Wednesday 21 December 2016

Review: Planet:/Damage – 'Angst'


Hailing from Hungary Planet://Damage, AKA Mariusz Bari, releases his second EP in conjunction with Black Nail Cabaret vocalist/composer Emke, 'Angst'. Blending old school electronics and a mix of industrial, synthpop and ebm elements Planet://Damage presents a slightly sombre, but ultimately uplifting electronic journey on this EP/single.

'Angst' is a blend of classic 80s and early 90s industrial and ebm with some brilliant soaring synthopop vocals for a track that is compellingly dance-friendly and classically sing-a-long in equal amounts. The remix courtesy from Haujobb amps up the club-friendly elements a little more for a great ebm dance mix. While the final track sees Planet://Damage thoroughly rework the song into a sixteen minute long haunting live ambient performance that completely flips the track on its head.

The production is very old school in atmosphere as well. As such releases such as this will by default be compared to the classic artists of the late 80s and early 90s. But like a good musician, the resemblance is only in the pallet of sounds and styles. The end result is still fresh and unique.

'Angst' is a great, if quite short, release that skilfully worms its way into your brain with its synth bass lines, steady dance beats, and compelling vocals. It is a solidly composed and executed EP that, through using a single track as its basis, shows how versatile it can be.

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