Tuesday 2 August 2016

Review: Asylum Sisters – 'A Faith Called You'

'A Faith Called You'

Taking in genres such as industrial, witch house and even metal, Australia's Asylum Sisters are a dazzlingly psychedelic blend of harsh and melodic sounds. The group's sophomore offering 'A Faith Called You' is a tantalising and enthralling listening experience that twists and turns unexpectedly while keeping an undeniably addictive core blend of melodic dance electronics.

The band's sonic formula is reminiscent of acts such as The Faint and Psy'Aviah at their most free-form and experimental which is particularly evident on tracks such as 'Chaos', 'Push', and 'Fire'. Yet the likes of 'Your Mind', 'Prophecy, 'Sequel', and 'Safest Space II' make stronger use of guitars and more traditional melodic elements and even begin to border on prog rock territory.

Despite glitchy stuttering sounds and rhythms, as well as experimental vocal styles, the album is firmly rooted in the melodic thanks to the mix, which keeps the dance beats high and the guitars and leads prominent throughout.

'A Faith Called You' is a really solid album that will hopefully make a lot of people take notice. The reckless abandon for not only genre convention but song-structure makes this exciting from start to finish as your not sure what they will do next. However it is grounded in reality and while it challenges, it doesn't set out to alienate the listener, and makes up for it's experimental side with some very addictive song-writing. Definitely a band to watch going forward.  

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