Friday 2 December 2016

Review: The State – 'Public Service Announcement'

'Public Service Announcement'

The State continue a fine tradition of gritty minimalistic industrial rock that harks back to the days of of post-punk experimentation technophobic paranoia combining into a heady mix of dark subject matter and compelling yet aggressive sounds. The band's latest single – 'Public Service Announcement' – is a claustrophobic backlash against the rising tide of political instability in the west.

The lone track on this release is a dark yet anthemic album of steady dance-friendly martial beats, snarling punk vocals, gritty guitars and enticing electronics. It harks back to the manic experimentation of Killing Joke and the dark paranoia of Sulpher. It's raw, angry, and menacing industrial rock.

The production reflects the atmosphere nicely. Low-fi, but not low quality. It sounds like a forbidden transmission coming in from a pirate radio station to spread dissenting views. It's nice and gritty where it needs it, but the electronics and guitars are nicely balanced and the beats are always discernible and infectiously groovy throughout.

This is a really nice slice of British industrial rock. Infused with an undeniably catchy post-punk vibe and slabs of menace it is an intelligent and topical offering that highlights a lot of talent deserving of credit. Hopefully we'll see a full-length follow-up from The State sooner rather than later.  

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