Wednesday 10 May 2017

Emilie Autumn to release interactive version of 'The Asylum...'

The lovest inmate, violindustrial master and Victorian queen of the rock music, Emilie Autumn, is about to release a new version of her autobiographical / psychological thriller, 'The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls', with new material, new characters and even interactive, hidden material.

The novel, which was first published in 2009 as a companion to her Asylum tour, has been object of many critics, positive and negative, and become a significant part of the artistic universe this singer has created, based on the 'Opheliac' concept of her second album, and her third release, 'Fight Like a Girl', considered to be the official soundtrack of the book.

Down bellow you will find the official message Autumn sent to her fans with more details on this event.

"Dearest Plague Rats,
I could not be more thrilled to announce the all new eBook version of The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girlsnow available on Amazon for the pre-order price of $2.99!!!

It has long been my greatest wish to be able to offer the Asylum story to Ratties all over the world for a very low price, and this does the job beautifully.

But! This is no ordinary eBook, my indeed!

I have spent many months creating this beautifully designed electronic version that doubles as a treasure hunt, containing dozens of interactive elements including new illustrations, hidden links to additional writings and character backgrounds, atmospheric audio tracks to read along with, secret ways to get in contact with the Asylum's inmates yourself, and, if you're clever enough to find the key, exclusive access to never-before-heard songs from the upcoming The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls: The Musical.

Far from being second best to a print version, I have packed this eBook with surprises a printed book could never contain.

Oh! And the eBook contains the 4th Edition of the Asylum story which has NEVER BEFORE BEEN IN PRINT, so, if you happen to already own the hardcover original, you are in for quite a surprise...this completely re-imagined version contains new characters, new chapters, new secrets, and a new song!

I humbly thank each and every one of you for joining me on this truly magical journey...YOU have made the Asylum real, and it is only just beginning..."

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