Tuesday 28 July 2015

Review: Cocksure – 'Corporate_Sting'


One year on from their full-length début album, the duo of Chris Connelly and Jason Novak return with their sophomore outing under the Cocksure moniker. The band's second album 'Corporate_Sting' sees the duo continue the big beat orientated industrial mayhem of their début across ten brand new tracks that evoke they 90s heyday of the Wax Trax! sound. Hard gritty beats, throbbing bass, heavily distorted vocals, and an anything goes attitude come together to blend old school sounds with modern execution. And once again it just works so damn well. There's certainly nothing corporate about this album, but there is plenty of sting to it.

Kicking off with the addictive stomp of 'Porno Drones' the album is a continuous assault of old school flavoured dance anthems that drip with seedy electronics, filthy bass, and infectious rhythms throughout. Tracks such as 'Severance Package', 'O.C.D. Got Game!', 'Cold Dick', 'Razor Invader', and 'Hi Talez' provide the duo with their strongest cuts, but everything on here is so well-formed and confidently executed, any song could be a potential future classic.

The album still walks that fine line between old school grit and modern polish, perhaps with a more focussed execution than its predecessor. It still sounds wonderfully heavy and belligerent, but the mix isn't over-saturated with distortion and doesn't try to out and out replicate the production of the classic albums. Just like 'TVMALSV' before it, it has the vibe, but still sounds refreshingly up to date.

'Corporate_Sting' is another great release from Cocksure, and fans of both old school acts as well as modern bands such as 3Teeth, Project F, Öhm, and Youth Code will definitely find plenty to enjoy here. Connelly and Novak's musical partnership is fast producing some of the strongest and most memorable material of their respective careers, and long may it continue.

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