Friday 19 June 2015

Review: Inertia – 'Existential'


Since 1992 London's Inertia have been keeping the flame of British electro-industrial alive. And in that time they have amassed an impressive discography and shared the stage with a range of internationally influential acts. With 2015 marking 20 years since the band's first on-label release it is fitting then that they commemorate it with perhaps their most accomplished album to date.

The band's second album on US label Metropolis Records, 'Existential' sees a band that are still continuing to build on their legacy. Continually tweaking and polishing their sonic blend of industrial, techno, synthpop and dark rock the band have created a dark yet wonderfully accessible album.

Kicking off with the sumptuously gothic tinged lead single 'Dark Valentine' the band break out symphonic strings and synthpop melodies for a luscious opener. While the likes of 'Stormfront', 'Feel Addicted', 'Hang Around', 'Metal Strike', 'Hiding' and 'Legacy' give the album a rockier, but no less opulent backbone as the likes of Killing Joke, Depeche Mode, Nitzer Ebb and John Foxx are distilled into some of the best darkly danceable cuts in their back catalogue so far. However it is the stunning symphonic strains of 'Slow Burn', which closes out the album, that really shows off the true depths of the band's song-writing prowess.

The album is nicely produced and mixed with the kind of polish befitting a veteran act such as Inertia. It has an ever present element of rock grit to it, but the synths sound clean and fresh throughout giving it a real top quality feel.

There are no signs of slowing down or stopping Inertia at 20 years into their run. They continue to push themselves hard with every release while at the same time making sure the core of their sound is present to keep their long-time fans happy. The band are producing some of the best music of their career and 'Existential' really captures what a formidable and clever lot they are.  

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