Thursday 20 October 2016

Review: Ventenner – 'Invidia'

London's Ventenner have been keeping up the UK end of the industrial rock revival for a few years now, in which time they have proven themselves to be a formidable force in their own right. The band's latest offering comes in the form 'Invidia' and marks a new level to their game.

The new album sees the band with sharpened focus as they unleash a new collection of tracks heavy on Tool-esque bass groove, grungy vocals, grungy vocals and rounded out with some nice electronics for good measure. Songs such as 'The Start Is The End', 'Salagia', 'Enemy', 'Be Still', 'Bruxism', and 'Anamnesis' lead the charge with ruthless aggression and ravenous hunger. But it is the final track, 'Omega' that proves to be the album's highlight as the band explore softer melodies that errupt into a cacophonous conclusion. Its a strong showing that sees Ventenner grasping that brass ring.

The production has moved on nicely as well. Where the previous album (and in fact a lot of industrial rock bands today) favour a heavy dose of nostalgia that harks back to the Nothing and Wax Trax! Heyday of the genre, the new album instead looks forward. Guided by doom metal legend Greg Chandler (Esoteric / Lychgate) the band keep that classic, bass-heavy groove, but sound much more modern sound that sounds harder and more abrasive as a result.

'Invidia' is a strong cohesive whole that creates a loose musical narrative as it develops and really has that complete album feel that a lot of releases lack today. The songs however can still be enjoyed on an individual level and they will easily fit into the band's live repertoire. As a unit Ventenner sound more developed and self-assured here than ever before and the production direction really enhances their darker sound nicely. Altogether this is a good indication the band are stepping up to reclaim industrial rock for the UK.  

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