Thursday 9 April 2015

Review: Anzi - 'I Let You Dive' / 'Revival'

'I Let You Dive' / 'Revival'

The former lead singer of Stereo Junkies, the Finnish-born, London-based multi-instrumentalist Anzi, returns with the lead single from his second solo album. The double A-side of 'I Let You Dive' / 'Revival', taken from the forthcoming 'Black Dog Bias' is a defiant statement of intent that follows on from 2011’s ‘High Clash Motherfucker’ which saw Anzi blend industrial, punk, metal and glam influences on his self-produced debut solo effort.

'I let You Dive' is first and it doesn't pull its punches. The stark industrial rock references the likes of Nine Inch Nails and Killing Joke’s filtered through Anzi's own glam-punk leanings. It's full of dark menace and strong synth-hooks that mark it out as a potential dance floor hit.

'Revival' on the other hand is a steady, but anthemic slice of industrial rock with thunderous rhythms and chugging guitars that erupt into a big chorus that will undoubtedly become a big crow pleaser.

The production is tight with a crisp and modern sound that fills the room. The guitars, drums and electronics all sound distinct and the vocals cut through the mix like a knife. It's the kind of production job that would sit happily alongside some big budget bands.

'I Let You Dive' / 'Revival' are two different, but equally excellent songs that should rightly generate some buzz for the release of the album proper in a couple of months. If these are any indication of the content of 'Black Dog Bias', then it may shape up to be one of the most exciting industrial rock releases of the year. 

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