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Review: Various Artists – 'We're In This Together: A Tribute To Nine Inch Nails'

VARIOUS ARTISTS 'We're In This Together: A Tribute To Nine Inch Nails' TRIBULATIONS

Review: Various Artists – 'We Reject: A Tribute To Bile'


Review: Ritual Aesthetic – 'Wound Garden'


Review: Axegrinder – 'Satori'


Wednesday 29 November 2017

Review: In The Nursery – '1961'


Since 1981 Sheffield duo Nigel & Klive Humberstone have released over two dozen albums that explore a myriad of sounds including post-punk, industrial, goth, darkwave, and neoclassical. Their latest release '1961' a sort of emotional-concept album that inspiration from the historic, literary and personal events of 1961 – the birth year of Nigel and Klive.

Over three decades of skill and refined talent is immediately evident from the opening bars of 'Until Before After'. Swelling classical instrumentation, melancholic folk, classic industrial/mechanical sounds, and gothic atmospheres are blended into a cinematic masterpiece of emotionally resonant musicianship.

1961 was a fertile year for a conceptual journey and the album takes in many stops such as the rise of the Berlin Wall, Yuri Gagarin's first manned space-flight, the novels 'Catch 22' and 'Solaris', and the founding of Amnesty International. Even a track built around a binaural and electromagnetic recordings of a 1961 Ford Consul - the engine resonating at the frequency 65 Hz in the note of C.

Tracks such as 'Until Before After', 'Grand Corridor', 'Retrofire', 'Solaris' , 'Prisoner Of Conscience', and 'The Earth Was Blue' really exemplify everything that is great about ITN. It doesn't matter if they're shifting from a soundscape to a folk song or back into a ballad, it is always done with expert musicianship and skill. There may not be any massive stylistic deviations or innovations from their recent output, but this shows just how well the band can take a concept and execute it.

Production-wise it is utterly stunning. It has the scope of a Hollywood soundtrack but still feels warm, personal and intimate throughout. Even at the album's most esoteric moments, such as 'Consul', it still feels understated and welcoming.

'1961' is another example of just what a treasure In The Nursery is. After 35 years the Humberstone brothers are still pushing boundaries, and experimenting with skill and intelligence. They are one of Sheffield's proudest musical legacies (and that is no mean feat giving the calibre of that city's musical heritage) and deserve their place in the history books.

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Friday 24 November 2017


A Certain Ratio announce details of a UK tour in 2018. A Certain Ratio (Jez Kerr, Donald Johnson, Martin Moscrop, Denise Johnson, Tony Quigley and Liam Mullan) will kick off the dates on 16 March with a show in Newcastle, the tour will include a performance in London on 21 April and at Atmosphere Festival at Seel Park in Mossley in May, full details below.

Following a series of festival dates that included Dekmantel, Amsterdam and Baleapop, France plus an incredible performance in London earlier in the year, the band will close 2017 with a special performance in their hometown, Manchester, on 16 December

16 Dec 2017 - Manchester 02 Ritz with Gramme – tickets available from

16 March - Newcastle, Hoochie Choochie
17 March - Glasgow, Stereo
24 March - Bristol, Fiddlers Club
25 March - Brighton, The Haunt
21 April - London, Garage
18 May - Hebden Bridge, Trades Club
26 May - Tameside, Atmosphere Festival

Tickets available from

A Certain Ratio are supporters of Artists Against Hunger, a campaign by Action Against Hunger and will donate £1 for each ticket sold in 2018. For further details, please go to:

Friday 24 November will see the first three albums in a reissues series released: The Graveyard And The Ballroom, which originally came out on Factory Records in December 1979, To Each (1981), and Force (1986). The reissues continue into 2018 and include the long out of print albums Good Together and acr:mcr plus a rarities box set and a new compilation which will feature two newly recorded tracks later in the year.

MARCH 2018
I’d Like To See You Again
Good Together

MAY 2018
Up In Downsville
Mind Made Up
Change The Station

JULY 2018
New compilation

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Thursday 23 November 2017

Review: Caustic – 'Stimulation'


Following on from the Coil-inducing 'The Coital Staircase' comes a surprise EP from Matt Fanale in the form of 'Stimulation'. With critically acclaimed albums such as 'The Golden Vagina Of Fame And Profit', 'The Man Who Couldn't Stop' and 'Industrial Music' under his belt it would forgivable if Fanale were to drop a few tracks that repeated previous successes. But instead we get a continuation from the more minimal and experimental sounds of the last single that takes what we thought Caustic was and once again moulds it into something new.

Featuring a more experimental and ambient textures, with a big does of old school minimal techno and ebm, but with a rhythmically pleasing core, the EP blends elements of Fanale's Jizzcore origins with analogue sounds (both melodic and dissonant) for thoughtful yet strangely infectious outing.

Tracks such as 'Mask Of A Face (Stoma v.0)', and 'Induction' feel the most experimental with their distorted dance beats surrounded my beeps and drones. While the likes of 'Buzzkill', 'Geistfick', and 'A.D.I.D.A.S' bring in the techno and ebm flavours with their bass and melodies powering the tracks forward.

The production is excellent. It's tempting to leave “experimental” influenced recordings as rough and ready as possible... because underground and low-fi etc. But Fanale gives these tracks the spit and polish they deserve, enhancing all of the elements within and letting them shine through whether melodic or dissonant.

This might be another curve-ball from Fanale, but there is no denying he is an artist of substance who seems to be able to assimilate different styles and genres with ease and still produce something that can only be described as Caustic. It remains to be seen as to whether this is a permanent stylistic direction, but in the here and now, 'Stimulation' is a great EP and worth your time.  

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Wednesday 22 November 2017

Kirlian Camera Release 'Sky Collapse' Single (Feat. Eskil Simonsson)

’Sky Collapse’ is an overture for a storm yet to come. A song about blackening skies and disquieting
scenarios, it is the first single from the forthcoming new album by the Italian electronic dark wave act  Kirlian Camera. It also marks a new collaboration between two of the most distinguished names in  mainland Europe’s electro-pop scene, with Swedish icon Eskil Simonsson of Covenant duetting with Kirlian Camera singer Elena Alice Fossi. ’Sky Collapse’ is written by Fossi with band mate
Angelo Bergamini and mixed by the legendary producer John Fryer. Kirlian Camera describe the song as follows: 

“‘Sky Collapse’ is memories from a recent hard period, when any possible light seemed to turn into  deep darkness as if everything was definitively lost. The words of Reverend Jim Jones at the start of the song are a clear guidance to that disquieting world. [Lest we forget, the Peoples Temple leader committed suicide along with 1000 followers in Guyana in 1978.] The sky looked as if it had collapsed, when…an unexpected ray of hope started shining on a doomy evening. So, we are here today to describe quite an ordeal with simple words and ‘dance on all those ruins’, whether from the past or a hard future we are yet to endure. We have always perceived a connection with Eskil Simonsson and  his band Covenant, so this meeting of each other on these strange roads of today is just a natural effect of such research in music and beyond." 

