Monday 7 March 2016

Preview: Wave Gotik Treffen 25th Jubilee 13th - 16th May

At the early may morning brought by summer, the city of Leipzig rises with top hats being hatted, corsets being laces and black boots being slid on.  As come the 13th of May, Wave Gotik Treffen becomes the heart of the East German city.


The dates for WGT (pronounced Ve Ge Te) change throughout the year, as the festival runs in line with the pagan celebrated day of Whitsun, that occurs seven weeks after Easter also known as Pentecost in Christianity. It first began in 1992 and continued on ever since. The festival sees on average 20,000 attendants, and unofficially usually more.

25th Jubilee Celebrations

To kick off  this special year, WGT decided this year to rent a theme Park based in Leipzig! This 27 hectare theme park will be free to festival goers, with the wristband covering the price of the entry into the park, where amusements will operate until midnight. Never have Gruftis been seen white water rafting or turning a roller-coaster into a black snake!

The main party will be held in the Belanteum venue from 1am to 5am with DJs from the Leipzig scene, such as 'Moonchild', Mystic Mountains and Knüpfi.

Currently still in development are firework displays and whatever madness comes out of the WGT forum!


There is a main festival area for WGT, though the whole long weekend is spread around Leipzig, with music catered to all, from Neofolk to EBM. The large events take place in the ‘Agra’ messe-park, whilst smaller artists are scattered around various venues. Not only that but within the city there is so much more going on that has nothing to do with music you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Experiencing WGT

The sheer area that the whole festival takes up and consisting of already over 100 confirmed performances taking place, it is impossible to get to all the artists you want to see. But maybe this is WGT staying true to what it is also about; meeting up.
There are graveyard tours, tailors, discussions, blacksmiths, night clubs and Victorian picnics occurring all around the city, hence WGT should be seen as maybe an all-rounder festival, where music is not priority no1, but at the same level as all the other options at the festival.

Music Confirmed Artists

With the quantity of venues being more than 20, building up those high heel muscles may be complimentary to your festival plan. Looking ahead in advance of the music artists and location is highly recommended. The festival schedule is known to change right up until the actual date, though already acts from the depths of ‘Velvet Acid Christ’, the rattling industrial of ‘Suicide Commando’, to the String theatrics of ‘Coppelius’. ‘Die Krupps’, ‘Girls under Glass’ and many others are already confirmed for this year, standing at 110 music artists currently confirmed.

Obviously the venues vary in size and checking ahead goes a long way, as some venues may require you to be there one artist in advance, as you could end up not seeing yours. Headliners will take place at ‘Agra’, though still being there earlier gives kudos.

A List of the Venues can be found here


Halle 1 is the epicentre of the Goth stalls. Open from midday on Friday the variety of garments accessories and miscellaneous on offer is vast. All genres are usually fruitfully catered for and clothing if wanted should be taken, as by the time you come back, it will already be gone as some of the bespoke quality that comes to Wave Gotik Treffen is unsurpassable.

Opening times for Halle 1:
Friday 12pm-1am
Saturday 11am-1am
Sunday 11am-1am
Monday-11am -11pm


Festival tickets can be purchased off the official WGT site and are €120.

Free Public Transport

One great thing about the festival is that public transport throughout Leipzig is free for those with their wristband, though do bear in mind trams will be busy, and a few 20,000 people in black could possibly have the same travel time as you!

Getting There

Airports to fly to would consist of Leipzig/Halle, Dresden, Berlin or Frankfurt. Leipzig/Halle is a small airport, so it could be easier or cheaper to fly to one of the other several and take advantage of the German rail network to get to your destination.

Driving is easy enough if you are willing to do so, though be aware of the need to purchase emission stickers for €5, if driving through Leipzig city centre to the main ‘Agra’ Messepark. Otherwise you should be fineJ.

Parking tickets for the festival can be also purchased off the official WGT site at €15.


The Festival has camping grounds which cost €25 for the ‘Obsorge Ticket’. Though seeing as the events go on throughout Leipzig, there is much accommodation available to suit you and could also allow you to be closer to what you came to see at WGT.


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