Thursday 30 April 2015

Review: G.L.O.W. – 'Pain & Suffering'

'Pain & Suffering'

General Language of Oscillating Wisdom, or simply G.L.O.W. the ebm project of South African musician Richard Wheeler returns with album number three in the form of 'Pain & Suffering'. The musicians previous two outings, 'Emotions' and 'Myths And Legends' displayed a lot of potential with a strong sense of melody and and all round dance-friendly execution that were hampered by some less than great production. Album number three sees Wheeler attempting to cement his presence and deliver a critical strike that takes aim at the international scene.

As with the previous albums Wheeler has improved on what came before, with a sound that definitely packs more punch and even throws in some noise elements to add a bit more in the way of an industrial and aggrotech sound to the album.

Songs such as 'Hate Crime', 'Killer Of The White Rhino', 'Pay The Price', and 'Taking Chances' best personify the strongest moments of the album with their pleasing rhythmic frameworks over which Wheeler constructs confrontational but catchy industrial.

Unfortunately though there are issues here, mainly with the vocals as on songs such as 'Acceptance', 'Asylum Of Darkness', 'Bullying=Violence' and 'My Destiny' they just don't fit quite right, and in some cases sound way to high in the mix, giving the songs a self-conscious karaoke sound. It's a shame as despite the rough production style, musically there is some great work here.

'Pain & Suffering' isn't quite the leap forward that G.L.O.W. should be making at this juncture. Even though musically Wheeler continues to improve, once again the production lets things down. There is still a lot of potential, but it seems as though the time would be right to let someone else take the reigns on the final polishing and bring out the best in his work.  

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