Tuesday 27 September 2016

Review: Crisis Actor – 'Superstar'


Crisis Actor sees the union of features legendary Snog frontman David Thrussell along with veteran edm producer Tony D’Oporto to create a fusion of old school ebm, industrial and trance with its cross-hairs aimed squarely at the dance floor. The duo's first offering 'Superstar' is a track that has dance appeal in spades. 

As solid blend of rhythmic dance beats and throbbing bass power the four-and-a-half minute long track with infectious fury. The dark gravely vocal performance is subtle and reminiscent of the 90's classics of the genre, while the lead melody is straight-forward and to the point. It has an undeniable old school charm that cant fail to get feet moving, while the band's political agenda, summed up perfectly by the George Orwell quote on their Bandcamp page “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act ”, will certainly get heads thinking as well. 

In terms of production it has a solid, no-frills kind of feel to it. Not strictly old school, but it cuts a lot of needless pomp and circuitry away in favour of the purity of the ebm core. But it still feels, fresh, modern, and most importantly... relevant. 

This is a somewhat unexpected move for both parties, but not an unwelcome one. This track will definitely pique many people's interest and it still holds a fair bit back, so who knows what else they have up their sleeves? But it will be interesting to find out.  

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