1 Sky Collapse (feat. Eskil Simonsson) 05:41
2 Sky Collapse (Dancetronic Mix) 05:12 
3 Venus Maze (1700 2 2000) 02:26
4 Moonlight Sonata For Holograms (Alternative Version) 06:01 

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Mesh To Release New Live/Classical Album 'LIVE AT NEUES GEWANDHAUS LEIPZIG'

When the Bristol based electronic act MESH received a standing ovation from almost 2000 attendees
at the end of their sold-out concert at the Gewandhaus in Leipzig, Germany in October 2015, it marked the conclusion of a truly remarkable event. Together with a 65 piece orchestra, they had performed under the heading ‘Gothic Meets Classic’ and convinced even the most hardened of sceptics with their performance. The quartet’s melancholic compositions were a perfect fit for the new arrangements by classical producer and pianist Conrad Oleak, while Mark Hockings proved once again that he is one of the best live vocalists in the electronic pop and rock scenes.

Five songs were recorded live in superb audio quality by sound engineer Jacky Lehmann, with Oleak
responsible for mixing and mastering, including a 5.1 surround sound mix for an audio DVD. Under his aegis, MESH also recorded three additional songs in the studio (’There Must Be A Way’, ‘Can You Mend Hearts’, Before The World Ends’) utilising a smaller ensemble with piano, thereby presenting a full album of high quality classical recordings. The Dependent label does justice to this sonic opulence by releasing the glorious end product on CD, a limited edition 180 gram vinyl LP in a gatefold sleeve  and a special ’Großer Saal’ collectors box set edition that contains the CD, the audio DVD, the LP  plus a 48 page 12” x 12” hardcover art book, a softcover book that includes the sheet music and a hand-signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.  

1 Just Leave Us Alone (live)
2 Only Better (live)
3 Save Everyone (live)
4 You Couldn’t See This Coming (live) 
5 Taken For Granted (live) 
6 Can You Mend Hearts? 
7 There Must Be A Way
8 Before This World Ends

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Daniel O'Sullivan Releases New EP & Live Dates

Daniel O’Sullivan has released a new four-track EP, The Many Are We, featuring two tracks from his latest solo album of luminous pop incantations, electroacoustic music and shimmering drones, VELD, and two brand new recordings. Listen to the EP here:

2017’s dates include O Genesis’ Yuletide celebrations - two nights at Servants Jazz Quarters in London on 18 and 19 December. The two nights will see Daniel O’Sullivan performing with both the Dream Lion Ensemble and Grumbling Fur and the bill includes Richard Youngs, Alexander Tucker and Elephant House and DJ sets from Tim Burgess, Nik Void and Luke Turner. Further information and tickets from:

Whether solo or in his varied collaborative projects, O’Sullivan’s work is remarkable in the way it infuses familiar everyday experience with traces of the uncanny, the secret and the magickal. VELD distils these tangled realities into a wonderfully rich and complex record - one of his most immediate and moving pop albums to date, yet one that's strikingly dense and allusive, alive with enticing sonic diversions, hypnotic mantras and eerie biomechanical rhythms.

O’Sullivan’s varied work is united by a love of bricolage, a fascination for drawing sounds and ideas from across disciplines and aesthetic worlds into a shared orbit. Traces of his many projects all meet and mingle in VELD: from his solo music as Mothlite to the lysergic songcraft and space-time vortices of Grumbling Fur (with Alexander Tucker) and Laniakea (with Zu’s Massimo Pupillo), the reality-distorting zones of Æthenor and Ulver, the electronic pop of Miracle (with Zombi synth maestro Steve Moore), and his recent involvement with another pioneering London group, This Is Not This Heat.

Written during a time of great personal upheaval and growth, these are songs steeped in thoughts of change and growth: the joys, fears and strangeness of parenthood and family life, loss and grief, the passing of time. Yet they’re also inspired by the transformative, self-obliterating potential of sound and music - its ability, explains O’Sullivan, “to weave together multiple voices, forms and aspects of the self into a unifying whole.” So throughout you hear O’Sullivan’s voice merging and phasing with guest vocalists including Linn Carin Dirdal, Jael Reasoner and Astrud Steehouder, as the music surges from astral pop songs (‘Scorpio Rising Blues’, ‘Sabotage Devices’, ‘Luminous Fibres’) to dubbed-out electronics and burning feedback (‘Plutonians’, ‘The Projector’), fractal sound collage and spidery guitar pieces (‘Doe A Deer’, ‘Be Honour You’).

The result is a record whose songs evoke multiple universes and other possible realities, and O’Sullivan’s most unified and self-contained solo work to date.

24 Nov – Worm, Rotterdam with Grumbling Fur and Alexander Tucker (Solo)
25 Nov - Transmissions Festival, Ravenna (Solo)
26 Nov - Fall Festival, Mumble Rumble, Salerno (Solo)
27 Nov - La Fine, Rome (Solo)
3 Dec - Cave 12, Geneva (w/ This Is Not This Heat)
18 Dec - Servants Jazz Quarters, London (Daniel O'Sullivan & Dream Lion Ensemble, Richard Youngs and Alexander Tucker live with Tim Burgess & Nik Void DJ sets)
19 Dec - Servants Jazz Quarters, London (Grumbling Fur and Elephant House live with Luke Turner DJ set)

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Davey Suicide Release Music Video For 'Torture Me' & Announces Tour

Gutter Goth Rock Icons, Davey Suicide are excited to release their brand new music video for Torture Me. The song is from their third full-length album Made From Fire, which was released independently in late March and charted on Billboard.

"A lot of what fuels my life is also the downfall of it. That dynamic brings out the worst and best in me." -Davey Suicide

Hailing from "Unholywood Killafornia," the band consists of Davey Suicide on vocals, Niko Gemini on guitar, Derek Obscura on bass, Drayven Davidson on drums and Needlz as the "keyboardist/audio terrorist..

The Torture Me video was directed and edited by Vicente Cordero, with additional direction and concept by Drayven Davidson.

Davey Suicide begin their U.S. headlining Made From Fire tour next week. The tour features VIP & Tattoo Packages, where Davey himself, will tattoo one person at each stop on the tour, along with a mini acoustic set for the VIP's.

