Wednesday 3 June 2015

Review: Biomechanimal – 'Biomechanimal'


London's Biomechanimal may have only had a solitary EP and remix companion to their name so far, but this hasn't stopped them from making a name for themselves on the UK industrial scene. The duo have scored support slots with a number of big name acts and have been remixing just as many. So it isn't a surprise that they have opted to dive headlong into a full-length studio release rather than continue to test the waters with another EP release.

Their self-titled début is a heady mix of industrial, edm and neoclassical embellishments that come together to form a catchy and complex dance floor assault. They mix a classic industrial flavour with modern ingredients such as dubstep bass, hard trance leads and a myriad of subtle hooks to push the club-orientated agenda of the album hard.

Songs such as 'Ov Glory', 'Wasteland', 'Desekreator' (featuring Ruinizer), 'Commonwealth' (featuring Cryogenic Echelon and Studio-X), 'Monster', and 'Catching Sparks' (featuring Lauri Black) drive the album forward with a unique style that doesn't pander to genre conventions. They are making strong dance music that is complex and ambitious in its scope.

There are one or two places where it doesn't quite work though, such as on 'Broken Wings' which as on the previous EP falls flat compared to the rest of the tracks on offer. And in the occasionally unnecessarily long intro. But the last one is a matter of personal preference.

In terms of production, there has simply been a big improvement since 'Renegade 2.0' which really changes the landscape of their sound. The final touches have given the songs that push to match the band's ambitions.

Biomechanimal's self-titled début is a strong offering full of intelligent design and mass dance appeal. It's unashamedly club fodder, but at the same time doesn't take its cues from anything else that's going on right now. This will definitely mark them out as one to watch.  

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