prayers
6.Let The Show Begin
7.The Good Book
8.Death Is Her Savior
9.Washed In Blood
10.The Tangible
11.Virial Mass
12.Thoughts & Prayers (extended mix)
13.The Good Reverend

The band have also produced a music video featuring an introduction from Svengoolie, a long running late night local TV figure in the midwest of the US, which can be viewed here:

For more information on the band, including upcoming releases and live dates, please visit their official website www.cantermusic.com

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Cubanate and Adam Is A Girl announced for Infest 2018

2018's Infest festival this August is already shaping up to be a must see event. The annual festival is already a highlight of the industrial calendar, always boasting a mix of new and established acts as well as UK exclusives and debuts. This year's festival has already seen some major names announced and more keep coming.

Combining techno with lo-fi grungy rock, these guys became one of the UK’s leading industrial acts and we are thrilled to finally have them appear at Infest.
Let Your Body Burn!!!

A synthpop duo hailing from Berlin. They combine their different listening habits to create a very distinguished and unique world of sound that reveals them as children of the 80s and 90s!

This years festival will take place from Thursday 23rd until Sunday 26th August at University of Bradford's Student Union and marks its 20th Anniversary. More lineup details and tickets will be available from the festival's official website: https://infestuk.com

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Merciful Nuns release 'The Pyramid' video single

Merciful Nuns have released a second video from their forthcoming final album 'Anomaly'. 'The Pyramid is inspired by the poem 'The Sadness Of The Moon' by Charles Baudelaire. The video can be viewed here:

The Merciful Nuns’ final album concludes a memorable journey through time, space and the unseen. Like its predecessors 'Anomaly' explores the hidden mysteries, encouraging the listener to engage with the subject matter on levels beyond the obvious. Impressive in its artistic execution; as we have come to expect from the Nuns’ mastermind Artaud Seth, the album’s lyrical content reveals insights gained from years of fastidious study and testament to Artaud’s meticulous approach to his creations.

The Nuns will also be performing at several European dates including Wave Gotik Treffen, Mera Luna, and the recently announced Solar Lodge Convention which will see them share the bill with label-mates Aeon Sable, Your Life On Hold, and La Scaltra.

7.04.2018 SITTARD (NL) - Downhill XII
18.05.2018 LEIPZIG (D) -WGT
11/12.08.2018 HILDESHEIM (D) - Mera Luna
14.09.2018 HAGERBACH/FLUMS (CH) - Eine Nacht im Bergwerk
10.11.2018 BOCHUM (D) - Solar Lodge C O N V E N T I O N
(Merciful Nuns - Aeon Sable - Your Life On Hold - La Scaltra)

For more information on upcoming releases, live dates, and tickets visit the band's official website www.MercifulNuns.com

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Friday, 23 March 2018

Live: Gary Numan – Foundry, Sheffield 21/03/2018


Not only is electronic music innovator Gary Numan supporting one of his strongest albums to date in the form of 'Savage: Songs From A Broken World', but this tour of the UK also coincides with his 60th birthday. And as he proves at tonight's show at Sheffield Student Union's Foundry venue, is still creating and performing with the best of them.

First onto the stage though is LA's Nightmare Air. Local to Gary now that he has relocated to the city of angels, this three-piece mix new wave, shoegaze and alt rock into a fairly serviceable if overall bland end product. Meek female vocals and conviction-less emotive male screeches are set against a decent-enough combination of new wave bass, shoegaze guitar, and very modern dance-friendly electronics.

Given Numan's now 20-odd year embrace of heavier industrial rock these seem like an odd choice as a support group, perhaps more to ease-in the older members of the audience who are in attendance to hear a few cuts from 'Replicas'. Nevertheless their set is fairly well received even though the most memorable part will be trying to remember exactly what they did.

As Numan and his band take to the stage, it is hard to believe that a man with his much energy and stage presence is 60 years old now. His voice still sounds great and he moves around the stage with more conviction than performers half his age. It's a good job though as the set draws mainly from his three most recent, and heaviest albums 'Savage...', 'Splinter...', and 'Dead Son Rising'.

