Thursday 6 August 2015

Review: Mr Kitty – 'Fragments'


Forest Carney AKA Mr Kitty returns with his fifth full-length studio album and the first since the conclusion of his acclaimed “Dark Youth” quadrillogy that encompassed 'Death', 'Eternity', 'Life', and 'Time'. The new album 'Fragments' sees a much more open and vulnerable side to Carney's song writing coming through. Musically the icy synthpop and trippy witch house elements that characterised the first four albums remains at the core of the album, but with an air of stark and clinical futurism that recalls turn of the millennium ebm.

The album is a deeply satisfying of melodic synthesizers, throbbing bass, steady dance beats and soaring vocals drenched in delay. It feels delicate and brittle, but altogether more hopeful and optimistic than his previous albums.

Songs such as 'Mother', 'Shanghai', 'In Your Blood', 'Flowers For Boys', 'Cycle Of Violence' and 'Spirit Of The Forest' best exemplify this formula and easily blend dance appeal with introspective allure that compels you intimately explore the album further.

The best thing about this album is despite all of the potential club singles on display, 'Fragments' has that true album feel to it, as though a thin but distinct thread of narrative ties everything into a linear whole. It's certainly lighter in sound for the most part but it still remains devoid of any throw away filler tracks.

In terms of production the album is wonderfully airy and grand in the sense of space it creates. It sounds as though it should be played in a crystal cathedral. It is a bright modern mix that nods its head towards ambient music as well as pop. But as with the last album it has just that little bit of rough edge to keep its feet in alternative waters.

This is another great and solid album from Mr Kitty that heads in new directions with ease. It is more emotional, measured, and instilled with a strong sense of purpose that sees him firmly close the door on the quadrillogy and look ahead to a very bright future.  

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