Thursday 31 March 2016

Review: Petrol Bastard – 'The Very Worst Of Petrol Bastard'

'The Very Worst Of Petrol Bastard'

What can I say about Petrol Bastard that hasn't been mentioned before in many colourful ways?

Two guys from the north decided to create an anarchic punk-industrial mix up that have ever since been a permanent piss-stain on the UK's alt. scene. Labelling themselves as a "Tesco-brand Prodigy" and trying their best to offend as many people as possible be it with their music as well as dry humping the audience at their gigs, these guys have managed to create a post modern jizz-fest on their own laurels.

So, after three albums, one compilation, a fucked up demo, and an EP later, here comes Petrol Bastard: 'The Very Worst Of...'. Now I know what you're thinking: "but dude, they don't charge for their music and there's nothing new on this fifteen-track shit-fest, why would I be interested in that?" Well I'll tell you why.

Since the early days of PB the aim has been clear from the start; have fun and fuck the haters (sometimes literally). This compendium of sleaze is a fine example of their best (or on some case least worst) of Ben and Jon's work. Where you would feel 'Jhad Trombone' was very hit and miss, you could argue that there are some midget gems in there (such as 'Violent Assault On Priory Way'), and in the last year the guys have been making serious headway.
The album begins with a siren. If that doesn't grab your attention then I don't know what will, and with it being an updated version of 'Shoot The Dog' you can be rest assured things are going to get loud. All re-mastered by 'Hardcore Motherfucker' Johnny Violent, it proves that you can polish a turd by adding more beats, more bass and highlighted vocals that makes even the most repetitive of songs that little bit more enjoyable.
Mixing old with new is a great concept, as the album doesn't follow a chronological pattern, heading from 'Circuit Board' to the rip roaring 'Fuck Off' and the anthemic 'Hey Petrol Bastard'.
If of course you're well versed with the works of PB then prepare to find all your favourites. From 'Beefy Granddad' and 'Bitch Better Be A Meat Eater' to 'Oi Lad' and 'Batley', there's bound to be something for everyone.
Petrol Bastard are what the industrial scene is crying out for at the moment, even if they don't know it yet! With the lyrical tenacity of Jim Thirlwell, the sordid insanity of TKK and the catchy humour of KMFDM, they are daring, talented and post-modern to the hilt.
Coming off an amazing set at the final Resistanz Festival, the pair are now in the making of creating their fourth album. If you haven't experienced the force that is Petrol Bastard then this is the album for you.... It's not as bad as you think!

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