"This tour will mark our longest set and biggest stage production to date. I can't wait for our fans to experience this next chapter in Suicide history." - Davey Suicide

Made From Fire Tour Date

11/30 Santa Cruz CA - Catalyst Club
12/01 Portland OR - Hawthorne Lounge
12/02 Seattle WA - Funhouse
12/03 Spokane WA - The Pin
12/04 Jerome ID - Diamondz Event Center Get
12/05 Salt Lake City UT - Liquid Joe's
12/06 Colorado Springs - Sunshine Studios
12/07 Omaha NE - Lookout Lounge
12/08 Braidwood IL - Top Fuel Saloon
12/09 Westland MI - Token Lounge
12/10 Lakewood OH - The Foundry
12/11 Richmond VA - Canal Club
12/12 Spartanburg SC - Ground Zero
12/13 West Palm Beach FL - Respectables
12/14 Winter Park FL - The Haven
12/15 Lake Charles LA - Center Stage
12/16 Lubbock TX - Backstage
12/17 El Paso TX - Rockhouse Bar & Grill
12/18 Albuquerque NM - Burt's Tiki Lounge
12/19 Mesa AZ - Club Red
12/20 Anaheim CA - Chain Reaction

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Tuesday 21 November 2017

Review: Byronic Sex & Exile – 'Under The Gaze Of And Indifferent God'

'Under The Gaze Of And Indifferent God'

Once again the opium smoke parts as the crypt creaks open to reveal the dark and shadowy shape of a new Byronic Sex & Exile EP. As old school as Bela Lugosi's cape 'Under The Gaze Of And Indifferent God' is a homage to the decadent trad goth of years gone by played with a knowing glint of irony in its eye.

Picking up where last years 'Crimes Of Passion' EP left off with another four cuts of steady mechanical beats, old school guitars, synths and melancholic vocals with elements of acts such as Dead Can Dance, Gene Loves Jezebel, Flesh For Lulu, Rose Of Avalanche, Rosetta Stone, Children On Stun and Love Like Blood distilled through an atmosphere befitting a German expressionist film.

The likes of 'Under Heaven', and 'True Slave' bookend the EP with opulent and mournful gothic hymns made to echo eldritch halls. While 'Heresy In Flesh' and 'Purity' dial up the dance elements that in the 90s would have set the club scene on fire. Even though there are only four songs, the track list seems to cover all the bases in terms of what a damn good trad goth record was and still can be.

All of the old school sounds are present; drum machine beats, cheesy but atmospheric synths, and jagged post-punk guitar lines and the deep crooning baritone. But it doesn't try to recreate a specific sound. It takes those sounds and records them to a modern standard. As such the production pulls the best out of the tracks instead of trying to copy what was the standard of the era.

This is an unashamed love letter to gothic rock that takes the familiar elements and continues the tradition rather than simply imitating it into parody. As such the songs sound like classic singles rather than a clumsy rip-off, and is a joy to listen to as a result.

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Book Review: Jim Balent - 'Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose #106'


'Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose #106'

Dark fantasy acquires a new definition in the latest issue of 'Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose', created by Jim Balent, a Halloween themed chapter in the adventures of the Swordmaiden of the Goddess in which she faces the spirit of the festivity itself.

Tarot, her sister Raven Hex, her husband Jon Webb, and her former lover, Boo Cat, have a not so pleasant meeting with the Spirit of Halloween as it takes a ride across Salem, turning people’s costumes into their real selves as long as the day lasts.

The witchy sisters find themselves caught on a delicate situation when the city is completely turned upside down, now inhabited by monsters, demons and every creature they could have thought about to dress like during the festivity, even worse when they have to come face-to-face with an enraged group of werewolves on their own.

Such a simple story is enough for Balent to create an interesting episode on the ongoing comic series, showing that it’s not always mandatory to overthink ideas, and that sometimes it takes only an interesting plot twist near to the end to produce an entertaining piece such as this issue.

'Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose' has been known for combining erotic art with dark fantasy and some touches of gore now and then, elements very present in this issue #106 and that fight between themselves to have the perfect balance. I’d say that there was more of the first, but you never know what can happen in the next chapter, which is one of the best aspects of this comic!

As always, the level of detail in each of the issues is surprising, making it worth the two months of wait between each of them, with all of the pieces in their rightful places and an incredible colouring that can only captivate the eye of the reader. Followers of the series will be even more bewitched!

The shadows play a major role in this chapter, not only as an element of art but also as part of the narrative, making it all look gloomier than usual, and even giving its body to the Spirit of Halloween, a character I’m sure many of us will want to see again in the future!

I will only complain about the simple backgrounds on some of the panels, something that has changed gradually issue after issue. Doesn’t mean you don’t get Gods-like detailed environments anymore, but that the single coloured panels behind dark shadows are becoming more usual than I’d like to see.

As for the rest, this stand-alone issue was enough for me to remember why I fell in love with Tarot, her whole squad and entire universe, filled with seductive characters and ferocious beasts, as well as being a very well-inspired reflection on the Wicca religion and what it stands for. It’s great to see another kind of witches around beside those that sold their souls to the Devil.

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First look at Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose #109

Cover A
Broadsword Comics revealed a first look at the issue #109 of dark fantasy, ongoing comic, 'Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose', which will be titled 'A Dark Union' and is scheduled to ship on late March 2018.

Besides Cover A of the issue, Broadsword Comics also revealed the Photocover Edition, the Deluxe Art Print and the SkyClad Edition. Currently, this edition and a special bundle for the issue are on sale on the company's official store.

The synopsis and covers could indicate that this issue will be focused on Tarot's sister Raven Hex and Azure, an immortal elf on a quest to conquer the human world, something he tried to do manipulating the Gothic witch. However, his plans have been foiled on multiple occasions by the Black Rose Coven.
Tarot is shot while accompanying the Skeleton Man on one of his missions! Jon must steal a police car to save her life! Time is ticking away as Tarot bleeds out! Meanwhile, Raven Hex is attacked by two of Azure's minions as they attempt to retrieve his severed arm.
18th Anniversary PhotoCover
Deluxe Art Print
Tarot#109 Skyclad edition

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Monday 20 November 2017

Artoffact Records announces exclusive 7" vinyl by Street Sects

Toronto-based Artoffact Records announces this week that they will release an exclusive 7" vinyl by Austin, Texas duo and The Flenser recording artist Street Sects.
Supported by Pitchfork, Vice, Rolling Stone, Bandcamp Daily, and The Needle Drop, and recently having completed a North American tour with Dalek, Street Sects has recorded two new tracks, one of which is built on disassembled parts of a Controlled Bleeding song.

'Things Will Be Better in Hell' is a two song 7" single about love and relationships. Side A, Things Will Be Better in Hell, is a view from within the confines of a codependent relationship, one where addiction and love have become inseparable. Where getting clean means getting out, and is therefore unthinkable. The core mainframe of this song was built from digital reworkings of live drum samples recorded by Alton Jenkins of Future Death.

Side B, Bite Down Hard, takes a look at a 'successful' relationship. In love, the word 'forever' means until the end of life. But what happens if you make it? If you manage to stay loyal to one person, one idea, one position until your final days, how does that feel? Do you look back upon your life with a sense of pride and accomplishment, or do you lament the missed opportunities, and wonder how things might have been? Built entirely from samples that were pulled from Controlled Bleeding's 'Return of the Quiet', 'Bite Down Hard' was originally intended to be included on Controlled Bleeding's 'Carving Song's, a collection of remixes of songs from 'Larva Lumps and Baby Bumps', but as the song came together it became clear that the track was less of a "remix", and more of a Street Sects original composition, therefore warranting a separate release.

The 7” is pressed in two versions, one on clear vinyl and one on red.

