Sunday 22 July 2018

Review: Guillotine Dream – 'A War On The Passage Of Time'

'A War On The Passage Of Time'

Out of a dense fog of dry ice emerges the mysterious trio known as Guillotine Dream dragging with them a monolithic slab of old school gothic rock in the form of their full-length debut album 'A War On The Passage Of Time'. Taking their cues from early Fields Of The Nephilim, 13 Candles and the heyday of 80s gothic rock in general there is a familiarity to their haunting style, yet the band are accomplished and unique in their execution.

Atmospheric and bass-driven the band counterpoint the gravelly McCoy-esque vocal delivery with violins in the style of The Eden House to add a haunting melodramatic tone above they jangling guitars. Songs such as 'Primitive', 'Succubus Sigh', 'A War On The Passage Of Time', 'Darkling Rooms', and 'Number Sixteen' Give the album it's most classic anthemic gothic rock cuts 'Lemuria'. Whereas the likes of 'Signs' and 'Lemuria' add a more metallic edge that recalls early Anathema to an extent, whereas the sumptuous 'Dead Genius' features a slow doomy pace that heightens the album's melancholic atmosphere to its zenith.

In terms of production, as with their debut EP, 'A War On The Passage Of Time' has a very unashamed retro feel that owes a lot to 'The Nephilim' era FOTN. But that doesn't harm it in anyway. Instead this doesn't fell like an album trying to replicate a certain sound, but instead a band that are of that sound to start with.

This is a charming and addictive debut album overflowing with old school goth appeal. The strong bass lines and Nephilim-esque vocals would be enough to please most casual fans of gothic rock. But the atmospheres and drama from the violin at work make this a compelling listen.

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