Sunday 19 August 2018

Review: Lords Of Acid – 'Pretty In Kink'

'Pretty In Kink'

Back once again to give dance floors the world over the rough treatment they deserve. Belgian/American dance legends Lords Of Acid return with their sixth full-length studio album, 'Pretty In Kink'. Another sexy slice of groove-laden dance hits heavy on dirt and depravity, Praga Khhn and his minions are out to dominate in a big way.

Never ones to be pigeon-holed in any one particular style, LOA have always enjoyed mixing in elements from different genres while keeping their trademarked sexy beats and dirty bass at the helm. And 'Pretty In Kink' continues that tradition, whether it be straight-up dance appeal with nods to ‘80s and ‘90s anthems, or down-tempo sleaze and sensuality, or even the borderline pornographic.

Tracks such as 'So Goddamn Good', 'Before the Night is Over', 'My Demons are Inside', 'Sex Cam Girl', and 'What the Fuck!' are undeniable dance hits full-of thumping beats, compelling bass and infectious melodies that grab you in a sexually aggressive way and drag you onto the dance floor. While the likes of 'Androgyny', 'Ma Fille de Joie', and 'Goldfinger' amp up the sensuality of Khan's melodic songwriting ability, even doing his best take on James Bond with 'Goldfinger'. It's a strong track list that display's the full-scope of the LOA sound.

Production-wise, even with quite overt nods to the dance anthems of the '80s and '90s the album doesn't try to replicate them fully. Instead everything is fresh and modern with just hint's of nostalgia included to add a little more depth to the tracks.

This is another strong outing in the LOA catalogue. Sure it plays up their overly sexual side as usual but there is still plenty of innovation on display and the band's ability to keep coming back with fresh and engaging dance music is truly admirable. It may not have the oomph behind it that some of their previous albums have enjoyed, but it is still a very decent offering.

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