Monday 21 August 2017

Evanesence unveil new version of 'Bring Me To Life' from 'Synthesis'

Evanescence published the first track of their highly anticipated fourth studio album 'Synthesis', which turns to be the first single they ever released, the one that gave them fame and recognition: 'Bring Me to Life'.
Official cover of the single
Honouring the roots of the song, the band fronted by Amy Lee, kept a little bit of the original structure and the violins of the bridge, along with the well-known lyrics of their singer. However, the band also fulfilled its promise to remove guitars and drums, replacing them with orchestral and electronic music, hence the name of this album.
Starting with a slow tempo, this new version of 'Bring Me To Life' finds the right pace to slowly climb until reaching the splendour where both influences mix to give a piece of music, although quite experimental, more than enjoyable.
Contrary to what some may think beforehand, Amy Lee hasn't lost the capability to sound dark and tortured as she did in the begging of her career with Evanescence, rising her voice so softly that you hardly notice the change until she practically cries for help in this famous track. A few could miss the vocals of Paul McCoy, who was featured in the first version of the song, but Lee does more than enough to reclaim her place as a singer empress.
The band has remained silent about this project, giving only punctual details and publishing promotional images on social networks, but 'Synthesis' is expected to be released in the fall of this year. Dates for the upcoming tour are published in Evanescence's website.

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