Friday 3 April 2015

Review: Torque Order – 'Trust No One'

'Trust No One'

Austin, Texas based trio Torque Order are one of many emerging bands fostering the kind of gritty and unrelenting industrial rock style that put the genre on the map in the 1990s. Influenced by the likes of Ministry, TKK, Pigface and Rob Zombie they present eleven tracks of groovy industrial rock on their début album 'Trust No One'. It's not the kind of sonic formula that is aimed at reinventing the industrial wheel, but they do their best to weld some more spikes on to it.

The album proceeds at a steady pace for the most part with the electronics driving the backbone of the songs while the metallic guitars chug along and cut through for the choruses. Songs like 'Runnning', 'Believe', 'Bulletproof', 'Betray' and 'Rise' provide the most memorable cuts from the track list with their dance-friendly pace, headbanging riffs and shout-a-long choruses. The album is rounded off by the wonderfully ambient '-' which leads into the delightfully demented 'Sail' to add a little darkly comedic edge to the proceedings.

You may be forgiven for forgiven for thinking the band are a one trick pony, but the electronic work on each track brings something new out of their sound. And with the major curve ball that is the final two tracks, it is evident that the band have a lot more to give.

Production-wise the album is pretty rough and ready with it's 90s style rawness. But it isn't low-fi by any means. It's not polished, but it isn't sloppy or hastily thrown together either and benefits greatly from a great mix-down that lets all the elements in the songs move freely.

This is a very promising début, that hints at a lot more to come. The band for the most part play it safe across 'Trust No One', and stick to their chugging guitar and layered electronics formula... but when they push themselves, they are capable of producing some seriously interesting music. Hopefully they will be quick to follow this up and really try to push themselves in new ways.  

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