Tuesday 20 June 2017

Editorial: June, 2017

AKA – A Goth melting in the heat...

It is about 30 degrees centigrade outside. As I sit here racking my brains trying to think about what to write for this month's editorial rambling I can't help but be overwhelmed by the heat and humidity in my flat. The computer fan is whirring away, I have a cold drink and the window open but the misery of Summer is still abounds as the neighbouring children shriek at ear-piercing levels right outside.

It's become a common meme now. Goths in the heat/sun. Take care of your goths this Summer, don't leave them in locked cars etc. The truth is I don't do well in the heat. At all. And I frankly never have. Anything above 20 degrees centigrade and I slowly begin ceasing to function. My mind and reflexes slow and all I want to do is lie in a pool of cold water until the heat goes.

The UK has moments of dry heat before you start saying “Its the humidity that’s worse, the heat is fine”... but I’m not a lizard and the heat, dry or otherwise, is still a bloody pain for me. Perhaps it's just our crazy British weather of cold snaps followed by heat-waves that means we can't even acclimatise ourselves properly from one day to the next, but nevertheless, I and many like me suffer through the Summer months.

I'm not sad enough to begrudge the sun and demand to live in permanent overcast misery either. But the suffocating heat and humidity of the UK summer has always filled me with a sense of dread due to the headaches, dehydration and endless... endless bad jokes about wearing black and vampires.

If you too out there are feeling the heat too much, you have my undying sympathy. If on the other hand you've stripped to the waist, cooking yourself beneath the UV rays to a crispy consistency and lamenting why it can't be glorious summer everyday... then you can kiss my arse while I yearn for the frosty embrace of an Autumnal morning.

Right, that's enough moaning for now. Again I'm going to being to round things off by thanking everyone who keeps downloading our latest compilation so far, and give double thanks to those who have donated some money for it. If you have already downloaded it please recommend it to your friends. If you haven't got round to downloading it yet (and if you haven't where have you been so far?) and can just spare a £1 donation, it will all go towards kicking blood cancer's ass! If you can't donate, that's fine too, but please do make sure you check out more from the awesome band's that made this possible! 

In other news, we're on the hunt for a few new regular contributors to add to our staff. If you're interested in doing some reviews or even just a monthly column, please contact us at intravenousmagazine@gmail.com and we'll take it from there. What kind of person are we looking for? Well we're after people who are motivated, committed and eager to take the time to build up a list of PR and label contacts.

For more information on writing for IVM please visit HERE.

Finally, I'd like to again extend the invitation to established scene DJs, artists, and bands to contribute guest DJ mixes that we will host on Mixcloud. What we're thinking is a series of hour-long mixes showing off new and classic acts which we will feature on Mixcloud as well as the Intravenous Magazine website. If anyone is interested, please contact us at the above email address.

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