STREET SECTS: Bandcamp / Facebook
ARTOFFACTBandcamp / Facebook

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We are deeply heartbroken by the loss of our friend and bandmate, Chuck Mosley. Chuck had a 
vibrant free spirit. He was also a sensitive, kind and loving soul. He wanted to be everything to 
everyone; a good partner to Pip, a good father to his children and grandson, a loyal friend, an 
accomplished chef, an entertaining performer and so much more. Chuck was funny, witty, 
charismatic and charming in a way that was only Chuck. His art and legacy will be with us all 
forever; he was truly one of a kind. 

On November 3rd, Chuck, Mark, Erie and I were celebrating the release of an album Chuck held 
very dear. Less than a week later, he was no longer with us. Over the past few days, we have spent 
a great deal of time contemplating the best way to honour our friend. At Pip and Doug Esper’s 
urging, Mark, Erie and I will continue to support the album that Chuck was so proud of. The three 
of us will donate any proceeds earned from album sales throughout our release cycle in 2018 to 
MusiCares, a not-for-profit charity, in Chuck’s name. MusiCares' services and resources cover a 
wide range of financial, medical and personal emergencies and each case is treated with integrity 
and confidentiality.

Mark, Erie and I wish to express our deepest condolences to his soulmate Pip Logan, their children 
Erica and Sophie, Grandson Wolfgang and dearest friend, Doug Esper. Unfortunately, Chuck’s 
premature demise left his family without the means to send him off properly and move into their 
next phase of life. Your gesture of a donation to help with his final expenses would be greatly 

Addiction is a horrible burden to bear for the afflicted and their loved ones. If you are, or know 
someone who needs help, don’t be afraid to ask. Help is only a call away. For more information on 
available resources, please visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration:

Rest In Peace, Chuck.

Love always,
Chris Kniker, Mark Gemini Thwaite and Erie Loch

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The UK based industrial/electro-pop group Inertia celebrate their 25th Anniversary with a special
show on 10th December at The Dublin Castle in Camden, London, a venue they played back in
1993! Former members of the band such as Alexys B, Ed Luxmoore, Bob Malkowski, Kneill X and 
Andrew Trail will return for this exclusive show, performing together with the current line-up.
 Very special supporting guests for the night are Black Light Ascension and The Frixion.

Inertia have just released their new studio album, ‘Dream Machine’, which includes the single
‘Only Law’. A video for the song can be seen here:    

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Sharon den Adel launches new solo project: My Indigo

Sharon den Adel, founder, frontwoman and vocalist of Within Temptation, recently revealed a new solo project in which she's been working in secret. Both the project and its first single share the name of 'My Indigo.'

Honring her own words, explaining that this project has nothing similar with her Within Temptation music, the single shows a summer vibe more inclined to electro pop, a radical change from her usual metal style that has already gained 3.000 likes on Youtube.

Although simple in lyrics and structure, My Indigo has a well produced and composed sound that takes the best of its genre, while perfectly matching den Adel's vocal style. It may surprise at first, but the song becomes more enjoyable during the first chorus.

On the other side, the band said that "we have a few important bits and pieces coming up in the near future."

Hi there!
I know you all have been waiting for the announcement we were going to make, and here it is.
For many years we’ve been touring and everytime we came home I used to start writing songs almost immediately and was happy to do so. After the last tour I tried to do the same but it wasn’t the same. Eventually I found myself in a crisis which was bigger than just not being able to write songs. The years of touring and working under a certain pressure took its toll and besides that there were things in my personal life I had to deal with.
I really took time off, but when I started writing again it was something totally different than WT, but this was what I needed and I embraced it. One song led to another and it turned into a whole album. I gave it a name and it’s called ‘My Indigo’. My Indigo is about my journey these last few years and I would like to share it with you. Besides all of this I’m happy to tell you that my journey has led me back to Within Temptation. There will be a new album and a tour but more about that in the near future.
Today my first single will be released and this song is the core of my album and has the same name: My Indigo. My Indigo is not at all like Within Temptation and it wasn’t meant to be that at all. I wrote it first of all for myself, but nevertheless I hope you’ll enjoy it as well!
Thanks & take care!

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Thursday 16 November 2017

Review: Ivardensphere – 'Hesitation'


Ivardensphere have enjoyed a great run of albums in recent years, in particular 2013's 'The Methuselah Tree' and 2015's 'Fable' which saw the band experiment with their tribal-industrial sound in interesting ways. 2017 sees the release of the band's latest full-length studio outing, 'Hesitation', and album that given its predecessors has a lot to live up to.

Ivardensphere have long since proved they can be experimental, cinematic and club friendly all in the same breath. But the challenge has shifted somewhat – as an established act who have found and perfected their sound (as well as kept up quite a heavy release schedule) they need to keep pushing their sound further and bringing in new ideas and elements to keep things interesting – and this is a challenge they are rising to.

'Hesitation' picks up where 'Exile' (released earlier this year) leaves off and feels very much like “Volume 2” in terms of the production and the ideas at work. But it isn't simply “more of the same”. Those identifiably Ivardensphere elements are present and correct noisy dissonance, apocalyptic samples, deep bass, hard but danceable beats and sheer ferocity mixing freely with elegant trance and exotic instruments. But with this familiar fingerprint is a relentless march forward. The production style of Fox only gets better and Blacker's contributions and vocals get stronger with every passing album.

Songs such as 'Where?', 'Pray For The Day', 'Align – Get In Line – Stay Alive', 'Surface Tension', 'Hesitation', 'Red Sun Black', 'Rapture' and 'Shroud' are assimilate a wide-range of influences but always maintain that rhythmic groove appeal that is at the core of Ivardensphere but with eyes fixed firmly on the horizon.

'Hesitation' is another strong outing from a band that have reconciled their past with their ambitions and provides so much potential for future albums to explore. There is so much going on here but the band distil it all in a way that just works so well, and once again proves that they are a band that despite their successes still feel like they have everything still to play for.  

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Wednesday 15 November 2017

Review: Inertia – 'Dream Machine'


'Dream Machine'

Inertia have been around now for 25 years flying the flag for techno and pop infused industrial music and have left a great body of work in their wake. 2017 sees the release of album number thirteen in the form of 'Dream Machine' and what we get is a slower, more methodical Inertia that is in keeping with Gary Numan and Depeche Mode's recent albums. The band have always played with their sound and style from the get go and 'Dream Machine' sees the dark rock elements and the slower paces get more chance to shine this time round.

Inertia have always been a dance-orientated act and their back catalogue is awash with pounding club anthems. And there is till plenty to appeal to that side of their sound with tracks such as 'Only Law', 'Beyond Concrete', 'Afloat Above Abide', and the utterly brilliant 'Pray' providing some undeniable club bangers. But with the inclusion of the darker and rockier likes of 'Dream', the symphonic 'Starlight', Peter Gabriel classic 'Games Without Frontiers', and the minimal 'Solitudal' the emphasis shifts from dance beats and melodies into more complex instrumentation and heavier subject matters.

