Tuesday 8 March 2016

Live: Peter Hook And The Light – Warehouse 23, Wakefield 05/03/2016

Warehouse 23, Wakefield

The man behind the bass of Joy Division and New Order has taken the spotlight for himself over the past few years to give the fans what they want. Faithful, loving and passionate performances of their favourite hits by the two Manchester groups he was so influential in. There is no support scheduled for tonight's performance. Hook at 60 years old instead divides the night into three distinct sets. Set one takes in an array of Joy Division hits, while sets two and three explore the New Order albums 'Low-Life' and 'Brotherhood' in their entirety.

Hook and the band emerge onto the stage to the sound of Kraftwerk's 'Trans Europe Express' before unleashing a tight set of Joy Division classics including 'Dead Souls', 'New Dawn Fades', 'Disorder', and 'Isolation' before rounding it out with New Order's 'Ceremony' (technically a Joy Division song first it was released by New Order as a single 35 years ago). The band worked the energy up in the room with ease before leaving the stage for five minutes before the next set.

Set two saw the band perform New Order's fourth album 'Brotherhood' which spawned the hit 'Bizarre Love Triangle' and featured memorable cuts such as 'Paradise', 'Broken Promise', 'All Day Long' and 'Every Little Counts' which all received with eagerness by the crowd.

After another five minute interval the band return with set number three which offers up New Order's third album 'Low-Life' in full. Songs such as 'Love Vigilante', 'The Perfect Kiss', 'Sooner ' and 'Sub-Culture' continue to incite a party atmosphere in the room while the stunning rendition of instrumental 'Elegia' goes to show what a great musician Peter Hook is.

The band leave the stage again for a little while longer as the crowd chants for more. Obliging the encore consists of three more New Order tracks with 'Thieves Like Us', 'True Faith', and 'Temptation'. There might not have been any 'Blue Monday' or 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' but all in attendance seemed satisfied nonetheless.

You could level an argument at Peter Hook and the Light that it is just an exercise in nostalgia. Well based on the crowd at Warehouse 23 there is still plenty of demand for these songs, and while critics may say they sound too much like New Order, to paraphrase Peter Hook on the night, they may as well “as the other lot don't”.  

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