Thursday 6 October 2016

Review: Rave The Reqviem – 'The Gospel Of Nil'

'The Gospel Of Nil'

2014 saw Swedish industrial metallers Rave The Reqviem burst onto the scene in a big way. Their attention-grabbing eponymous début blended a myriad of styles and influences into a veritable force majeure. It is no surprise then that the band's sophomore effort has been one of the hotly anticipated releases of the year so far. In the time between releases the project has grown from a one man band in to a fully fledged powerhouse of talent, and 'The Gospel Of Nil' looks set to solidify their name.

The album opens with a cinematic introduction in the form of 'Prelvdivm (Nihil Ex Nil)' which recalls Juno Reactor to a degree, and indicates a more developed and epic style of production that will undoubtedly compliment their bombastic ambitions. Indeed, tracks such as 'Azalea', 'I Hold The Sceptre', 'Eschaton', 'Illvsion Shaper', and 'The Primary Fvel' give the album a forceful focus on scathing guitars, a mix of modern electronics and symphonic elements and the stunning duel vocal attack that characterised the début.

While the likes of 'Mono Heart', 'Solely For The Sake Of Vengeance' and 'Black Dog Baptized' Soften the edges somewhat with more methodical attacks that let the rock and industrial elements move away from the cyber metal frenzy of the main body of the albums. The album is then book-ended very nicely by '
Postlvdivm (Nil Ex Nihil)' which reflects the cinematic nature of the opening track and closes the album is suitably spectacular fashion.

The performances, production and songwriting have been kicked up a fair bit and it is clear in every track that this will not be a band content to sit on their laurels. Andre Alvinzi's production really frames every track though and the whole album feels like a big budget Hollywood blockbuster as a result.

'The Gospel Of Nil' is a breathtaking album that explores a multitude of styles and genres, in every song. It's frantic pace and big atmosphere make it an exciting and engaging listening experience from start to finish. And best of all it hints at so much more to come from this band.  

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