Wednesday 19 September 2018

Review: Various Artists – 'We Reject: A Tribute To Bile'

'We Reject: A Tribute To Bile'

A cornerstone of the 90's Industrial surge, Demonic Electronic group Bile are well overdue a tribute album of their own. And who better to fulfil that than Tribulations. With tribute albums for Skinny Puppy, Ministry and Coil already released the label has quickly built a reputation for putting serious effort into these digital compilations.

The aggressive and experimental fluid nature of Bile's back catalogue offers an untold wealth of potential for covers and the likes of Killchild, Acidrodent, Flesh Eating Foundation, Neo Land, and Cyphier among others are stepping up to the mark to take on the likes of 'Sex Reflex', 'Jerk', 'Teknowhore', 'I Reject', 'In League' and more.

As with the last release the track listing is shorter and tighter than the impressive sprawls of the first two albums in the series. But that isn't a sticking point by any means. Instead the track list is more focused, and there are no repeated covers.

The artists on this tribute not only compliment the sound of Bile, but also each other and the whole album flows really nicely. There are some stylistic shifts between the artists but on the album has been curated in a way to keep any jarring jumps between genres to a minimum and ensure the album progresses smoothly. And once again the result is a strong collection that shifts effortlessly between the idiosyncrasies of each band as they stamp the originals with their own mark.

Once again the album is well mastered to ensure the tracks don't clash and any discrepancies in the various recording processes and styles don't distract from the presentation of the album as a whole.

The series from Tribulations and it's contributing artists deserve praise for consistently creating high-quality free releases that not only pay tribute to some of the most important names in the scenes but allow talented acts show off their abilities to create interesting and original reinterpretations of the source material.

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