Wednesday 3 August 2016

Review: Benjamin's Plague – 'Elated'

Dutch electro artist Benjamin's Plague, AKA Benjamin Schoone, returns in style with a new single in the form of 'Elated'. Featuring a collaboration with Shiv-r on the title track, as well as a formidable b-side in the form of 'Devour', 'Elated' looks set to make a big impression.

Known for his great use of melancholic melody and club-friendly construction, the single delivers on all fronts as the title track sees the vocalists trading blows as haunting piano frames harsh beats and bass in a slow and methodical assault on the ears. 'Devour' then picks up from the lead track quite nicely as it ramps up the club appeal with it's steady dance tempo, memorable leads and harsh ebm edge.

The single is completed by three remixes courtesy of Massive Ego, Simon Carter and Schoone's own project Noire Antidote. Massive Ego reconstruct the title track into a thumping club anthem with euphoric leads and a harder dance structure. Simon Carter takes on 'Devour' and infuses it with a mix of old school ebm and house. While Noire Antidote treat the title track to another makeover with a mix rooted in much darker territory to round of the track list with something a bit more understated.

The production on the single is great. It checks all the boxes for what a good club track should be. Even where the final remix goes into more experimental territory it maintains it's composure and stays grounded in dance territory.

'Elated' is a great single that should see all five tracks find favour with club-going audiences. It is a solid blend of intelligent melodies and strong dance beats that is perfect for the Summer. Hopefully more of the same will only be around the corner.  

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