Tuesday 11 April 2017

Review: PIG – 'Swine & Punishment'

'Swine & Punishment'

Hot on the heels of the extraordinary comeback album 'The Gospel', the lord of lard Raymond Watts offers up another slice of pork for those hungry for more. This time in the form of remix album 'Swine & Punishment', featuring fourteen reconstituted and reformed cuts, plus the inclusion of 'Violence', a track only previously released on vinyl.

A lot of people can take or leave remix albums, but when they're done right, they can be damn good. With a list of contributors including SKOLD, Android Lust, Pull Out Kings, Inertia, KANGA, London After Midnight, tweaker, MC Lord of the Flies, and Mortiis, even the most hardened remix cynic would be hard pressed not to have their interest piqued.

The album takes in a myriad of styles informed by the creators, from Skold's dark and sinister take on 'The Diamond Sinners', through to delicately demented version of 'The Fly Upon The Pin', and the heavily electronic mix of 'Viva Evil' courtesy of Mortiis. It's a great collection of remixes that give the original versions some great and even unexpected twists. Some perfect for the dancefloor, and other perfect for you mp3 player.

Despite the big mix of styles the tracks flow quite nicely and even with some going for a grittier sound and others favouring a more polished approach, the production finds a nice balance between them all making sure each track has the right kick to it.

This is a remix album, and while it might not garner the same attention a release of brand new material, it is nonetheless a well-constructed effort that has seen a lot of incredibly talented artists create some genuinely interesting contributions. For PIG completeists and long-time fans it will undoubtedly be a must have, but even if you're relatively new to PIG, this is still a good companion to 'The Gospel' in its own right.  

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