The slow pacing may throw some people off but the band maintain a balance with the production giving their more dance-friendly numbers the kick they deserve and at the same time piling on the atmosphere for the introspective tracks. The production as always is clean, modern, and befitting a band of Inertia's veteran status.

This album may prove a little more divisive this time around with its darker and slower feel. But even as they go in this direction there is still plenty of the catchy dance friendly core sound present to keep their long-time fans happy. It's a hard balance to strike but Inertia have managed to pull it off.  

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Review: Exit Eden – 'Rhapsodies In Black'

'Rhapsodies In Black'

You know you have something great in your hands when it becomes an addiction to your ears, when you find yourself delaying the review part of the job just to fully listen to the songs, focusing only on their sound, their feelings and how you yourself feel because of them. That’s the best I can describe the experience of listening to 'Rhapsodies in Black', Exit Eden’s debut album: orgasmic.

The tracks these ladies have selected for their first work of art show that their proposal is as valid as any: that any popular song can become a sound great as in rock-metal. Their four voices, so different and diverse, add just another layer of enchant to the music they’ve done, combining their styles to create something unique.

People will find it interesting that there are several pop songs from different origins in this album, making it even a more exciting experience to rediscover tracks we all know so well and that, in some cases, we grew up with. It has the beauty of the past, the feeling of nostalgia, but also the surprise element when the changes become more than obvious.

Despite the negative comments some have written because of their nature as a cover group, which means we will only see new versions of other songs coming from Clémentine, Amanda, Marina and Anna, I don’t see how that could be an issue after listening to Rhapsodies in Black. Many of these versions are even better than the originals!

I can only complain about their chosen singles and release order. If it would have been up to me, 'Frozen' and 'Heaven' instead of 'Question of Time' and 'Unfaithful' as the girls’ voices and music are in perfect balance in their Madonna Cover and Amanda makes a better job in “Heaven” than in their first single.

It can sound a little strange since we’re talking about four girls, but one of my personal favourites was the closing song, 'Fade to Grey' a duet between Clémentine, who sings beautifully in her mother tongue, and Anna, who takes charge of the parts in English in a brilliant way. It could be interesting to see these two singers together again in the near future, but only time will say.

Despite being a loyal Little Monster, 'Paparazzi' amazes me all the time because of Clémentine. The same applies for 'Incomplete' a track to which Marina gave so much grief it made me cry once, and the killing vocals of Amanda in the oh-so-loved 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' no matter how much I like the sound of the four voices together.

As for now, I will try to focus once again in my daily life and other responsibilities, since I’ve been doing almost nothing else in my free time besides listening to Exit Eden’s music and wondering what their name could be about or come from. I will only ask you not to see who of these is my favourite singer and take yours as well.

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Tuesday 14 November 2017

Review: Primitive Race – 'Soul Pretender'

'Soul Pretender'

Shifting their focus from the eponymous debut and it's hard mix of industrial rock and ebm to a more alternative rock style. Also Chris Kniker opts for less of a revolving door lineup this time with a solid band featuring vocalist Chuck Mosley (Faith No More), drummer Dale Crover (Melvins), Mark Gemini Thwaite (Peter Murphy, Tricky, MGT), and Erie Loch (Blownload, Wiccid). With a cast list like that Primitive Race are still worthy of the title “supergroup” and now the consistency across the tracks gives a more unified sound and delivery that is more organic than their previous outing.

Sadly at the time of writing this it needs to be noted that vocalist Chuck Mosley has sadly passed away just a couple of days previously which does colour this album with a poignancy. But this doesn't detract from the brilliant performance he has laid down on each track here. From the first track to the last he feels passionate and unfettered by expectation and the result is utterly enjoyable.

Musically there is a more fluid punk vibe that has seen pretty much all of the industrial and ebm influences of the last album dropped. 90s alt rock guitars, Mosley's funky and melodic vocal style and a touch of grunge-influenced psychedelia come together on tracks such as 'Row House', 'Cry Out', 'Cranial Matter', 'Take It All', and 'Bed Six' giving the first half of the album a deliriously bombastic edge.

The second half though is coloured by a more sombre and introspective tone with tracks like 'Stepping Stone', 'Turn It Up', and 'Dancing On The Sun' providing a darker come down from the giddy flow of the first half. It kind of loses momentum somewhat as it does but in a strange way it works.

Production-wise even though there has been a significant shift in style the album maintains a nice grittiness that is identifiably classic 90s alt rock but it doesn't try to replicate what has gone before and instead tries to drag it into 2017.

This may be a bit of a curve-ball and in some ways it isn't as fully actualised as the debut album. But it is nonetheless enjoyable and easy album to get into. Mosley's vocals are great throughout and the more fluid and organic songwriting style feels like a natural progression. It would have been nice to hear a little of that industrial rock edge coming through a little more. But with this swerve and now the untimely death of this album's vocalist it will be interesting to see what the future holds for Primitive Race.  

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Review: Evanescence – 'Synthesis'


I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t say that I’ve been waiting, dancing at the edge of anxiety, for 'Synthesis', the fourth studio album by Evanescence, a band that has come and gone with me since I was a teenager. It would be a lie as big as if I said that I don’t have a complex mix of feelings with it now that I’ve listened to it a couple of times.

The disc presents reworked versions of well known songs of band, now adapted to include a full orchestra, two new tracks, an overture, an interlude and a piano solo, but we could divide it into two big, almost balanced parts: one that contains the dramatic music, the shouts, the cries, while the second is made of calm cries, heartbreaking ballads and pure, raw vocal power.

With the first six songs, Amy unleashes all of her rage and brightness, using music as her weapon to shoot right to the heart of her followers. Just to name a few of the effects in this half, 'Hi-Lo' can be easily danced by a couple, while 'Lacrymosa' makes the heart cry in pain and joy at the same time, and 'Bring Me to Life' makes you stare to the screen in wonder, paralysed.

The second half of Synthesis, separated by the Interlude, takes more power from Amy’s goddess-like voice and remains quiet in terms of music for most of its songs, like the new 'Lithium', perfect to listen by night, the seductive vocals in 'Your Star' or the fan-favourite 'My Immortal', completely transformed into an orchestral ballad that rediscovers its own original feelings, totally devoid of electronic music.

My only problem with this album is that you easily draw the line between the two types of songs that form it, an issue that bothers me a lot coming from an Evanescence album. After a wild ride with six incredibly sick tracks, the pace slows down all of a sudden. It confuses me still some times, but it seems it’s just a matter of time before you get used to this division.

The first and only single so far, 'Imperfection' amends all the feelings as the best song the band has ever created. The general mid-tempo and its crescendos play with the ears like a gentle storm, involving the mind and creating a whole new world that could only be shown in its music video. This is not the first time Amy Lee writes a song about social issues, but it could be her best try.

Listening to 'Synthesis' is such an experience that I find a lack of words to properly describe it. Doesn’t matter that it has its flaws, as which albums is free of guilt? This one in particular has served its purpose and met almost all of my expectations and is on its way of becoming one of the best releases I’ve seen this year so far.

