Thursday 28 June 2018

Review: Suffering For Kisses – 'Forever Waiting'

'Forever Waiting'

With a name like Suffering For Kisses, the expectation for some classic melodramatic goth is pretty high, and it is something that is thankfully delivered in droves. SFK is the brainchild of Tony D'Oporto aka The Gnome, also known for his projects Gnomes of Kush, Gnome & Spybey (w/ Mark Spybey of Dead Voices On Air / Download) and Crisis Actor (w/ David Thrussell of Snog).

With a strong new wave meets darkwave core and a slow methodical delivery, the projects debut album 'Forever Waiting' channels the sombre dancefloors of the 1980s and transposes them into 2018. Tracks such as 'Touch', 'The Waiting', 'Beautifully Dark', 'In The Night', 'Lust', and 'The Only One' blend steady drums, classic gothic bass and clean new wave synths and jangling guitars with lots of delay to conjure up images of dark clubs full of dry ice and back-combed hair. There isn't much variety in terms of pace to the album though the track 'Interlude' adds a shot of melancholic cabaret to the proceedings.

The production is clean and simple. Perhaps a little too simple though. It has a cold synthetic edge that would suit it more if there were more layered electronics. But otherwise makes it sound a little too nostalgic.

It's an interesting first release that is heavy on atmosphere and retains a lot of dance appeal that will find favour with fans of the traditional goth sound. It could use a little more variation in the pacing of the album and a thicker, warmer sound as well. But otherwise its a catchy offering that draws you in and delivers a classic slice of goth to get your teeth into.

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