Tuesday 11 August 2015

Review: Various Artists – 'A Dying Breed...'

'A Dying Breed...'

Love it or hate it, Witch House and related genres such as vapourwave, chillwave, dark trap, and other underground occult electronic styles are here to stay. Injecting their music with a mixture of house, ambient, psychedelic and trip hop elements the artists of these genres have been creating some genuinely interesting music for a number of years now. Throughout that time the Nightmare And 808s you tube station, and the associated record label Nigh† †errors, have been championing the genres and spreading the word and generating some much deserved interest, particularly with their free compilations.

The latest compilation 'A Dying Breed...' rather than an entrance point for the genres as the previous ones ('Suicide Serenade' and 'Scary Music To Play In The Dark') have been, attempts to show more of an evolutionary step. Recent works by bands such as †Я▲СΣS ΘF GΗО5†5, †RIɅLS, V▲LH▲LL, OKKVLT KɅTT, and gℓo come together to show a more progressive path that leads on from the now familiar trappings of the scene.

Tracks by the likes of ATMSSPHERO, Gnothi Seauton, †Я▲СΣS ΘF GΗО5†5, †RIɅLS, РΣ▲ϾΣ ⱧΣȊL, V▲LH▲LL, and OKKVLT KɅTT provide the album with its undoubted highlights drawing on industrial, witch house, ambient, metal, folk, trip hop, hip hop and experimental elements all adding to their appeal. While the compilation's closer by gℓo, with it's twelve minutes of delicate ambience and emotional vocal sample shows off the most progressive path of the album.

In terms of production and mixing, with it being a compilation there are always going to be variances in recording quality. But the album has been constructed and laid out in such a way, that those variances don't seem very overt.

This is another great compilation from Nigh† †errors that shows off some of the best that the occult electronic underground's has to offer. When listened to in order with the previous albums it shows a clear evolutionary path of the past present and future. It is a solid album with some great tracks that will have fans digging for more.  

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