Monday 12 February 2018

New releases from Echozone

Elektrostaub - Funeral Of Love

Elektrostaub is going to release his third single "Funeral Of Love" (feat. Ruined Conflict) from the critically acclaimed debut album "Birthday And Death" on February 16th, 2018.

Following "Unforgotten" (feat. Henrik Iversen) and "Also Without You" (feat. Anne Goldacker), both singles claiming Number 3 and 5 in the GEWC single charts (German Electronic Web Charts), Elektrostaub now releases his third single "Funeral Of Love" (feat. Ruined Conflict) on 16 February 2018, taken from the successful debut album "Birthday And Death" (Number 5 in the GEWC album charts).

For "Funeral Of Love" Elektrostaub was able to get the support of Xavier Morales from Ruined Conflict who gives the song his typical characteristics.

As one has come to expect from Electrostaub, this song, too, features pumping beats, harmonic soundscapes and driving tunes of high-end electro pop. The interaction between Elektrostaub and Xavier Morales' wonderful, charismatic and powerful voice turns the song into the absolute highlight on the dancefloor.

Elektrostaub mastermind Patrick Knoch himself composed the song and wrote the lyrics.

As Elektrostaub has gained a huge new audience in South America, this single release features an additional highlight in form of a Spanish version for which Alex from Nórdika translated and sang the lyrics.

The single is rounded off by a unique and varied remix and instrumental package featuring i. a. Nórdika, C-Lekktor, People Theatre, Reflection.
This time, there will be a B-side in form of a remix version by !distain of the ballad "2806" (feat. !distain & Seyhan) from the latest album "Birthday And Death".

The songs will be available in all relevant download stores.

Projekt Ich - Little Star

Following the critically acclaimed single release "Where Are The Angels" feat. Mick L. Angelo (5TimesZero) in November 2017 and the additional special release in December 2017 (madbello remix edition), Projekt Ich aka Ulf Müller is now going to present the absolute dancefloor hit "Little Star" which will be released on Echozone on 23 February 2018.

"Little Star" is the second single release from the upcoming debut album scheduled for autumn / winter 2018. Ulf Müller was able to get Catrine Christensen of the Danish synthpop duo SoftWave to refine the song with her intense and soulful voice.

"Little Star" is the distressed outcry of a mother who has lost her little baby shortly after birth due to tragic circumstances and is now in danger of completely going to pieces mentally and physically. Torn and raddled by a deep emotional grief, she is left behind in a world that is not worth living anymore.

Besides the original track, "Little Star" features two instrumental versions and 16 great remixes by international artists.

Remix package: ALexis Voice (HU), POS.:2 (DE), Alex Stroeer (USA), Cyborgdrive (ES), Ancient Step (DE), Tragic Impulse (USA), Oren Amram (plus remix instrumental version) (ISR), DMT Berzerk (MEX), Restriction 9 (SE), HzweiG (DE), Mark Loodewijk (NL), L_igh_T (ES), Imunar (DE), Steve (Stefan Käshammer) (DE), madbello (NL) and Maik Volkmann.

Patrick Knoch (Elektrostaub) is responsible for the mastering. Tim Aßmann from Visionary Moments designed the front cover as well as all artworks for the single release.

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