Thursday 13 July 2017

Wave Gotik Treffen – The Review // 26th

Back to the place breaths German avant-garde meets USSR. Leipzig is an alluring city, split between both worlds. If it is not the beautiful Baroque architecture that has your skin smelting in awe to your trad-Goth fabrics. It shall be the sheer scale of the soviet era buildings that dwarf many sectors of the city. These are a portion of the venues that will play host to the largest festival for the Goth sub-culture.

Residing in the same place as last year. Multitasking Frühstück & bathing, as the kitchen acts as the bathroom. Gas mask showers and coffee go are hand in hand. I would recommend house sharing. It is a lot of fun, and I believe the best way to experience the festival. The locals are very welcoming of the event, as it has become an acceptance from an economic, to a fun point of view.


Emerging from the label of Base Unit and Leipzig. Blac Kolor has been a fantastic emergence in connecting the alternative world to techno. Bringing the noise to Haus Leipzig the one-man act, did not disappoint. Distorting visuals and elementary bass pleased the crowd on the 1st day of WGT. Daniel Myer’s Bass Unit productions dominated Altes Landratsamt on day one. Mentionable acts of rendered and Hypnoskull.

Day one in the agra had the clean-cut EBM of Pouppee Fabrik, heavy noise from the old skool gang. Agra this year turned out to be the venue of disappointment. The bands were great, but it was either the quality of the sound equipment or the setup. Regardless the sound quality really underperformed this year.

The Swedish project of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio bestowed me with the highest performance in the grandeur of the DDR that is the Volkspalast Kuppelhalle. The project had to work with the acoustics of the audio tough but aesthetically pleasing centre stage. The vocals of Tomas Pettersson & Rose-Marie Larsen wrapped the martial industrial jolts, with the fear silence and death of neofolk, the end was made with the appearance of Spiritual Front’s ‘Hellvis’ for ‘Your Sex is The Scar’.

On Saturday evening the venue plays host to ‘The Obsession Bizarre’; which embroils leather & latex. A trusty combination that will see you additionally queuing and sweltering. Indeed very nice performances, yet the greatest advantage to my eye is being able to dress as an elegant slut on a warm June evening, whilst hearing tears of electronic bass vibrate through your neck. However, the toys to play with are not worth the waiting time. Opinion; kinky posing…  LX-E’s Recommendations prior to attending is to have a glass of cold Valt Vodka.  Also, to be noted WGT is a Goth event and dressing like an elegant slut is generally accepted the whole time. Obsession Bizarre is a moment for bass hunting vibrations up your skin in well tight fabric. 


‘Too Dead to Die’, brought the murder to the dancefloor, at the Moritz Bastei. The band’s light synth is complimented with snappy rhythm and lyrics. The venue remains one of my favourite pit stops around early afternoon. Good shielding from the sun, if you go into the underbelly with good sized portions of recovery USSR food with good quality. To the top, you have the small medieval village, to replenish your Met supplies!
Later Autodaef, brought there EBM into the earth, as aggressive noise bled into the stone walls of the underground venue.

The scene was set at the Volkspalast Kuppelhalle, as obsession bizarre kicked off. As always, the venue is over-flooded with attendees, however let it later pan out, at around 2am, and it is transformed into a lighter atmosphere. Where you may dance and sweat to some great playlists.


The battery acid of the prior night had done its job in the muscles, and the additional tanz-sweat exfoliation to the skin… Priceless. However, this was not a morning for sitting around. Back for some more Met, and we’re off!

EBM/Electronica day is always Sunday. Taking a winding tram route to the east side to the Kohlrabizirkus. The Swedish duo of ‘Red:Cell’ came with a modern synth style. The audio clarity was impeccable. 

Getting a move on, back on Strassenbahn route, we hit the next venue and brought the cold dark synth of Cryo. Another Swedish artist, they are known for their melancholic, no hope noises. Inside the Stadtbad, the duo unleashed a live performance with LED microphone stands, dark visuals and Guantanamo Bay costumes. 
Point of interest, the Stadtbad toilets shall take you into a different world!

The Devil and the Universe pulled the Altes Landratsamt into the dungeons of the sinful goat. However, the goat began by cursing the stage as the wheels of the portable boxes were left unlocked and went merrily down between the photographers and the stage. Yet the show persisted on and the devils visuals and echoes of hard base, had the crowd in submission.

After a refresh and a spot of dinner, Haus Leipzig became the last port of call. The ‘Dunkelromantischer Tanz’ never disappoints, as the large stage, encompasses a ballet of well-dressed ladies and gentlemen of the night, as they perform their ballet, with a hint of drink.

Monday – Classical Aftermath

Closing the window shutters to shield from all-natural light, and those baths where they were all for nothing, the only God today was coffee. However, one last big leap into the black unknown we do.

To stay safe; the Heidnisches Dorf and Agra, are the havens. The medieval village acted as perfect recovery. Serving flesh and Met, the combination hugged the stomach like an animal finding water in the desert. 
The Heidnisches Dorf stage, takes on myth, folk and Viking type musical taste. The rough corners and mud suited perfectly. As a recovery began, ‘Andydra’ gave homage as the ethereal music brought heaven to the ears.

As the shop owners at the Agra begin disassembling the stages and the wind down happened, Eis Fabrik, made their sound on the main stage, breathing an artic wind over the hall, with their winter visuals and industrial winter.

Stay tuned for announcements on the 27th Wave gothic Treffen 2018.

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