Thursday 25 June 2015

Review: Jenn Vix And Andy Anderson – 'Eyes Roll Back' / 'I Don't Trust You'

'Eyes Roll Back' / 'I Don't Trust You'

The last releases from Jenn Vix to come our way was back in 2013 and featured the Rhode Island based singer-songwriter on good form with the singles 'Speed Of Light' which featured former David Bowie guitarist Reeves Gabrels, as well as 'Fuck.Rinse.Repeat' and 'Burn' both of which featured underground electro legend Dirk Ivens of Absolute Body Control, The Klinik and Dive fame. With a gradual wave of momentum building from these releases, and EP or full-album looked like the next logical step. But nothing appeared. Yet, 2015 sees Vix return with two more singles, this time featuring drummer Andy Anderson (The Cure. Iggy Pop) and Mark Montalto.

First up is 'Eyes Roll Back', which blends post-punk guitars and drums with light and sensual synthesizers, while Vix delivers a subtle but emotional vocal performance. It's memorable, minimal, and quite effective. But it doesn't quite leave you wholly satisfied.

The next single, 'I Don't Trust You' opts for a dark synthpop meets trip-hop approach which frames Vix's Annie Lennox style vocals very nicely. It is a much more complex, intriguing and engaging track that more appropriately shows of the depth of Vix's song writing skills.

In therms of production the mix on the first single, 'Eyes Roll Back' sounds a little off in regards to the drums which just seem to hit the ear wrong. However the second single sounds nicely layered and more rounded.

While these are both solid, memorable singles, without a doubt 'I Don't Trust You' is the stronger of the pair. It sounds much more complete than it's predecessor, and more importantly leaves you wondering what else Vix has up her sleeves. Hopefully, a full-length release will be able to answer that sooner rather than later.  

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