Wednesday 10 May 2017

Dear Daughter, the new music video from Halestorm

The hard rock band from Red Lion, Pennsylvania, Halestorm, released the video for 'Dear Daughter', their fifth single from Int the Wild Life, the band's third studio album. The video was made available this May 4th on the YouTube channel of the band.

A soft rock ballad, the track speaks directly about the women of all races and age around the world with an empowering message, without the wild and furious sound that the band has been known for, a versatility we should praise.

Elizabeth "Lzzy" Hale, vocalist and fontwoman of Haestorm, explained the background of the song saying the following:
"I've written many songs and blog posts about women. I'm in a unique position in my life and career to spread some positivity and empowerment to my fellow femmes! And if you were me, wouldn't you do the same? I'd like to elaborate on our song "Dear Daughter," which started out as more or less a jotting down of things my mother and father told me as a kid. What it became was so much more than just me quoting my parents. The song has taken on a life of its own and is such a personal reflection of what I think a young woman should hear growing up.
I'm so excited to share much more of "Dear Daughter" with you today. Visit my blog to read more about what this song means to me, and watch our new 'Dear Daughter' video."

The signer also asked her fans to "share photos and stories of badass moms, daughters, sisters, friends" on the social media with the hashtag #deardaughter. The video is currently #25 in trending lists in Youtube.

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