Wednesday 16 August 2017

Review: Fjords – 'Ode To The Albatross' (Single)

'Ode To The Albatross'

Single releases don't often warrant reviews when they are a sole track with no b-side or remix, but in the case of 'Ode To The Albatross', the debut offering from Fjords, and exception can be made. Weighing in at nearly nine minutes in length it is an epic musical journey in its own right.

The song is firmly rooted in elements of European doom metal, progressive rock and dark metal which makes it heavy on ambient atmospheres, solid guitar riffs, thunderous drums and both clean and growled vocals. The song ebbs and flows with melancholy and mystery as heavy guitars and death vocals give way to quieter melodic passages before erupting once again. Fans of bands such as Novembre and Katatonia will definitely find this an easy fit.

This is only a first release from the Nottingham-based quintet, but it is nonetheless quite an impressive one. The song writing on display is very strong and ambitious, the musicianship is experienced and disciplined, and they've obviously put the time into making sure the mixing and mastering reflects their hard work.

This may be the band's only release so far, but it is a really strong first step. To release something as epic in its scope as 'Ode To The Albatross' shows a lot of ambition that will hopefully be realised by their first full-length studio offering when it emerges.  

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