Monday 8 August 2016

Review: Pig – 'The Diamond Sinners EP'

'The Diamond Sinners EP'

It has been an incredible year for the industrial genre so far, and with the Lord of LARD Raymond Watts now giving us his second rights with 'The Diamond Sinners' this certainly seems to be the year of the Pig. Where before Watts released an astonishing piece of work alongside Primitive Race, he is yet again keeping his connections strong with this somewhat solo release, featuring heavyweights Z. Marr (Combichrist), En Esch & Guenter Schulz to help along the way. That's not all though, on the remix front his disciples Chris Vrenna, Tim Skold & Lord of the Flies himself Mark Heal come on board to make an instant classic industrial EP.

It's title track plays like a passage of Faust, with Watts tempting us with an idea of a beautiful destruction. Its harmonies flow in the backdrop, creating an audible image of a welcoming inferno. It's follow up, a remix of the same track by Vrenna (as "The Tweaker") ups the beat for a club vibe, while a mist of 90's goth creeps across it's floor. This mix is certainly welcome at any alternative DJs setlist. Next up is a jaunty mix by Mark Heal. Although busy with his own work (as well as rumours of a Cubanate reunion album still on the cards) Heal has managed to tap into a style that has a fun vibe akin to acts like Apollo 440 and TKK. The rich thick synth resonates over samples of reverends talking smack about pork, and it's lyrics are (to put simply) very sexy! It will be interesting to see what the original version of 'Found in Filth' will be like when PIG's new album 'The Gospel' is released next month.
The final track is yet another mix of the EPs namesake, this time redux'd by Skold. Now becoming a solemn funeral march with the track's bell tolling across a hollow theme. The dark rock vibe is a fitting end to the damned running time, as a solitary piano serenades you to your final rest.
As a precursor for an album this is a perfect release. It's mysterious, dangerous and shows creativity in it's formula. It's only downside is the wanting of more! Perhaps an instrumental or a secret track to keep us guessing as to what 'The Gospel' will have in store for us.
The biggest question is though, in a world as fucked up as this, can Raymond Watts save our souls?

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