Sunday 22 July 2018

Review: Berlyn Trilogy – 'Flowers Fall'

'Flowers Fall'

Wakefield's Berlyn Trilogy return with a new EP of dark synthpop meets gritty post-punk. Evoking the likes of Ultravox, Editors, Ladytron and Wolfsheim the band's dark dance sensibilities create compelling and stylish tunes that combine icy cold synths and steady dance beats.

Their new EP features three new tracks and three remixes, and considering the strength of talent that was on display on their debut it's a bit of a puzzle as to why this isn't on a label, when it should be. But such peculiarities aside, the three new tracks 'Domus Aurea', 'Rain', and 'Simone (Nicole) are heavy with 'Vienna' era Ultravox atmosphere, dark and romantic but permeated with Depeche Mode style dance beats and basslines recalling Editors.

The remixes add a little more dance appeal to the tracks but the dark cinematic atmospheres of the originals always remain quite prominent. That being said the tracks from Natures Of Wires, Destination, and Parralox are particularly strong in their reworking of the source tracks.

In terms of production the band balance the dark romance of the songs with an accessible and dance-friendly core. As with their debut, it is richly layered, and methodical in letting every synth line and the bass have as much room as possible in the mix to give it a cinematic quality.

This is another strong release from Berlyn Trilogy that blend beats, melodies and atmospheres with great effect. Hopefully another full-length outing is not too far away, and hopefully they'll be picked up by a suitable label in the meantime.

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