We know that Evanescence is not done, Amy herself has said it, and that there is still more music to come from this band, but while we wait for their dark rock style to come back, it won’t bother me at all to replay this album.

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Monday 13 November 2017

Interview: TONTTU

Anti-Gnome Manifesto...

"Anti-Gnomemartialindustrialneofolkmetal is the means to an end, I would not describe it as much of a musical genre than the lifestyle that is optimal for our species! We offer it for everyone and they’d do good accepting it!" 

The Anti-Gnome project known as TONTTU are one of the most intriguing acts around at the moment. Utilising a stylistic blend of genres dubbed "anti-gnomenmartialindustrialneofolkmetal" to protect us all from an otherwise unseen menace, namely Gnomes. This mastery of martial beats, industrial electronics, metal savagery, and neofolk atmospheres has so far held the hordes of the Gnomic terror at bay. This may all seem a bit crazy but TONTTU have on the back of their crusade released a range of impressive and diverse albums in quick succession.

Roderigo Esquer spent months tracking down the anti-gnome forces to find out more about them, their ideology and what we can do to curb the gnome menace at home. This is what he managed to smuggle back from their headquarters.

Roderigo Esquer: Hello, for months I’ve been tracking the enigmatic freedom fighters called TONTTU and at last I’ve found you! So, how did TONTTU come to be?

Tottufingergeneral Hanz-Baal: Congratulations are in order, I believe. Well hello there!
Perilous road to find the truth, aye? There is no freedom higher than the one reached by Gnome-Eradication!

Okay, it was a dark and stormy night in the middle of the shady 90’s and gnomes were running rampant, or at least there were many to be seen at that time…. Anyways, me and few of my friends were meeting (there may have been some beverages to keep our minds sharp) and thinking of how to make our lives more safe and gnomen-frei (that term was invented later on, but seemed appropriate to use it in here). That historically important place was Two Witches’ and Shade Factory’s boot camp in Tampere / Finland (I believe those were the undeniable facts...). Must say we had no plans to create anything this vital for the survival of our species (what can one do when making history knocks on the door) but to accept the destiny and look cool while at it!

Where was I… Oh yes, to best of my recollection there were 3 people present: Me, Großinquisitor Rudolf Von Deer and mystical character Lord Winterdanger or Winthanaz as he is also being called in the darkest of rites.

Suddenly this weird entity came to us and asked whether we would like to accept the spirit of Anti-Gnomen and thus save our very species from extinction, what were we to say? Guys started playing a tune (that later on became our neverred classic “Saunatonttu”) and I started to sing those beautiful words that later on enlightened the nation! It was all about those scheming abominations, better known as gnomes, and their monstrous habits and the will to kill us all.

Needless to say all this discombobulated us and we did not talk about it for a long time, some say that Lord Winterdanger became mad and lived as a hermit for the rest of his life as he found out that we are being constantly researched by gnomes…. That kind of knowledge drives men to madness, I tell you.

As for my dear comrade Rudolf we left this subject be for the moment just to get back to it cometh the new millennia.
Could this have been the year 1995…. Hmmm, let us say so as the details must stay blurry to distract gnomes.

Time went on and I had almost forgotten this weird event until the entity approached me once more as I was talking to my friend Petja (1996?) and he saw the insignificance of that moment in the past and suggested that we really need to do something about those darn redcappers scheming and plotting! Wise man indeed!
Uh, this is gonna take long, is it now? Let us hasten up - things to do, gnomes to eradicate…

This all lead to the moment we went to the Con-Troll studio and recorded our first cdr-ep “Kabouter Dämmerung” including 3 songs (Saunatonttu and Peikosta Tontuksi being a bit folk metallish and Tonttujen Tihutyöt being noisyish experimentalism, but all of them extremely Anti-Gnomen). Our friend Toby joined Petja and me volunteering to take part and he delivered some proper guitarismo for The Cause! This session took place 1997, I believe.

Where to go from there? Naturally it was time to do remix-album! There was no way around it: “Gnomedrome” was released 1997-1998 as cdr-ep and it included remixes from our original neverreds and one new song called “Taisteluni.” Taisteluni (My struggle / My battle) was our very first martial-influenced piece and it caused some eyebrows to be lifted in the most disapproving manner. So we could call it as The Epic Success!

...And then gnomes kidnapped Petja to stop this movement for once and for all… We do not negotiate with gnomes and thus Petja became the first martyr for our sacred cause, I bet he was more than willing to do so and I congratulate myself for not showing those cretins any signs of weakness! And that was that.

Cometh the end of 2012 or so… All those years in the darkest of corners avoiding gnomes and all the insanity they cause and suddenly the ray of light appeared: I came to the conclusion, that re-releasing those old masterpieces as one cd could be the best idea the mankind had ever seen! No doubt it was just that and I tried to find ways to do it and suddenly I heard Petja’s voice in my head saying in a very hauntingly shivering manner:”Better make the third ep and then release it with the oldies!” The voice inspired me in so many ways, but sad to say it faded away leaving me alone, pondering these grave issues, and without my dear comrade providing The Anti-Gnome Muzik for my deep and meaningful lyrics.

As these things so rarely go it was yet another dark and gnomish night outside when I unexpectedly stumbled on to my dearest of old comrades, Rudolf! He instantly saw what had to be done and joined the crusade and we went on to release the third ep “Der Zwergenhammer” recorded at VonDerLabs and combined it with the old ones for the cd called “Nekrognomekon.”
Release happened in the summer of 2013 and was published  by myself. Must say Marko Latva-Nikkola provided some killer art for that album!

Summa summarum: Got smashed in Finnish reviews but got some pretty good ones from abroad, the most important thing being getting acquainted with P. Emerson Williams when he reviewed it for the Intravenous Magazine. Emerson is now our historian providing chilling illustrations of what gnomes are really like and helping us in so many ways!

Babbling babbling… 2014 we released our next album Anti-Gnomen Divisionen 4 (Mastering the fine art of Gnome-Eradication). Had to do it as we do not go down when someone suggests, thanks Finnish media for all those minimum points: That made us stronger.
AGD4 introduced our newest member, High Commander Hephzibah, doing some composing. This was also the first album we proudly released through Panicmachine.

Could say we then reached our current form. After that we have been helped by many artists providing remixes and remakes but TONTTU as an entity had its modern roots planted with me, Rudolf and Hephzibah.I think this covers the history quite well: The ingredients are now there.

RE: Who are you? Can you disclose names? I hope I’m not compromising anything

H-B: My name is Tonttufindergeneral Hanz-Baal, the propagandist of Anti-Gnome Organization also known as TONTTU which is more known for its role to raise awareness by Muzik known as Anti-Gnomemartialindustrialneofolkmetal.

Some say I am eternal like The Phantom, but nothing like him… Some say I just live in shadows with this disguise to avoid gnomes’ revenge… But who am I to talk about what or whom I might be, let us just say that all you need to know is that I am behind of rescuing our species from gnome-menace.
Quite the glorious task, some might say, me included.

