Saturday 1 September 2018

PIG & SASHA GREY unveil new single THAT’S THE WAY (I LIKE IT)

With the release of their collaboration ‘That's The Way (I Like It)’, out today via Metropolis Records,
industrial-rock act PIG and author/singer/actress Sasha Grey have premiered the video for it via
Pornhub before making it more widely available (the YouTube link is noted above).
"I think it’s about time that people stop being ashamed and furtive in their relationship with PIG,” says band mastermind Raymond Watts about the song - a cover of the perennial classic by KC & the Sunshine Band - and video. "Being on Pornhub puts us in the mainstream and will stop the stigma that has been attached to the secret and underground world of listening to PIG. People can stop listening to us in darkened basements in constant fear of being exposed….our fans have lived in the fear of discovery for too long!"

Directed by Gabriel Edvy, the sexually-charged black and white video is a dark disco romp, shot
intimately and playfully with disco balls, light BDSM and sweat. 

"The idea behind the video was how to bring a darker, more sinister overtone and texture to what seems to be an initially ‘upbeat' song," says Watts. "The foreboding nature of the video is despite of rather than because of the bright shiny disco elements in the song. Although we use some imagery that suggests a good time is being had….all is maybe not as it seems, possibly a reflection on the current situation we see when looking around at what is happening today in the world. Who is it telling us that everything is better than we could possibly imagine and we are drowning in delusions and force fed lies? But whose lies? Which side of the mirror is looking through a broken lens?” 


1  That’s The Way (I Like It) - Rougher
2  Truth Is Sin (Shame On You Remix by Chris Hall of Stabbing Westward)
3  That's The Way (I Like It) (PIG In The Disco Remix)
4  The Revelation (The Fukken Uber Revelation Remix by Hanzel und Gretyl)
5  Cult of Chaos (8 Arrows remix by Ego Likeness)

In addition to the digital EP release on Metropolis, the Armalyte Industries label is releasing
12” and 10” formats that each include exclusive remixes by the likes of Youth, Cubanate and
Raymond Watts himself. They can be ordered here:

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