Wednesday 1 July 2015

Review: Neurotech – 'Stigma'


Neurotech are unfortunately one of those bands that seem to slip under a lot of peoples radar. The Ljubljana based multi-instrumentalist Wulf, has been crafting strong albums that utilise elements of future pop, new age music, symphonic electronics and metal. The latest release, 'Stigma', marks the first full-length studio album since 2011's raucous 'The Antagonist' and it aims to make people sit up and take notice. Recalling in particular the work of Peter Tagtgren with his projects Pain, and to a certain extent Lindemann, Wulf presents a highly polished individualistic project.

The album opens bravely with the sumptuous futuristic instrumental title track before diving straight into more metal waters with 'Fear The Fear' that kicks the adrenalin up with hard guitars and blast beats over the lush electronic compositions. Tracks such as 'Of Adversity', 'Built To Last', 'Brighten', and 'Through Hardships' follow on giving the album a strong core of dance-friendly metal that will appeal to ndh fans in particular. The album's best offering though is the eleven-minute long future pop instrumental 'To Theta State' which closes the album. Once again it is a brave move but one that shows Wulf is someone who will do things his way.

The production is pretty good with a nice fresh and modern sound to the whole of the album. With each track getting a solid mix down, if save for one or two points where the vocals feel like they need to come through with a little more power behind them. But this isn't anything that greatly effects the listening experience.

Neurotech have created another strong album that is dance friendly enough for club play, but has the right amount of heaviness to give it a broader appeal amongst metal fans. It would be great to see this band with some promotional power behind it on their next release, but hopefully 'Stigma' will attract some much deserved attention.  

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