RE: Gnomes are said to be everywhere, I even heard that they have formed conspiracies within big corporations, especially technology oriented (or must I say, techgnomlogy?), is that true? What does this mean to mankind? 

H-B: They sure are, one of the reasons our name is TONTTU (gnome in English)… Keep your enemies close and make the threat visible and easy to remember!

And do not get me wrong, we are not talking about those horrible, ungodly statues but living and breathing monsters that haunt our species! Talking about “garden gnomes”: Most of them are alive and just waiting their moment to eat our beloved flesh and destroy our minds… Those not alive are there to distract us and used as the tool for propaganda. The best thing one can do is to destroy (we like to say eradicate) everyone and anything that even vaguely reminds of gnomes!
The Golden Rule: If there’s the slightest of suspicion - Eradicate!

This all means destruction and doom, TEOTWAWKI! Gnome-Tech soon reaches its goal and we will live as slaves to gnomes!

We have this song called “Gnostradamus” that covers this issue with humans blindly doing the gnomes’ bidding and on the other hand doing nothing to enhance us as a species while gnomes advance in so many areas and soon we are nothing but cattle for gnomes. GNWO is real and those helping gnomes (Gnome-Sympathizers and even Human-Gnome Hybrids, not to mention those turning the blind eye) are in high positions in corporations and in politics making the rules…. And believe me, odds aren’t that good for the rest of us!

Gnome-Tech is seen as the way to spend time and to make our lives easier and increase our ability to handle the information but in fact it just makes us ignorant and lazy and leaves us in the mercy of redwashed propaganda making our lives harder still.

Gnomes have really studied our species and they seem to know how to play us, let us leave it to that. Keep your panem et circenses and do something productive, you mothergnomers, or die as gnomes’ slaves willingly giving your spleens for their sodas!

RE: What are your thoughts about this urban legend, the allegedly underground cosmic horror series from the 90’s which were only released as VHS tapes, and some say there are hidden alternate endings with clues and keys in the struggle against gnomes?

H-B: I think it is time to make some martyrs for the cause again, cleansing if you will…
Loose lips and all that but the truth shall set as free...right... RIGHT?
Shit...well,more martyrs for the cause!
Who was it that once again revealed our plans, was it Bill again? Tiina?
Damn Anti-Gnome Laboratories, always spilling those rotten beans… Sigh, but now as you seem to know already…

Okay, our great plan WAS to study the future by letting some badgers urinate on certain series and movies on VHS-tapes. Some say that it will reveal alternate endings hidden to those relics but we know it does! Seen so many weird things after those sessions, and even someone mentioning this peculiar fact in the internet, so it can be nothing but true!

I just hope they only told you the method, not all the intel we got out from this experiment so far. Well, it was a good decade for Anti-Gnomen studying these magical beasts and tapes being pissed on… Sorry thing is that we just found the best combination for the cassettes and the amount of urine used, it could have shown us the location of the most secret doorway to THOTEOG (The Halls Of The Eye Of Gnomishness) situated under the pyramids, Gnome-Tech Laboratories have been said to dwell there with the secretive research of Human-Gnome Hybrids….

But nooooooooo….Silence is golden no more. We shall disregard all of the evidence now and leave those badgers without their beloved cassettes, stranded and homeless and vulnerable for gnomes’ aggression… happy now? Science does not get the appreciation it deserves nowadays as we are the beacon of wisdom for the humankind and you lot treat us like this? Damn liberal media blindsided us once again… Oh well, this proves my point once again…. And I usually like to be right but under more productive and appreciative circumstances.

RE: It seems like the war against gnomes is very though, what are your weapons of choice in this struggle? 

H-B: Did you know that according to some very scientific studies as much as 97.8% of all the human beings have been infected and/or possessed by gnomes or in a danger zone… DID YOU?  The fact that more and more people are getting redcapped is unbearable as they are our adversaries in the future! So, our fight against gnomes is more important than ever!
The gnome-struggle is damn real and we must submit ourselves to the sweet release of Anti-Gnomen! To do so we must make sure that we, the normal people, do not get tainted by gnomishness. We must make sure, that we will have enough living space so that we could flourish and have the best chances possible to see the future without any gnomes!

Anti-Gnomemartialindustrialneofolkmetal is our best weapon to fight this horrible phenomenon, controlling the information is the best way to control the power! Must say I love flamethrowers too… Well, I love anything that can be used to harm gnomes, so I am very liberal in that way. Hell, every single human being should have at least a good few guns and bombs for making their lives safer, that should be mandatory in fact! I would give every gnomefree man nuclear weapons just to stay on the safe side: We cannot underestimate the danger that gnomes represent.

But the weapon of my choice is our music that is extremely superior in so many ways. Maybe I will open this answer up a bit, so that the slowest of you might just see a glimpse of our brilliance and ingenuity and maybe, just maybe, learn from it! There is no grey in this game, no neutral zone so to speak: Either you are Anti-Gnomen or you are against our Sacred Cause!
By trying to be in the middle you just show that you are gutless piece of gnomesian excrement and thus eligible for a bit of eradication!

There is only two kinds of music in the world:
Anti-Gnome Muzik: Strong Anti-Gnome attitude included, gnomes cannot stand sheer power of this sublime art form and thus run for their petty little lives leaving us victorious! In the worst case they just leave the premises and the one playing this glorious music is safe for the moment at hand.
Pro-Gnome Muzak: Repels normal human beings with its vile and atrocious soul munching features. Those already leaning on gnomishness and those sorry little excuses for a lifeform enjoy it immensely and thus show their unworthiness to live their lives without being dealt with… You know what I mean!

Even though Anti-Gnome Muzik is the most competitive genre, TONTTU sure reigns it supreme! Well, I must admit that we are in a way forefathers of it, but who cares: We are that damn good and we never let pressure from the outside affect to the outcome of our brilliant and groundbreaking releases… I believe that it is the fact why people admire us so much and feel like they should kneel down when seeing us… If they knew who we were, that is…. But they would!

By the way: We welcome those numerous up-and-coming Anti-Gnomeists with open arms. To highlight one I must mention TerrorroT (our beloved collaborators) and their highly uneasylistening Industrimetalfolkgoredroneantignome-Muzik!

We need more of this kind of commitment, but the youth of today are so often spoiled and spineless and know nothing of the struggle we, the older and the wiser, know so well. If only people were more like me…

I must also applaud our comrades Fahl for making that splendid “All The darkness In The World”-ep found from the split (2016) with TONTTU, Fahl and P. Emerson Williams. The album is called  “The Decline And Fall Of The Gnomen Empire.” Chilling stuff and truly shows the true nature of those pesky and creepy little critters!

And why do we use Finnish as our official lingo? Well, obviously it is harder for gnomes to decrypt our message and counter our plans! We always have our propaganda translated in English, but that takes some effort to find it from our digital releases. Using PDF:s is the ultimate High-Tech and quite impossible for gnomes to hack: Our Anti-Gnome Researchers spent many years optimizing our technique so I would imagine for gnomes it should take more than that! They do have their highly advanced group (GNSA or Gnomes’ Net Service Agency) for cyber attacks and I am sure they are trying to solve this problem as we speak!

