Thursday 13 August 2015

Review: New Zero God – 'Zona Pericolosa'

'Zona Pericolosa'

Greek post-punk/gothic outfit New Zero God have been keeping the black flame burning for nearly a decade now with their mix of gothic keyboards, spiky guitars and powerful bass. The band's last outing was in the form of 'MMXIII' which featured solid song writing and performances, but suffered somewhat from poor production values. Their newest offering, the live EP 'Zona Pericolosa' on the other hand plays to the band's strengths.

Recorded live in Italy in April of this year, the production is still a little high on the treble and the mix isn't quite to par, but it is full of fervent energy and passionate performances that see the band on top form. The band tear through five songs from their songs such as 'Bang Bang', 'Love Means Death', 'The Love Hate Song', 'Love Commandos', and 'Damaged' which bridge the band's previous incarnation as The Flowers Of Romance with their current form and provides a nice cross-section of moods from both bands.

As far as live recordings go it is a rough and ready style that would pass for a pretty fine soundboard bootleg. The crowd noise is a little too low which detracts from the ambience – although the brief introductions make up for this – but when all is said and done it is still a nice unfiltered performance that shows just what the band are best at – and that's performing to a crowd.

'Zona Pericolosa' may not be the casual listener's cup of tea. But for long-time fans of New Zero God and their related projects it will be an essential purchase. It is a warts and all / what you hear is what you get presentation without overdubs or spit and polish, which is actually quite refreshing. Hopefully though this release will signal that a new studio album isn't too far behind.  

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