From the opening of 'Ghost Nation', through tracks such as 'The Fall', 'Bed Of Thorns', 'Here In The Black', 'Mercy', 'Love Hurt Bleed', 'My Name Is Ruin' and 'When The World Comes Apart' the band passionately power through while Numan gives each track his all. He's no stranger to retrospective tours as we've seen in recent years, but synthpop is in his past and tonight's performance shows that heavy industrial rock is very much his presence and future.

That isn't to say there isn't room for a bit of nostalgia as rockier re-workings of 'Metal', 'Down In The Park', 'Cars', and 'Are 'Friends' Electric?' are still undoubted highlights. And even after nearly 40 years, Numan still has the passion to sing those songs and integrate them into his newer material.
With 'Are 'Friends' Electric?' finishing up the main body of the set it's a puzzle to second guess what will make up the encore. For this Numan delves into the fairly recent past with 'A Prayer For the Unborn' from 'Pure' and 'My Last Day' from 'Splinter...'. Unexpected but very poignant and effective closers.

Numan shows once again he is still at the cutting edge of music and has the ability to bring that music to life in a dynamic and passionate live performance. For anyone that thinks he is an artefact of the early 80s a performance like tonight's would be a massive shock to the system. Numan can still create great music and perform with the best of them.

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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Review: Sulpher – 'Take A Long Hard Look'

'Take A Long Hard Look' 

It's hard to believe it has been seventeen years since Sulpher burst onto the scene with their incendiary debut album 'Spray'. The album received a heap of critical acclaim upon its release and saw the band compared to Nine Inch Nails in the press. But soon after it all fell silent as founding members Rob and Monti found themselves in demand for live acts such as Marilyn Manson, Gary Numan, and The Prodigy. A great CV to have, but this meant Sulpher remained on the back burner.

Fast forward to 2012 and the band erupted into a flurry of activity with new song 'You Threw It All Away' appearing on Soundcloud and the band's first live show in nearly a decade that Spring. But it again went quiet... that is until this year.

With a new record label in the form of Oblivion, a new tour booked in, and a new single in the form of 'Take A Long Hard Look' it finally looks like Sulpher is back.

The single is a break-neck blend of hard and heavy rock and industrial. After a stuttering distorted intro the furious guitars takes centre stage for the most part, but the use of distorted beats and vocals keep the industrial element of their sound ever present. It's a big and bombastic statement of intent that evokes the heavier elements of their first album but still shows a significant amount of development in the band's direction.

Production-wise the sound is gritty, and nasty. The heavy guitars and distorted elements are reminiscent of 'Spray' and in particular the heyday of the Nothing Records sound. But this doesn't retread old ground and the song sounds fresh and more than able to hold its own.

This is a tantalising first glimpse that shows significant development not just from 'Spray', but also their last teaser 'You Threw It All Away'. It's heavy, unrelenting but still recognisably Sulpher. Hopefully that long-awaited second album is finally about ready to drop.

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Review: Daddybear – 'Brown Acid'

'Brown Acid'

The mind of Matt Fanale must be a terrifyingly confusing place to live. A man of many projects already, how he finds the time and focus for another is mind-boggling. But he has, and so Daddybear has unleashed it's debut single into an unsuspecting world.

Combining techno, old-school ebm and a dose of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult style psychedelic sampling, 'Brown Acid' is a relentless blend of steady dance beats and a simple but infectious lead that is punctuated by the trippy sample throughout. It might put you in mind of the Caustic single 'The Coital Staircase' to a degree, but this is a far more linear in its construction and is less atmospheric and more groovy.

With a fairly minimal sound the production is clean and tidy balancing the old-school flavours with a nice modern presentation that increases its dance appeal.

This is a short and sweet introduction to Daddybear but it is an effective one nonetheless. It will be interesting to see if there are any more singles or longer releases in the work, and how Fanale will balance them with his other projects, but this is still an enjoyable detour.

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