Tuesday 6 February 2018

Review: Lionhearts – 'Lionhearts'


Another temple from the voice of Seabound, to the Edge of Dawn is opened. Frank M. Spinath's work is known for its unique ability to capture your mind. Collaborating with composers with distinct electronic tone, his chapters wear different masks. This is yet another example, and possibly the darkest, of his works.

Ben Lukas Boysen, better known as the noise of 'Hecq' has his own world too. If you really wanted to combine two people, who could make suffering and pain into a psalm, this is it. Do not look for upbeats here, you won't be left to wander…

Lionhearts opens with a 'Flashback'. The track prepares you for the deep dive into space. Which memory you land on will soon be answered.

Waking up on the shores of 'The Ardent City' the first few steps are dominated with unravelling the tangle of memories and smiles. The definite past is swirling around your cortex, as is soon the reason at why they are down in the black depths. Look forward, the soon to be barmecide of 'Abandon'. You are clenching onto those memories; but they are gone.

'Gone' brings heavy Numan energy, with clarity and clean edges of modern Trent Reznor composition. The voice speaks clear words, though it smells of confusion and hidden pain.

Thus now 'Cloud'. In one word. clinical. A disturbing cleanliness of something shattered echoes forth in here. The vibrating ghost of Hecq, steals part of the vocals away. There is something is definitely wrong.

By accident I heard 'Kite' before its release last year. A feint cloud covers the edges of the track. Everything or nothing lives hear and this is where you know your own psalm.

The desolate winds of the beach are slowly being walked away from. Though the quest for a quick vengeance is at the front of the mind. This is really where the madness can be seen. 'Threat' brings back the focus and the primary force of change.

This leads ‘To what I don't know’. A wash of water upon the face. You can see the black mascara drop in a pool by the sea. The events of the past are settled, and the present is taking shape again.
I leave you to your own thoughts on 'In The Sand'.

The album is a trick of the mind, however a different beast by far. Steeltongued and No Sleep Demon are pillars of might that stand alone. This is a dark fusion, make of it what you will.

Review by Dominic Lynch aka DJ LX-E

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