Tuesday 30 June 2015

Review: Ego Likeness – 'When The Wolves Return'

'When The Wolves Return'

Ego Likeness marked their first outing with Metropolis Records with the release of their fourth full-length studio album, the excellent 'Breedless' back in 2010. The duo of Steven Archer and Donna Lynch have released a slew of impressive albums that blend sexy dancefloor beats with a darkwave rock core. But aside from some classic re-releases the band have been a bit quiet. Not that they have been away as they have continued to delight live audiences in their native USA. However a new studio release has felt long overdue. This year the band have answered with their fifth album, the aptly titled 'When The Wolves Return'.

The bands blend of dark danceable electronics and solid rock riffs framing Lynches seductive vocals remains intact. But as with all good bands they have continued to refine and polish their sound, culminating with a strong and wonderfully executed collection of songs.

The band's song writing talents are on full display on tracks such as 'Darkness', 'New Legion', 'Crossed', 'Persona Non Grata' and 'Treacherous Thing' which give the album a sexy dance-friendly backbone. While the likes of 'Leave The Light On, Thomas' and 'When The Wolves Return' bookend the track list with some of the most accomplished songs the band have committed to their discography so far.

The album is well produced with a down-beat trip hop vibe running throughout that reflects the bands earlier releases, but all the while favouring the big choruses, addictive leads, and strong beats that made albums such as the afore mentioned 'Breedless' so memorable.

'When The Wolves Return' is a very welcome return from the Ego Likeness gang. Their sonic formula remains intact but continues to be refined with vigour and passion which is evident in each song. Hopefully we won't have to wait five years for the next instalment.

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