Tuesday 15 December 2015

Review: Alien Vampires – 'Drag You To Hell'

'Drag You To Hell'

The Alien Vampires return to planet Earth with the intention of dragging us all to hell along with them. The band's fifth full-length studio release sees the duo of Nysrok Infernalien and Nightstalker going straight for the jugular with perhaps their most well-rounded offering to date. The album blends the familiar black and death metal elements with dark electro and industrial to create harsh but ultimately dance friendly tracks.

'Drag You To Hell' may not completely reinvent the band's sound. But it does show a lot more maturity and variety in its execution. The duo play with those familiar elements to create a more unpredictable ride than usual. With songs such as 'The Divinity Of Solitude', 'Drag You To Hell', and 'Psycho Bitch' delving to the more metal end of the band's sound. While the likes of 'She Owns The Nite (Lillith)', 'All The Fakes Must Die', 'Sworn to The Lust', 'Dark Energy', and 'Better Enemies Than Friends' are clearly setting the club scene in their sights with a nice combination steady beats, strong leads and some really nice hooks.

The production is really nice with each song having a lot of power behind it. The band have often overused the distortion in the past meaning the vocals have faded into the mix, but this has been corrected on this album and the result is an album where the different elements still have room to move around each other.

'Drag You To Hell' Shows Alien Vampires on top form. The song writing continues to mature and develop. The band's sound, while not radically different in terms of the elements at work, feels a little looser and more at ease with itself, which in-turn allows them play with the audiences expectations and as a result create a more unpredictable album. Throw in some great contributions from the likes of Attila Csihar and Charles Edward of Mayhem fame, Ministry's Sin Quirin, and Nero Bellum of Psyclon Nine and 'Drag You To Hell' shapes up to be one of the strongest offerings int the band's discography to date.  

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