Wednesday 27 June 2018

Metropolis Records announce Legendary Pink Dots reissues

Metropolis Records has announced the re-release of the classic Legendary Pink Dots albums 'Any Day Now' and 'Shadow Weaver' on CD and vinyl.

'Any Day Now' stands as one of the Legendary Pink Dots' best albums, and certainly among the best of the '80s. The Dots were often called an unlikely link between prog rock and industrial. "Any Day Now" lives solidly in a world of synthesizers & British goth & Syd Barret & psychedelia.

01. Casting The Runes
02. A Strychnine Kiss
03. Laguna Beach
04. The Gallery
05. Neon Mariners
06. True Love
07. The Peculiar Funfair
08. Waiting For The Cloud
09. Cloud Zero
10. Under Glass
11. The Plasma Twins
12. The Light In My Little Girl's Eyes
13. Neon Gladiators (Version Apocalypse)

THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS’ classic 'Shadow Weaver' is now presented in a 2018 Remastered & Expanded version. Reflecting the DOTS moving away from their electronic-based origin, organic instruments knit rich yet fragile tapestry throughout. Still as vital & relevant as band’s primary influences — Can, Faust, Neu & Meddle-era Pink Floyd, Shadow Weaver shows the bands mastery of psychedelic sound designs.

01. Zero Zero
02. Guilty Man - Ghosts Of Unborn Children
03. City Of Needles
04. Stitching Time - Twilight Hour
05. The Key To Heaven
06. Laughing Guest
07. Prague Spring
08. Leper Colony
09. Stitching Time First Version

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