Tuesday 25 October 2016

Review: Contaminated Intelligence – 'Status Control'

Dirty and distorted with a very old school feel, Utah's Contaminated Intelligence take industrial back to its rough and punk roots with their new single 'Status Control' on Two Gods Records. With a few releases already under their belts, the duo of Contaminated Intelligence have been experimenting with dark electronic, drum 'n' bass, and down tempo styles within their industrial template. This new single however sees their style sharpened with venomous and vitriolic intent.

'Destitution' opens the release in anarchic fashion with hissing distorted synths, drum 'n' bass percussion and spiky low-fi guitars battering their way through the speaker. The title track is a more solid dance affair that progresses at a steady pace with a pronounced groove that builds into an undeniably catchy song. This is followed up by a great remix from Leaether Strip that ups the tempo and gives the original an old school ebm flavour. The next remix is the band's own and shows off a darker more harsh ebm orientated side that gives the original a serious run for its money. The final cut is 'Intelligence' which blends the anarchic abandon of the opening track with the steady and dark grooves of the title track.

Production-wise this has a very rough and rusted edge to it that keeps an old school charm at its heart. But it is still, despite its distorted low-fi elements, cleanly mixed and well arranged showing that the band aren't hiding behind low-fi elements to cover up any shortcomings in the fundamentals of their process.

'Status Control' will definitely appeal to fans of the classic grimy and low-fi experimentation of industrial rock's infancy. It is aggressive, insistent, and makes you take notice of it. There is still a lot of work and refinement to be done across future releases, but Contaminated Intelligence show a lot of promise.  

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