Saturday 13 October 2018

ATTRITION - 'All Mine Enemys Whispers' Free download for Halloween

"Mary Ann Cotton, She's dead and she's rottenShe lies in her bed, With her eyes wide openSing, sing, oh, what can I sing,Mary Ann Cotton is tied up with string ...”

Legend has it that When the walls are thin between the world of the living and the dead on Halloween, reciting this rhyme over her grave was enough to call the spirits of those she'd killed to audible experience...
All Mine Enemys Whispers....
The story of Mary Ann Cotton: The Victorian poisoner
A free download and half price CD just until Halloween.... 
The Story.
Mary Ann Cotton was born October 1832 in County Durham , Northern England .
Possibly the greatest female mass murderer Britain has ever known,
she left a trail of death throughout her life, killing between 16 to 21 of her children and former husbands over many years by arsenic poisoning .
She was eventually arrested, tried and hanged in Durham Jail on the 24th March 1873.

The Police officer that arrested Mary Ann Cotton was a Sergeant Tom McCutcheon.
Coincidentally, his daughter, Louisa McCutcheon, had worked for a while for Mary as a seamstress..
On departing for Durham jail Mary gave Louisa her prized sewing box as the only way she could now pay her for her work…
The sewing box was kept in Louisa's family and passed down through the generations. Rather uneasily considering what it represented…
My own father met a by then very old Louisa when he was a young child in the 1940's
- He recently recounted this story and passed on the box on to me.
Louisa McCutcheon was my great great great aunt….

Originally released on Projekt Records in 2008....
on digipack CD, with booklet and a selection of Victorian poison bottle labels included....

For October 2018, up until Halloween this album is available as a free download or a half price CD...
Martin Bowes. Coventry. England. October 2018

Upcoming ATTRITION Live performances... 
November 3rd - Electrowerks, London, UK
November 23rd - Coalition, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

November 25th - Happy Goat Café, Ottawa, Ontario Canada

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