Thursday 22 June 2017


So! Last month we asked the question about non-problematic forms of activism and summoned the idea of the WARRIURRRR. Digging a bit more closely into this – what are the culturrrrral manifestations of the WARRIURRRR? And what would WARRIURRRR culturrrrr look and sound like? How can we make WARRIURRRR music?

Let's start with some obvious culturrrrral examples of the WARRIURRRR. PJ Harvey is the superlative example; Diamanda Galas, Annie Lennox, Shirley Mansoon; Beyonce too. Grace Jones, Pauline Black. Eddie Izzard is a kind of WARRIURRRR too. These are uncompromisingly independent, creartive, assertive, and FEEUURSE.

Politically, Jack Monroe is a WARRIURRRR. Saffiyah Khan is WARRIURRRR. Kat Blaque the definitive WARRIURRRR of the moment. Angela Davis is the ultimate WARRIURRRR. Even Caroline Lucas is a kind of WARRIURRRR.

In terms of fictional WARRIURRRRZ some particular examples come to mind. Obviously, Ripley and Furiosa are WARRIURRRZ. Red Sonja is probably more warrior than WARRIURRRR, although the Bride is a striking (albeit unusual) example that qualifies as a WARRIURRR. Black Canary, Jessica Jones and Catwoman are WARRIURRRRZ. Uhura and Starbuck are SPACE WARRIURRRRZ. In fact, sometimes there appears to be more WARRIURRRRZ in space than there are on earth.

What do these WARRIURRRRZ have in common? Well, they are all fighters of a kind, all glittered in various shades of sass. There is a lot of strength, a lot of humour, a lot of FEEEURRSEE. Their instincts and senses are correct. They don't take the easy way out.

So, which of these elements could we bring into a WARRIURRRR music? Well, a lot of screaming is essential; noise, discordancy; pounding drums; sneering contempt, aggression, and political commentary – but without macho posturing and po-faced demogoguery.

We need some more WARRIURRRR venom in goth.

Over to you, gofficks.

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