Did you know that as the part of the GNSA there is division of “trolls”, that name misleads though, as they are in fact nerdier gnomes spreading false propaganda and putrid Pro-Gnome Agenda trying to influence the public opinion! Cursed are those weak-minded mongrels that believe any of that malevolent propaganda cause ours is the ultimate truth!

But to sum this up: Anti-Gnomemartialindustrialneofolkmetal is the means to an end, I would not describe it as much of a musical genre than the lifestyle that is optimal for our species! We offer it for everyone and they’d do good accepting it! They’d better…

Thinking further we need to separate people from their money, what on earth would they do with it anyways? Those poor souls would benefit of us controlling the money so they could concentrate on dedicating their lives to Anti-Gnomen… Of course we would help those in need (if they are worth it), but on the other hand they should be grateful for us creating them the better world and gnomen-frei environment. They could work for The Cause as many hours a day as they humanely can: Inhumanely would sound even better, but  let us get to that later on as we have our administration established!

If we just get rid of gnomes our peace loving and highly intellectual species would finally reach nirvana and utopia at the same time with TONTTU as the benevolent and undisputed leader! Sounds great to me and if someone hesitates or questions this great vision it makes me wonder…
We could establish camps where we could put those non-believers so that they could think things over and I am pretty sure they would change their wrong opinions and views. I am sure they would appreciate this chance offered to them and embrace Anti-Gnomen!
And after all if we are the ones who liberate this planet from gnomes’ reign of terror we should get some perks and some say on how things should be run overall, right? It is not easy being a hero when there is ingrates all around!

Make Anti-Gnomen and our species great again!

You lot just want us to deal with this grave situation and then take over, you son of gnomes! But we know better and we shall sort you out, oh yes we will… And all will be handled with special finesse and that solution shall be final, no complaints accepted! Viva Anti-Gnomen!
(…heavy breathing…)

...Now that I think about it I see everything clearly: You all have been deliberately undermining and sabotaging our valiant crusade! No wonder we cannot get enough of good intel and our best laid plans so often fail!

Just you wait… You have just made it to The Red Book!

RE: Do you use live propaganda to propagate the truth? What can one expect in a TONTTU anti-gnomish propaganda show?
H-B: Live shows? You try to get us killed? Taking gnomes’ side, are we now? Damn… Of course we do not do live shows, anonymity is essential in this line of business and letting gnomes find out our identity would compromise the whole operation!

Even though I find all kinds of hoods, cloaks and other disguises more than pleasant and useful, we will absolutely never do live shows and give them the slightest of chance to recognize us!
One could say we are performing live when you see gnomes at stakes and/or delightfully one or more of them burning outside your house lighting up your backyard. Remember us when you see those glorious mushroom clouds evaporating gnomes’ nests and flamethrowers sweeping through buildings!

Sniff… Getting almost emotional here…

“I’d rather stay alive than go live.” As one great thinker once said… That was me by the way, quite impressive quote even though I have to say it to you myself. But what can I say, I am helpful and gracious like that, everyone could learn from me!

RE: I know there’s a book you’re going to publish, can you tell us about it?

H-B: I would have even if you tried to stop me! But thank you for the opportunity, it makes this easier in so many ways. Behind the foily curtains of Anti-Gnomen loads of wunderbar things are taking place at the very moment! Thomas Jude Barclay Morrison is giving finalizing touches to our epic modern Gnodysseia – The Book that will make every other book obsolete and worthy of burning! And when he will be done P. Emerson Williams shall perfectify it with his overtly realistic illustrations!  The Book shall be published by the beloved Panicmachine.
We shall show the world whom are to blame and why, the final truth will send shock waves throughout our entire planet!
“Gnomeus Gnomeficarum, or: How to Blame It on Gnomes” will leave you speechless as you shall finally know more than others do! Except of us, naturally… We know everything.

RE: What can we, normal people, do in the struggle against gnomes?

H-B: According to some very respectable scientists (whose names we cannot reveal, but they are the best there is) we need to do two things immediately to improve our odds against gnomes:

1) Get more plastic to our oceans and lakes, hell, even to rivers! Gnomes ransacked some amazing underwater technology when they occupied Atlantis way back then, that is why we cannot trust normal water to stop them or slow them down! PS: And you guys still wonder what happened to that continent, pretty obvious, ain’t it just? Ignorance triumphs in so many levels and I do not like single one of them!

2) Raise the temperature of our planet any means necessary, that will make gnomes’ lives harder as they are known to enjoy the cold areas… Drink oil if needed to reach our goal and let them be like foreigners at sauna in Finland!

On the other hand there is only one thing we must decide right now, what is the acceptable percentage of collaterals when trying to get rid of gnomenkind?How much are we willing to sacrifice?

Well, I see things like this: If we give all the power to gnomes we are dead anyways so everyone is replaceable, more like expendable… Maybe some nice little birdie, rat or lizard will then live Gnomen-Frei life and give even one single warm thought for our kind! I know cockroaches will!
Takes loads of effort to reach these goals, but I have the uttermost belief that our species is more than capable of completing this humongous and selfless task at hand! Gnumbaya-h, let us join hands!

RE: And last, but not least, anything you like to add? Thank you for this illuminating piece of anti-gnomen wisdom!

H-B: The wheels of destruction and mayhem are turning and we are preparing ourselves for the release of our glorious and Anti-Gnomelicious 8:th chapter for our saga! Must not reveal too much but I can tell you this, it will be TONTTU-only album so no remakes this time from our beloved comrades! You may also witness couple of additional members joining our rock solid crew, one being Marcel P. from Miel Noir, he has earlier provided us with a great remix for Gnouroboros. It is kinda obvious that he will be joining in, as like everyone knows, gnomes hate bees and want to kill them all and infect their honey, outrageous! MN is known for their bee-sympathies like we are known for hating gnomes, so our goal is common!

There will be other (no doubt pleasant) surprises too, as we are always thinking outside the accursed box that limits our lives in so many ways. Our Anti-Gnome Scientists have come to the conclusion that all the boxes are in fact possessed by gnomes and their only purpose is to make people to stick to their old habits thus slowing down the evolution and technology, no four-armed people with extra-light-ultra-flamethrowers, no sir! We must burn all the boxes and shut down all the factories manufacturing them so that our valiant species could once again reign supreme!

Be as it may, there is only one thing everyone should remember and hold dear… If everyone forgot their minor little quarrels, wars and abandoned their current adversaries and remembered this, everything would go smoothly:

“If everyone hated exclusively gnomes, this world would be better place within minutes!”

Think about it.

TFG Over & Out: Pleasure and thank you, keep it Anti-Gnomen!
PS: The highest regards of Anti-Gnome HQ to DJ Vrhovny and Lupo Von Volpe!

To find out more about TONTTU visit their Facebook page here. Their latest releases can be found on Panic Machine here

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